Treehugging San Fran


I've missed traveling. My last 'big' trip was 3 years ago, this 2-weeks vacay in the USA with my cousin Sun. One of the things we did a lot was walking. All. Day. Long. From the early mornings to the late evenings. My cousin S. wasn't always too keen on this. He rather stayed at Airbnb and Netflix. But I'm glad that I always somehow manage to persuade him over.
Who wants to miss a good firm tree-hugging am I right?! 

Ik heb het reizen gemist. Mijn laatste 'grote' reis was 3 jaar geleden. Het was een 2 weken durende vakantie in de VS met mijn neef Sun. Een van de dingen die we veel deden, was wandelen. Van 's ochtends vroeg tot 's avonds laat. Mijn neef S. was hier niet altijd even enthousiast over. Hij wilder liever op zijn Airbnb blijven en Netflixen. Maar ik ben blij dat ik hem altijd op de een of andere manier weet te overtuigen om mee te gaan.
Want zeg nou zelf, wie wilt nou een goed stevigi boomknuffeling missen, nietwaar?

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now
- Chinese Proverb”
To Mount Tamalpais State Park


Packed up with a nutritious muffin (from Wholefoods) me and my cousin S. are ready to hike and hug trees all day long.
Oh hello wilderness.
I spy with my little eye
A rock! #souvenir
Oh dear
Here`s a tip to encounter a deer: turn your music on all of a sudden very loudly then turn it off real quick. This happened to me, I was listening to some music and I accidentally unplugged my earphones which lead to loud music outcome through my phone. A bit embarrassed I quickly shut it off and a few seconds later, a deer showed up. Almost trying to say: what the heck was that.
a few hours later...
...We`ve arrived at Muir Woods
Muir Woods
Continue with the hiking
I remember how big Muir Wood park is, according to my friend Wiki it`s 554 acres (225 hectares) big! I`ve been walking on some wooden floor paths for a while but as you go deeper into the woods, those wood boards disappear as you`ll go into a more remote area of the park. Exciting! As a true Dutch explorer I continued my hiking. Meanwhile, I`ve lost my cousin S.
“Be like a tree.
Be grounded, keep growing.
And know when to let go.
(My cousin was waiting for me at the entrance)
There was a gift shop too. I`ve bought a magnet.
Back to civilization and we`re hungry! #uber
Chubby Noodle
Dinner time

Spicy garlic noodles for me and my cousin got noodles with beef.
Home. At last.
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  1. We tried to go to Muir Woods a few years ago and it was packed! Probably need to plan it better next time - you got some great pictures

    1. Awwww, that's a bummer! We didn't plan, we just hoped for the best that we were able to enter Muir Woods and we did. It was not jam packed or anything back then and thank you! Xx


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