Why you should (not) visit Museum of Ice Cream


When I missed the Museum of Colour (Color Factory) in New York due to the fact that I lacked a credit card that was needed to buy a ticket, I was determined to visit the Museum of Ice Cream in San Fran.

First I have to fix myself a credit card.
I got myself a debit card at the San Fran airport put around 500 bucks in it, and done! Loaded as I was I booked a Moic-ticket.

Let the fun feasting begin with loads of ice cream tasting and exploring in this museum! Or not? Spoiler: it's not really a museum. There are no artworks hanging around, and only little educational information is displayed inside these plastic pink sweet-themed rooms. Yes, there are free icy treats. And yes there's that infamous sprinkle pool.
I hung around for 1 hour to 2 hours max and was done with it. This place has left a suspicious aftertaste I'd call disappointment. And bittersweet.

Let me show you why you should or shouldn't go to Moic.


Toen ik het Museum of Color (Color Factory) in New York gemist had omdat ik geen creditcard had die nodig was om een kaartje te kopen, was ik vastbesloten om Museum of Ice Cream in San Fran te bezoeken.

Maar eerst die credit card regelen. Ik regelde een debit card op de luchthaven van San Fran en stopte ongeveer 500 dollar in en klaar was ik! Niet even later boekte ik dé ticket.

Laat het feesten met lekkers beginnen met heel veel ijs proeven en ontdekkingstochten in dit museum! Of toch niet? Spoiler: het is niet echt een museum. Er hangen geen kunstwerken en er wordt weinig educatieve informatie weergegeven in deze roze plastic zoete themakamers. Ja, er zijn gratis ijsjes. En ja, er is die beruchte sprinkle zwembad.

Na 1-2 uur had ik 't wel gezien en liep naar de uitgang. Deze plek liet me een raar nasmaak achter genaamd: teleurstelling. En bitterzoet. 

Kom, ik laat het je hieronder zien waarom je wel en niet naar Moic gaat.

voor Nederlandse

First, the tickets to get in. That time the only way to buy tickets is online through a credit card and you can`t buy the tickets at the entrance either. Also, you need to reserve a timeslot. My golden tip for you: reserve at the last hour. I`ve noticed how few guests there were in the last hour, which makes this whole-themed sweetened place less crowded and relaxed.
Sugarcoat yourself
Every staff of Moic has their own ice cream name. Sweet! All the guests too. Yay! Mine was lychee to make the sugarcoating complete.

Speaking of the staff, ex-employees says it`s not all sweet and fun working at Moic. It was more the opposite. According to this Forbes article, ex-staff members have experienced horrible work situation from intimidation from the bossy boss (M. Bunn), no bathroom breaks allowed to being constantly watched with all the security camera`s installed. This is quite some sugar coating if you look it from the outside...
This is a reward sticker, which you can earn one if you complete a room/task.
My first icy treat.
Sugarcoat Yourself II
One of the first activities is face painting with (used) crayons to amplify your made up ice cream flavour character (mine is still lychee). Uh no thanks. I would have done it if we all got new fresh packed crayons. We almost paid 40 bucks for this whole thing!
I`m not going to use dirty crayons.
Here you can make your own bracelets with beads.
A room with a pink elephant and unicorns. And since it was near closing time, I had the room all by myself hehe.
This was delicious by the way!
I scream for...
This room is supposed to symbolize a fridge/freezer with these fun magnets for captions, quotes, or a cry for help creations.
gekkenhuis = mad house
Mirror mirror on the wall
A room full of mirrors! What does it do with ice cream? Not much but it kind of has a Yayoi Kusama vibe to it and I liked it.
An overly sweet ice cream sandwich which I sadly didn`t finished eating it.
The Sprinkle Pool
Ah, at last, the main attraction or should I say the main dessert: The Sprinkle Pool! This was really fun actually. I took my shoes off and jumped into the plastic goodies like it was water. The fact that these plastic sprinkles are full of bacteria didn`t concern me at all. I just want to play and take cute pictures. These hard plastic sprinkles did quite hurt my feet when walking on them. But I suppose these sprinkles hits all my acupuncture points in my feet so it has a massaging effect.
This was in 2019 btw!!
Points for this Moic.
A guestbook on the wall.
And like in every museum, there`s a gift shop. Here you can buy pins, sprinkles, shirts and cups. I even got more free ice cream because it was the National day of Ice Cream.
Lucky me!
A bit overpriced.


  1. Thanks for your honest review of MOIC. It came through Dallas a few years ago and I was wondering if it was truly "worth it" or not


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