My December days (and I'm glad it's over)

A dear colleague but mostly a dear friend gave me this advent calendar with personalized mini presents init! Such as: lots of cute washi tapes, hair scrunchies, boba tea earrings, an avocado pins, and so on! Thank you so so much, I`ve enjoyed opening each box each day! These boxes also makes a great Christmas decoration at home. More x-mas deco We never do Christmas trees. We just never have. We do have mini x-mas trees. My decorations are overall minimalistic and small. Followed by a Chrismas brunch. I`ve bought bread and buns from my favourite local bakery. Don`t worry I did not store bought everything, I did baked something! On the same day, my best friend and her sister and mum came over for a drink, good chats and we had a fun little game night too! Tapas, wine and Cards against Hum