A day in Munich

Behold, the Dutch gang ready exploring Munich: my brother KH and his caretakers from the art gallery facility `De Kaai` and of course myself. Unripe apricots & no croissants We had breakfast at our hotel first. It was still pandemic time so that means there were restrictions and because of this the breakfast option in the hotel was rather small. Normally there is a buffet but this time we could only choose between two kinds of sandwiches (where are the croissants?!), yogurts, tea or coffee, and unripe apricots. We also had to wear masks as well. Altogether not a fulfilling breakfast. The courtyard is really nice and zen. Half itinerary half aimless Time to explore Munich! Since my breakfast that morning was disappointing, we stopped by to grab coffee and a real German pretzel. Lets be knotty and ha