My first Tiny House stay

  EN My 2023 started with a new fresh experience: tiny house stay and making food at a campsite. Outdoor in open fire. And I'm super glad and grateful that I was able to share this experience with my friend Jessy .   NL Mijn 2023 is gestart met een nieuwe ervaring: tiny house overnachtiging en eten klaarmaken op een kampvuur.  Ik ben heel blij en dankbaar dat ik dit mocht meemaken met mijn vriendinnetje Jessy .  Fata Morgana J. and I stayed at this shiny tiny house cabin or as I would say fancy potato house called `Fata Morgana`. And this potato sure has something to offer us! I have a dream... I`ve dreamed of living in a tiny house since my stay at CHI , a 27-square-meter apartment in Hong Kong. I`ve stayed for a month and I`ve realized that it is pretty doable to live in a 30-ish square meter place! Imagine how much cleaning time you`ll save. Since then the minimalistic lifestyle has grown on me. And my dream has become