The main characters: panda's! At Ouwehands Zoo

EN Hello hello, look who has decided to come back. It's summertime and last summer I went to a zoo called 'Ouwehands Dierenpark/zoo' with my cousin Sun. Our main goal was to see and spot pandas and we did! NL Hallootjes! Ik ben weer even terug voor een verse blogpost. Ik heb zomervakantie en vorig jaar ging ik naar Ouwehands Dierenpark met neef Sun. Ons doel: panda's spotten!  First things first: coffee! The coffee here was okay. When doing take away coffees I tend to take my own tumbler or cup with me #nowaste. Aquarium  The aquarium, one of my favourite part of a zoo. Africa 💩🚽 I loooove meerkats! This path used to be a trail for monorails. Nowadays it`s just a walking path. I think they removed the monorail because of the noise which can be stressful for the animals in the zoo. S