Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Shopping area in Barcelona


Shops, malls, stand and markets, it’s all here in Barcelona. And they didn’t disappoint me!
In the earlier post, I praised about this market and today I want to bring you guys to another shopping area in Barcelona. Mostly random streets with fine & budget shops and of course La Rambla.

My friend S. who has been in Barcelona before recommended me to visit La Rambla and I’m glad she did. La Rambla is a 1,2km boulevard and one of the busiest in Barcelona. In my opinion: one of the greenest.

One of the things I like to do as well is to compare price tags with my country (Holland) and the foreign one. I can tell that fresh produce in Barcelona is cheaper than my country. Eating out is also affordable in Barcelona. As for the clothes, shoes and other gears: more at the next post!


Winkels, winkelcentra, kraampjes en markten, het is er allemaal in Barcelona. En ze stellen me niet teleur! In de eerdere post prees ik over deze markt en vandaag neem ik jullie mee naar een van de fijne winkel gebieden in Barcelona. Het zijn vooral de doorsnee straten met eenmanszaakjes, budget winkels en natuurlijk La Rambla.    

Vriendin S. die al eerder in Barcelona geweest was, raadde mij aan om La Rambla te bezoeken en ik ben blij met haar raad. La Rambla is een 1,2km straat en een van de drukste in Barcelona. Naar mijn mening: een van de groenste.

Naast het bezoeken van een van de drukste straten in Barcelona is prijs kaartjes vergelijken! Ik kan u vertellen dat de verse producten in Barcelona goedkoper is dan Nederland. Uit eten ook. En kleding, schoenen en andere draagbare dingen? Dat voor de volgende keer!

La Rambla

La Rambla is a 1,2km touristy street/boulevard and I've enjoyed this one! La Rambla is jam packed as you can see but still comfortable to venture around because it's spacious. Apparently it used to be a river! 
La Rambla is also jam packed with restaurants (lots of paella at the terrace), newspaper stands, street artists, flower shops and my favorite: the greenery a.k.a the trees. Lots of trees that forms a tunnel, I like! La Rambla is also an important place that connects the districts within Barcelona such as 'Barri Gotic' (my favorite - more soon!) and El Raval.
I applaud this guy for not caring the germs. I also applaud for him doing a backward flip after. And no, I don't think he's a street artist, just a happy tourist.

Another vintage market

Budget goes
Lots of 1-dollar shops with high assortment of merchandise, hurray! Often owned by foreign people and my kind of place to shop really. The fresh produce such as fruit & vegetables at local supermarkets are again really cheap and good! Me and my family bought a bunch and ate them in our hotel rooms c: 
One of the many lovely interior shops. This one had a huge sale!


 A little souvenir ahead from Barcelona to my dearest. 

Buying stamps in Barcelona is not hard and can be bought at the many tobacco shops/kiosk. The airmail system of Spain/Barcelona is Correos and their yellow mailboxes can be found at almost every street corner in Barcelona.
Next post: Hotel tour + review!

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Food in Barcelona


 Here a small post with many appetizing food pictures about me stuffing my face with food in Barcelona last Summer.

Hier een kort bericht met veel smakelijk foto’s over mijn eet avontuur in Barcelona afgelopen zomer.


We ordered:
1 calamari 
1 spaghetti 
1 hot dog
1 eggs with bacon and french fries
3 tea
1 cola 
This café restaurant was near Sagrada Familia and we decided to grab lunch here before visiting it. 
Copeta was the name of this café restaurant and the food had a pub-ish look but was still good and mostly affordable. And the service was welcoming and their effort in making us feeling home and the effort communicating in English is just lovely. Pictures at their Facebook kind of reflects the homey-ness. 

My dad picked the hot dog and I know 80% why he picked it because it's the cheapest thing (€3,50) of the menu. 
Yup, my dad is a cheapskate and that's sometime saddens me. We are on a holiday afterall and I want my dad to be more carefree and eat 'better' food. Though my dad said it was a good hot dog.

My 2 other brothers had spaghetti and the eggs with bacon and French fries. My brothers said it was good. 
I did had a small food envy with the spaghetti but I had the calamari!

My calamari (€8,90) and it was satisfying, ate my plate clean but had better and tender calamari's in my life.


 I forgot the name of this ice cream place but seeing this menu on the wall made me stop and order. 
And the Summer heat in Barcelona too. 
This is the first time ordering an ice cream sandwich and it's a 'tutti frutti' flavored one. 
I enjoyed the crispy and not soggy waffle for once and the ice cream itself aint shabby too! Really refreshing.
Though I wished for more tutti frutti bits inside. 

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Barcelona: Encants Flea Market


Apart using Google Maps, this is how me and my family discover Barcelona: following a herd of people/tourist and when you see a pretty and interesting building, just pin that building on your eye vision and reach it! One of those buildings is the ‘Torre Agbar’ which is obviously an eye catcher because it’s a tall, modern and a lonely building in a distant.

We not only reached Torre Agbar but also ‘Encant’ flea market which was pretty much next to it. But you can’t really miss it because of the amazing mirrored ceiling and rooftop!
So you see, spotting good things can lead to another good thing and I really enjoyed this freeing flow of discovering and venturing through Barcelona!

Encant flea market is quite a large indoor market with a great mix of merchandise: 2nd hands, vintage and new too! The flea market is divided in two levels of floors where the 1st floor sells clothes, all kind of machine parts, accessories, shoes, craft supplies – whereas the lower floor sells most part vintage/2nd hand stuff. I think we spend a good 2 hours in here but didn’t buy anything big.

A few days later I’ve learned that Barcelona is a great city with many flea/vintage markets and I’m so happy to accidentally found Encant flea market. Also great that this covered market is free for entry!     

Naast de hulp van Google Maps, dit is hoe ik en mijn familie Barcelona ontdekken: een kudde mensen/toeristen volgen en als je een mooie en interessante gebouw zie, hou hem in je vizier en ga er naar toe! Een van deze gebouwen op ons netvlies is de 'Torre Agbar' die niet moeilijk te missen was, want hij was lang, modern en een eenzaam gebouw die in de verte stond.

We bereikten niet alleen Torre Agbar, maar ook 'Encant' vlooienmarkt die zowat ernaast stond. Maar het is ook een blikvanger met de geweldige spiegels aan het gehele plafond en het dak! Zo zie je maar weer dat het spotten dingen je weer kunnen leiden tot een andere goede zaak. Heerlijk vond ik het om op zo,n manier Barcelona te ontdekken!

Encant vlooienmarkt is een grote overkoepelende markt met een geweldige mix van koopwaar: 2ehands, vintage en ook nieuw! Deze markt is verdeeld in twee verdiepingen, waarbij de 1e verdieping vooral kleding, diverse soorten machine onderdelen, accessoires, schoenen, knutsel spullen verkocht worden - terwijl de onderste verdieping juist de vintage en 2e hands spullen. We hebben ongeveer 2 uur hier lekker rondgesnuffeld maar hebben uiteindelijk niet echt veel gekocht.

Ik heb geleerd dat Barcelona een stad is vol met heerlijke markten en ik ben zo blij dat ik  per ongeluk Encant markt heb ontdekt! Ook fijn: de toegang is gratis!
The merchandise are not really crazy cheap and some I find it a bit on the pricey side for a flea market. 
I almost bought a vintage camera, but almost because one of the camera I wanted was a bit on the pricier side. But I guess you suppose to haggle but I had no energy/guts due to the Summer heat temperature. 
There's the Torre Agbar building! A skyline and an aqueduct company.