Friday, March 24, 2017

DIY: Slouchy beanie


Back again with a brand new DIY for you! Crochet yourself this easy slouchy beanie style and is also great for beginners in crochet too. You can use any desired type of wool though a tip: use a thick yarn by the size 3,5 - 5. The type of yarn I have used are fair-trade handmade sheep wool who are woven by women from Nepal. Thanks to a fair-trade organisation these women receives a fair and square loan  which gives me an extra good feel when I bought these wool. These wool feels warm and rough and apparently suitable to create felt balls as well. Nice!


Ik ben weer terug met een nieuwe DIY! Dit keer leer ik jullie hoe je een stoer en nonchalante beanie kunt haken en de patroon hiervan is ook zeer geschikt voor beginners. Daarnaast kun je elke soort wol gebruiken, maar ik heb wel een tip voor jou: gebruik naald formaat 3,5 - 5. Ik gebruikte onder ander een prachtige bolletje schaapjeswol die fairtrade is, gemaakt door de vrouwen uit Nepal. Deze vrouwen verdienen een eerlijk loon dankzij deze fairtrade organisatie. Dit gaf natuurlijk een extra fijn gevoel toen ik deze wol aanschaf. De wol voelt lekker warm en ruw aan, en het schijnt ook geschikt te zijn voor het maken van viltballetjes. Leuk!

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voor Nederlandse
You`ll Need
3,5/4/5 sized yarn - hook 3,5 to 6 mm - pair of scissors - stitch markers
fair & square wool
These are beautiful handmade woven wool by women from Nepal. These women also gets a fair wage earning by making this wool thanks to a special fairtrade-organisation called `Tilingo` and that is of course wonderful! The wool are also available in many other colors and each ball of wool of 50 gram costs €3,95.
I knew I wanted to make a beanie once I saw this amazing color. I bought 2 balls of yarn just in case but you can actually make 1 beanie from 1 ball of yarn.

Yellow makes me...
1. Begin with a magic circle.
R1: chain 2 (counts as first doublecrochet), add 11 doublecrochets in circle, join to top of chain 2 and pull loop tight (12)
R2: chain 2 (counts as first doublecrochet), add another doublecrochet in same stitch, add 2x doublecrochet in each stitch, join (24)
R3: chain 2 (counts as first doublecrochet), 1x doublecrochet in next 2 stitches, 2x doublecrochet in next stitch, repeat these steps throughout this round, join (32)
R4: chain 2 (counts as first doublecrochet), 2x doublecrochet in next stitch, 1x doublecrochet in next 3 stitches, repeat these steps throughout this round, join (40)
R5: chain 2 (counts as first doublecrochet), 2x doublecrochet in next stitch, 1x doublecrochet in next 4 stitches, repeat these steps throughout this round, join (48)
R6: chain 2 (counts as first doublecrochet), 2x doublecrochet in next stitch, 1x doublecrochet in next 5 stitches, repeat these steps throughout this round, join (56)
R7: chain 2 (counts as first doublecrochet), 2x doublecrochet in next stitch, 1x doublecrochet in next 6 stitches, repeat these steps throughout this round, join (64)
R8: chain 2 (counts as first doublecrochet), 2x doublecrochet in next stitch, 1x doublecrochet in next 7 stitches, repeat these steps throughout this round, join (72)
R9: chain 2, 1x doublecrochet in all stitches, join (72)
R10 - R29: repeat steps of R9.

NOTE you don`t need to finish to R29 because from R10 you can depend how long (or how slouchy) you want. The more rows you create, the slouchier your beanie will be. For myself I have made 15 rows in total. Basically just crochet these rows until you reach your preferred length.
R-- : chain 1. 1x singlecrochet in each stitch in the backloops.
R-- : repeat the previous row in the next 4-6 rows. Fasten off and leave a tail. Tuck the tail inside the beanie.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

sushi, ginger tea and pie


Here are 3 mini Hong Kong hotspot reviews (A Nice Gift, Genki Sushi, Zoë) because on each on its own they contain just to little blog material to have their own blogpost each, so hence this merge together solution. I hope these hotspots will trigger inspire you for your future planned HK trip and otherwise I hope it triggered your hunger. It does to me at least because I am craving for good sushi meal right now.


Hier zijn 3 mini Hong Kong hotspot reviews (A Nice GiftGenki SushiZoë), want als ik ze apart met ieder hun eigen blogpost moest doen, gaat het niet lukken. Ik heb namelijk te weinig blogmateriaal om het blogpost-waardig te maken. Ach ja, vandaar deze fusering met z'n drieën! Hopelijk dient het ook als een inspiratie voor je toekomstige trip naar HK en anders hoop ik dat ik je goed-honger heb gemaakt. Ik althans wel, want tsjonge ik snak enorm naar sushi nu.

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voor Nederlandse

 A Nice Gift - Wanchai - Hong Kong 
Ginger tea with fish balls
`A Nice Gift` is a Taiwanese inspired and based tea & coffee shop with little snack offering such as fish balls and noodles.
Not sure anymore but you get 10 pieces of these yummy fish balls with simple but really good seasoning on top. Especially the pepper is really good.
And of course my ginger tea who was made by my dearest cousin G. was nice, has a good amount of heat, not too sweet and refreshing. Thanks cousin for the little behind the scene at the counter as well!
 Genki Sushi - Wanchai - Hong Kong 
From left to right

longfin tuna with spicy sauce // deep fried oyster // salmon sashimi
veggie udon // veggie croquette // eel & cheese roll
eel handroll // edamame // scallop skirt

 Zoë - Tsim Sha Tsui - Hong Kong 
I walked to Zoë for a dessert after supper and it was quite late in the evening already and because of that the cake display looked empty. But I can image how 10x pretty it might look like when it`s fully stocked.
Simple but delicious banana cream pie.
Accompanied with good yarn work and good berry flavored tea.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Project: green tea melon pan


Today I have a bun recipe for you guys and it is one of my favorites at Asian bakeries as well: the Japanese melon pan/bread/bun (メロンパン). It is basically a soft bread bun covered with sweet cookie dough crust on top. A nice texture between soft and hard. Me personally would also call these melon pans the Japanese pineapple buns, referring to our own Chinese pineapple buns (菠蘿包).

When I first ate the melon pan I thought there would be actual melon flavor to it but nope. It is called melon pan mainly for it shape and pattern. At least the original melon pan because nowadays you can have it different flavors too such as green tea! Like my recipe in today's blogpost. I hope you guys try out because bread making seems to be difficult, but it really is ok and fresh bread straight of the oven are the best thing in the morning am I right?


Hoera een recept! Dit keer laat ik zien hoe je een van mijn favorieten broodjes maakt, namelijk de:  Japanse melon pan/brood (メロンパン). Ik koop ze graag bij Aziatische bakkerijen want ze zijn overheerlijk! Het is eigenlijk een doodgewoon zoet broodje met een laag koekjesdeeg aan de bovenkant. Een textuur van zacht en hard dus. Persoonlijk noem ik deze melon pan ook wel de Japanese ananasbroodje, inderdaad een verwijzing naar onze eigen Chinees ananasbroodje (菠蘿包).

Toen ik voor het eerst een hap nam van de melon pan dacht ik dat het naar meloen zal smaken maar nopes. Het broodje heeft de naam gekregen puur vanwege de vorm en patroon. Althans de originele melon pan want tegenwoordig kun je in vele smaken verkrijgen, zoals in de groene thee smaak wat ook in het recept van vandaag aanwezig is! Ik hoop dat je deze uitprobeert en bakt! Niks is zo fijn als versgebakken brood in de ochtend nietwaar? 

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voor Nederlandse
225 gr plain flour/bread flour
25 gr cake flour
2 tbsp. green tea powder
110 ml lukewarm water
5 gr dry yeast
80 gr sugar
20 gr butter
15 ml vegetable oil
1 egg whipped
pinch of salt

cookie dough
140 gr cake flour
40 ml milk
30 gr cold butter
4 tbsp. sugar
1 tbsp. green tea powder
I always prefer to hand knead my breads. It also has a therapeutic effect at least to me.
The type of sugar I have used is coconut sugar actually. A great healthy alternative for the refined white sugar.
The cookie dough
No melon pan without a good layer of cookie dough on top.
I have actually cut the cookie dough in half to create two different flavors but this is of course optional.
Remember to roll out the cookie dough that is bigger than the bread dough itself, otherwise you`ll have a misshapen melon pan or a melon pan with half cookie dough on top like this one. #learnfromyourmistakes
Buns goes in the oven
Just 4 at a time since I know the bread will poof up inside the oven.
Fresh bread straight out of the oven are the best. Always.
It`s so fluffy!
The Steps
Make the cookie dough
1. Mix everything in a bowl until it forms a solid but still workable dough. Shape it into a ball, flatten, wrap it around with plastic wrap and let the dough rest in the fridge for at least 30 min.

Make the melon pan/bread
1. In a large bowl add: plain flour, cake flour, green tea powder and pinch of salt. In a another smaller bowl add: the lukewarm water along with the instant yeast and sugar and let it dissolve and until the yeast foam up.
2. Add the egg, oil and the water-yeast mixture to the flour mixture - combine and knead to form a dough. Transfer the dough to a clean flat surface and continue kneading for around 5 min.
3. Add the butter and continue to knead to dough. It will look very messy at the start with the butter but the butter will slowly but surely absorb into a dough and will turn into a smooth, elastic dough. Knead, drop, pinch the dough for 10 min. Shape dough into a ball and cover the dough in a bowl with plastic wrap and let the dough rise until it doubled in room temperature.
4. Press all the gas out of the bread dough and knead it lightly for a min or so. Divide the dough into 6-8 portions, depending how many or how large you want. Shape the dough pieces into a bowl and place it on a baking tin + baking paper, cover with plastic wrap and let the dough rest and rise for 30 min. Meanwhile prepare the cookie dough.
5. Divide the cookie dough in 6-8 pieces (same amount as the bread). Place a piece of cookie dough between 2 plastic wrap and roll it out to 3 mm thickness. This will prevent the cookie dough stick to the rollerpin. CAUTION: the cookie dough should be bigger than the bread dough.
6. Place the flatten cookie dough on top of the bread dough to cover, then dip the cookie dough side in the sugar to create sugarcoat. Create crisscross pattern on top with a dough scraper or a knife. Place them back on the baking tray and let it rest and poof up for 1 hour.

Preheat oven to 180℃
7. Bake the melon bread for 15 min in the preheated oven. Remove the melon bread from the oven and let it cool down. Enjoy!