Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Trying Australian Snacks!


Knowing and meeting like minded people is always pleasant and welcome and when blogger Natalie from dignifiable proposed to do a snack swap box with snacks of our nationality (she is from Australia), I didn’t decline her offer!

This happened back around the holiday season and you might have read it here already.

I have never tried anything from Australia yet so imagine me getting really excited about the stuff Natalie has sent me! Trying out new food is one of my favourite things to do, whether it’s eating out at a new restaurant or buying a product with a brand new flavour in it, this all fills my heart with excitement.

So lets see what my thoughts are one Australian snacks!


Kennen en ontmoeten van gelijkgestemde mensen is altijd super leuk en fijn en toen blogger Natalie van dignifiable voorstel had om te gaan ruilen in pakjes geven met daarin snacks van onze nationaliteit (zij komt uit Australië), heb ik haar aanbod natuurlijk niet afgewezen!

Dit gebeurde ergens rond de feestdagen die je misschien al hier eerder over gelezen hebt.

Ik heb nog nooit dingen uit Australië geproefd en dus was ik zeer enthousiast over de dingen die Natalie gestuurd heeft! Uitproberen van nieuw eten is een van mijn favoriete bezigheden, of het nou om uit eten gaat bij een nieuw restaurant of het kopen van een product met een nieuwe smaak, dit alles gaat met liefde door de maag! Althans dat hoop je natuurlijk.

Laten we hieronder gaan kijken wat ik ga uitproberen!

I have: Timtam, Chicos Babies, Cadbury Dairy Milk - Vegemite, Allen's candies and Tiny Teddy

Lets start with the star of all the Aussie snacks: TimTam! Ugh, I've been wanting to try these badboys since forever so when I received a pack of TimTam I had high high expectation of them. Finger crossing they are not going to disappoint me and they really didn't! Amazingly chocolate biscuit with a nice brittle texture and filling inside. I'm eating them really slowly (1 biscuit per week, I kid you not) so I can enjoy them a bit longer.
Chicos Babies
Chicos Babies are jelly chocolate flavored candies. I like chocolate and jelly/gummy stuff but I never had them together as one. After tasting them, it didn't wow'd me in the first place and I doubt it will be in the future. The candies were good but not special. I do love the shape of the candies which are cute and morbid too when I bite the 'heads' off.

 Cadbury Dairy Milk with Vegemite
 Oh dear! Chocolate and vegemite, almost like an alien chocolate bar and I can't wait to taste you.
As announced earlier, I will try this bar out for you!
Before trying out this chocolate, I have done my homework by trying out the real vegemite first. Luckily Natalie have also send 2 samples. Conclusion: vegemite is good stuff, I like it!
Next: the chocolate. The bar itself broke in half and one of the piece has leaked out some of the vegemite filling, making the smell of vegemite overpowering once I ripped open the wrapper. I assumed that the taste would be strong too. But that wasn't the case, in fact it has a really mere and subtle taste of vegemite. I like the ratio of the vegemite init but I wouldn't mind if there was a slightly bit more of it. I'm familiar with Cadbury chocolate and the milk chocolate is lovely. Conclusion: milk chocolate & vegemite can go hand in hand and I like it!

Allen's candies
Milko Chews
Out of these 3 flavored soft chewy candies - the Milko chews are my favorite. I just happen to love creamy and dairy stuff. They are the reason I can't be vegan...
Red Skins
Red Skins has a fruity flavor and after a bit of Google research it's raspberry flavored candies! I thought it was cherries at first. 
Sherbies are orange flavored candies with a creamy center. I like food with orange flavor so Sherbies were definitely not bad stuff! 

 Tiny Teddy
Tiny Teddy biscuits really reminds me of my childhood school snacks! 
And these teddy bear shaped biscuits with chocolate are just simple nice. Couldn't fault with anyone really. Unless you have gluten allergy. The Tiny Teddy biscuits were stored in a glass container and I have finished it within 3 days.
I've also checked out their main website too and it appears to come in other flavors too!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

NEW IN: beauty products


My day cream is empty. My facial toner is empty. Also my night cream and shampoo is empty! Time to restock my daily beauty needs I suppose and luckily I happen to have The Body Shop gift cards, a partial birthday gifts (thank you friends and colleagues!) and I’ve made good use of them!

Apart The Body Shop, I’ve shopped at ‘De Tuinen’ and Kruidvat.

Further more: a little review about my empties too and first impressions of the new ones. Check them down below.


Mijn dag crème is op. Mijn gezicht toner fles is leeg. Ook mijn nachtcrème en shampoo zijn leeg! Tijd om mijn verzorgingsproducten weer eens aan te schaffen en gelukkig heb ik een stapel The Body Shop cadeaukaarten die ik gekregen heb van lieve vrienden en collega's, en daar heb ik goed gebruik van gemaakt!

Naast The Body Shop heb ik gewinkeld bij De Tuinen en Kruidvat.

Tot slot: mijn kijk en beoordeling op de lege producten en eerste indruk van de nieuwe aankoopjes, lees ze hieronder.
Daiso Japan Natural Charcoal Cleansing Foam Cleanser
I've bought this at my favorite Asian 1 Dollar shop 'Daiso' and this facial wash treated me well. It doesn't lather up much but it's alright. It gave me a clean feel on my skin, no breakouts and price and quality ratio is good! 

Kruidvat toner for dry/sensitive skin
Kruidvat is a Dutch pharmacy brand and they have their own product line. This toner was actually my first toner. 
First time using it, it kind of stings but after a few time using it in a row (only at night) my skin adjusted to it. 
I apply this toner on a piece of cotton path and it always leaves some dirt on it which is good. Also the toner is cheap and lasted me really long. 

Etos day cream normal skin
Etos is also a Dutch pharmacy brand like Kruidvat and like Kruidvat they have their own product line too. This day cream was actually a gift. For a pharmacy brand, this day cream has actually good stuff init: SPF 8 (ok, it's not high but still, not bad!) and vitamin E. The texture of this cream is nice and absorbs quickly. 

The Body Shop - Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash
Firstly, there was a huge sale at TBS and since I don't really have special request for facial wash other than cleaning my face, I've picked this Tea Tree Cool & Creamy wash for no special reason. And it was on sale too. So far it's doing a good job at cleaning my face. Tea Tree is also good in treating acne too. 

The Body Shop - Nutriganics Refreshing Toner
Another thing that was on sale was this Nutriganics Refreshing Toner. Again, I don't have special request and need in a toner so I chuck this toner without a doubt.

De Tuinen - Sheabutter cream
Ok, now this cream was also on sale at Dutch health store 'De Tuinen'. This glass jar with 50ml of 100% sheabutter used to be €11 but I got it for the half of the price which is a steal. I'm using this for my night cream routine. 

Biodermal Anti Age 30+, Biodermal Pigment Cream
My first time buying the brand Biodermal! I'm curious! The adverts that have shown on tv looks promising. 
More review matter of these 2 Biodermal soon! 

Writing down the date of when I start using a product.

 De Tuinen - Sheabutter cream
100% Sheabutter in this jar and I'm intrigued. Sheabutter is known for a lot of skin benefits too and to name you a few: hydration, improves skin elasticity and cell stimulation. Also it has vitamin E and A in it! 

Ok the texture: it's not my usual smooth cream because you need to warm the sheabutter in hand palm first to make it smoothable. It reminds me of coconut oil but not entirely because coconut oil melts quicker than sheabutter. 
However, my first impression is very ok and everytime I wake up, my skin feels really nurtured and glowy. So far so good!

The Body Shop - Nutriganics Refreshing Toner
As said before, I don't really have special request for a toner to be. If it leaves dirt on a piece of cotton pad then I'm happy which this Nutriganics Refreshing Toner did. 
It also claims to have 98% natural ingredients in it and free from parabens and whatsoever. 
I also have read reviews from other people and they are mixed. I'm curious what my review will be after long term using it. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Random Barcelona snaps

The rooftop view from La Arenas shopping mall. And that there in the background is the National Museum of Barcelona! A post here.

La Arenas Mall
Las Arenas is a renovated bull fighting ring into a shopping mall. Which is great! Not only because I love malls and shopping but because Barcelona and the Catalonia region has forbid bull fighting. 
Las Arenas also have cinema inside with a great rooftop too! Go up and gaze at the views. It's worth it c:

Barcelona is really a bike friendly town

Food obvious
@Sandwichez   3/5
Me and my family had lunch at Sandwichez, a chain café throughout Barcelona. 
The café looks appealing: industrial interior with lots of wood. And! The food behind the glass display looks delicious too. This is promising. 
Sandwichez not only offers the usual café food but has food with tastes from all over world: curry panini breads (Italian flatbread), falafel and Japanese style salads! These were our lunch choices along with my latte macchiato, a pot tea and soda's.
My falafel were pre-heated before being served. I was so looking forward to it! This wrapped up good smelled nice and I took a bite of it after and, o boy: what a disappointment. Where was the salt? It surely lacked seasoning and tasted really bland. 
'Japo' salad
A japo or a 'Japanese' inspired salad! A Japanese food lover like me can't leave this one out so I've ordered it. This bowl  of €3,40 has: edamame soybeans, carrots, beans, lettuce, rice and sesame in it. Again just like the falafel, this salad smelled fragrant and luckily it came with a dressing (can't really pinpoint what dressing but it's something with soy) otherwise it would taste so bland! I also hoped the rice would have the texture of sushi rice but sadly it was not. Overall, not a very successful inspired Japanese salad.  
Our second Chinese dinner at some Chinese restaurant which I can't remember. These steamed buns/bao's doesn't taste that good (clearly deep frozen) as they look like. 

Me and Barcelona random shots
 View from my hotel rooftop.

The streetbirds of Holland are usually pigeons, sparrows and seagulls. The streetbirds in Spain have this lovely green exotic parrot-look-alike one!