Friday, April 28, 2017

Lengthy to medi


On Monday I've made an appointment at a local hairdresser and after that I then Googled for some specific hair models that I want and on the next morning of Tuesday the hair was cut. My head and shoulders feels a lot lighter after the cut and am I happy with my fresh coupe? Yes I am thank goodness! It really sets my mood for the Summer holiday but unfortunate that still is a couple of months away. What I need no is a nice warm Spring weather but even that it seems to be on hold here in Holland. Or not because it appears that upcoming Sunday it will be a sunny one with 18C! Bliss!    

Maandag had ik een afspraak gemaakt bij een lokale kapper. Vervolgens ging ik op Google kijken voor kapsels en voorbeelden voor morgen want in de vroege morgen van dinsdag was het dan zover. Het haar ging eraf en inmiddels voelt het op mijn hoofd en schouders een stuk lichter na het geknip. Ben ik tevreden? Zeker wel! Een beurt bij de kapper was alweer een tijd geleden, maar m'n nieuw haar is klaar voor de zomer ook al begint dat over een paar maanden. Een warm en zonnige lente is prima maar zelfs dat schijnt ver te zoeken. Of toch niet want aanstaande zondag wordt het 18C! Zoet!

Monday, April 24, 2017

A colorful family lunch


A couple of weeks back I had a little family lunch with my dad, brother, uncle and auntie at a local restaurant Slot Oostende. I love family joins because there's usually lots of food involvement especially when eating out together and also because usually my dad or another grown up will take care of the bill... Cough. Anyway.

Slot Oostende is also a new restaurant with a brewery inside. I even saw that they have 'beer soup' on the menu! I didn't take that one but I'll definitely order that next time. Check down below what me and my foodie family has eaten at Slot Oostende.

Een paar weken terug had ik een familie lunch met papa, broer, oom en tantes bij `t restaurant Slot Oostende. Ik ben dol op familie bijeenkomsten want meestal gaat dit gepaard met lekker eten en bij buiten de deur eten is het helemaal een feest. De feit dat papa of door iemand anders de rekening in handen nemen, maakt zulke familie uitjes extra plezierig... kuch.

Maar goed! Slot Oostende is een nieuw restaurant met een eigen brouwerij. Ik zag dat ze zelf 'biersoep' op de menukaart staan die ik graag voor de volgende keer wil bestellen en proeven. Voor nu heb ik voor jullie mijn familie en onze lunch bij Slot Oostende. 
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voor Nederlandse
Say hi to my family!
And we ate
1 shrimp croquettes dish // 1 Chef`s Lunch special // 1 pasta scampi // 1 healthy club sandwich // 1 pizza fungi

1 apple juice // 1 orange juice // 3 cappuccino // 1 `witch` tea
Papa had the fresh pasta with shrimps and was lovely. My aunt shared the homemade shrimp croquette dish with my uncle. We kind of shared our dishes together anyway and so I had a taste and a bite of everything including the shrimp croquette which were very yum.
My other auntie ordered the `healthy` styled club sandwich which consist slices of tomato, cheese, ham, cucumber and egg drizzled in curry mayo. Then my brother ordered the `chef lunch special` and it`s basically one compact lunch of a bowl tomato soup, chicken satay and a toast with egg on a nice wooden platter.
Then there was me
I could`t decide between their homemade shrimp croquette and the pizza but after knowing that my aunt will order the shrimp croquette (and knowing I`ll get my share too) I went for the pizza fungi without ham but with extra mushroom. The pizza looked artisan made because it didn`t looked perfectly round. Like any realItalian pizza the bottom has charred bits to it. Since I haven`t had a good pizza in a long while, this pizza was a nice treat again.
Check out this gooey shrimp croquette with tiny shrimp meat, so good!
This herbal tea called `witch` tea and because I was struggling with the tea strainer, all my tea went floating in my cup #beinghuman.
A restaurant with a brewery
Restaurant Slot Oostende is not just a restaurant but has a brewery as well! You can actually book a tour through their brewery. Their modern interior with touches of medieval here and there is great.
The sink in the toilet.

ADDRESS: Singelstraat 5 4461 HZ Goes - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: ••••∙ 4,⁵/5
INTERIOR: ••••∙ 4,⁵/5
SERVICE: ••• 3/5
PRICE: ••••∙ 4/5

Friday, April 21, 2017

My current sleep favorite: the neck pillow


How does your sleep surroundings look like? Mine is pretty basic with not to fancy yet lovely bedding but most importantly I do like and want to sleep good in quality mattress and pillow. Because a good sleep will most likely makes (instead breaks) your day am I right?

I've been waking up with neck and shoulder pain for some while and I really don't know where this is coming from but it sure makes my mornings a bit moodier than usual. This is where Dekbed-Discounter, a Dutch brand specializes in sleep & bed products came to the rescue, read it all down below!

Hoe ziet jou slaap omgeving eruit? De mijne is nog wat basic maar wel fraai naar mijn smaak maar het allerbelangrijkste is toch wel een goede nachtrust op kwaliteit matras en kussen. Vooral voor iemand als ik die 5 dagen achterelkaar werk, heb ik alle goede slaap nodig die ik kan krijgen.

Een tijd geleden werd ik wakker met nek- en schouderpijn en geen flauw idee waar dit allemaal vandaan komt, want dit is wel funest voor mijn ochtendhumeur. 
Dit is waar Dekbed-Discounter, een Nederlands merk gespecialiseerd in slaap- en bedproducten tot de redding kwam, lees het allemaal onderaan! 
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voor Nederlandse
Dekbed-Discounter is a Dutch webshop that sells anything sleep related such as bed sheets, covers, mattresses and pillows and when D-D approached me if I was interested in a product review I was tempted at first and eventually we joined forces together because guys, sleep is important! Especially when you are working 5 days in a row like me then a good night rest is for me a big necessity if I want to wake up rested every morning and ready to function 100%. Since D-D is Dutch, it only ships within the Netherlands and Belgium only so far.

The pillow
Admitted, the greedy-me hoped to able to pick out a bed but I was only allowed to pick any item of €40 of worth. Still fine by me! I end up picking a comfy and fluffy looking neck pillow (€49,95) by their home brand `Orange Line`. Since the pillow exceed the agreed price, I end up paying the extra €9,95 - a small pay that I was willing to give because sleep is important and because I was dealing with neck pain.
D-D reached me just in time actually because picking the neck pillow was a no-brainer and felt like redemption. Product link:
The verdict
Meanwhile I`ve received, washed the pillow and my head has been resting on it for a good two weeks now and so I think I can write an legit and honest review about it. Judging by the blogtitle already it`s a positive one.
After our first night together the neck pain in the next morning has decreased by more than half and boy I was relieved! Literally a load falling off my shoulders. The following days the pain just getting smaller and smaller and eventually went away. Good riddance and hello good mornings.
A good neck pain killer? Yes!
The pros
The onlineshop Dekbed-Discounter

- the fast delivery because when you place and pay the order before 11:45 PM the order will receive the next day. Awesome!
- good custom service policy which portraits in my case the fast email response and the openness on their website
- good amount of choices and variaties of products
- 14 days of return time with refunds.

The pillow

- made in Holland
- made with anti-allergic material
- washable at 60C degrees
- pillow filling is refillable and adjustable - came with discount coupons
The only con
The case that the pillow is wrapped in and put in the parcel was dirty and torn apart. Was this a return item...? Nonetheless I have washed the pillow for the matter and the pillow made me a better morning person now and that was the whole point of the pillow am I right?