Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Project: Another curry rice...


I hope everyone had a relaxing and a warm Easter c: I sure had one! More pictures of that coming soon.

So today’s post is yes, another food post with curry. Not too long ago I had posted my red curry recipe here. Cuz this girl loves eating curry you know! And anything veggie related because today’s curry involves tofu and peas and carrots. And lots of spices c:

Tofu is one of the least favourite food in the world (because it’s so bland) and I think that needs to change. Tofu is so delicious! Its really the way you add flavour to it.

Do you like tofu?


Hopelijk heeft iedereen een fijne Pasen achter de rug gehad! Ik ga morgen even kijken naar de afgeprijsde chocolade hazen haha.

Maar goed, vandaag alweer een food post met alweer curry! Laatst had ik een red curry rijst gemaakt nog hier.
Ik hou ontzettend van curry. En alles wat met groentes te maken heeft want deze curry bevat tofu, boontjes en wortels. En natuurlijk kruiden!

Niet iedereen houdt van tofu (want hij is zó smaakloos) en dat vind ik zo jammer want tofu is zo lekker en gezond! Het is echt hoe je het maakt en hoe je het op smaakt brengt.

Hou jij van tofu?

Da recipe: 800ml water, 200ml coconut milk, 300 g brown rice, 3 tbs. coriander, any desired curry paste (I've used green curry) + 250ml water, 2 onions, 2 garlic gloves⅓ cup green peas, 2 carrots, tofu, salt & pepper, vegetable oil 

 Da steps: 

  1. Prepare rice: wash the rice and add it into a pan or rice cooker + the 800ml water and coconut milk. Cook on high heat, once its boiling lower it down (with lid on!). Once cooked add the coriander and combine well.
  2. Curry: add oil in a frying pan/wok and saute the diced onion and garlic. Add the peas and stir fry for 3 min with the onion and garlic on medium heat.
  3. Add the chopped carrots
  4. Add the curry paste + water. High heat! Once boiling lower to medium heat.
  5. Add in tofu! And let it boil for 5 min. Add in salt, pepper.
  6. Serve and done c: 
Good luck!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Another 11 facts


I’m sorry for my days absence but I was formatting my laptop because:
  1. I think it’s not a bad idea to do a clean up your laptop every now and then + Refreshing passwords and such.
  2. My laptop was being a slowpoke.

My current laptop is still my trusty (not rusty) Sony Vaio and I did the formatting all by myself! After watching a few Youtube video’s of coursse… But yeah, nerdpower!
Anyway I hope you all had a great Easter!

Awhile ago, one of my crafty blog friend Carmen (Crafty Queens) has tagged me for the Liebster Award which is really awesome, so thank you for that! Even though a Liebster Award are meant for the newcomers in the bloggersworld, I’d still love to answers that Crafty Queens has made for me!

Scroll down to read them c:

Ik was de afgelopen 2 dagen eventjes afwezig van mijn laptop en tevens het bloggen omdat mijn laptop een onderhoudsbeurt kreeg dus alles werd geformatteerd en wat isie nu snel! Ik vind het wel belangrijk dat je laptop zo nu en dan een flinke schoonmaak beurt krijgt evenals het veranderen van wachtwoord (ik gebruik 5 verschillende passwords, goed he?). Want ik huiver voor hackers en dat soort dingen.

Mijn goeie ouwe Sony Vaio laptopje heb ik trouwens zelf allemaal geformatteerd! Echt trots op mezelf haha, wat een nerd. Maar goed. Het kost wel bergen tijd, al die gegevens naar mijn USB stickje zetten en dan weer terug. En dan nog mijn programma’s instaleren, poe poe.

Maar goed, een tijdje geleden werd ik getagd door een lieve blog vriendin Carmen van Crafty Queens met de Liebster Award! Lezen jullie mee naar de antwoorden? 

 Scroll dan naar beneden toe c:

1. What do you do when you come home from school or work?
Most likely: plundering the snack pantry and make myself a cup of tea and watch tv c:

2. Reflect your personality to a fruit
Hmmm.... I guess I'll go for a banana because I love to be postive and smile a lot c: 

3. What song/movie/snack is your guilty pleasure?
I guess I have a lot of them, so I'm naming a few here:

Song: Grease - You're The One I Want 
Movie: All Disney animations  
Snack: Oreo cookies coated with white chocolate, eating a full size bag of chips all by myself.  

4. If you could choose to be the maincharacter of a book/movie or show, which one would you be?
I'd love to be Hermione from Harry Potter because she's just to awesome :D I'm a sucker for
fantasy and magic anyways, so any female character that kicks ass is fine. 

5. What is your earliest craft memory?
Making miniature plaster figures with my mom! I still have them c: 

6. My ideal house
My ideal house would be nature inspired so a lot of wood, light, color but also simplicity. A warm loving with a hint of bakery smell in my house that reflects my personality c:

7. Moustache were a real trendy item but what do you think of the real deal?
I love the moustache trend! Or used to love because they are a bit out of date right?
On the other side, the real moustache, I don't like a big bushy ones. Actually I don't like moustaches at all :c

8. In what country do you want to be born?
Hong Kong! That means I have my family close by c; 
And otherwise: Australia. 

9. What's the most special city you've ever been to?
New York definitely. 

10. What homemade design are you most proud of? 
I love my miniature creations that is made with Fimo clay and I also love my crocheted cakes and pies c: I have a DIY here!

11. What is your most happiest memory ever? 
This is one of those questions that where I think "hmmm.... I have so many, or am I being cheesy?"
I guess the times going on vactions with my family, getting a new toy when I was little, my childhood friends, my first Happy Meal Toy.... 

(thanks for reading!)