All the museum visits with him


Our dates are always exciting. They are never boring. I easily get my daily 10k steps as well with it. It's quite educational and explorative too. It's usually a place that we both never been before.
Our go-to dates are museum visits.
Here's a sum-up and peek at our museum visits together.


Onze dates zijn altijd leuk. Ze zijn nooit saai. Ik haal met gemak mijn dagelijkse 10k stappen mee. Het is ook nog eens leerzaam en ontdekkend. Vaak zijn de plekken die we bezoeken ook nieuw voor ons. Onze dates zijn: musea.
Hier in deze blogpost een samenvatting van onze gezamenlijke museumbezoeken.
Boijmans Depot
One of my favourite Dutch museums is the Boijmans van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam. However, the current museum is under renovation and will probably re-open in 2029. Meanwhile, there is Boijmans Depot. It is the first publicly accessible art depot in the world. Lets check it out!
We started the depot on the 6th floor, the rooftop floor with an amazing view of Rotterdam.
Not all artworks were stored in the depot. A view masterpieces are still showcased.

The roof is accessible free of charge from 18:00 to 22:00 on nights when the rooftop restaurant is open. You can also take a selfie with this very special cam...
Het Warenhuis Museum
I think this one is our first museum date.
The Department Store Museum shows, among other things, how the residents of Axel lived between 1850 and 1950.
One of the first `mall` in Holland. Very cute.
Mifi in `Zeeuws` traditional clothing.
Historical Museum Bevelanden
I can be brief about this: this was a very boring one.
hehehe, liar.
We were at this cute fruit orchard and cultivation museum and learned a lot about apples.
You can also pick your own fruit here, but unfortunately it was the end of harvest time when we were there.
Playing the auction game.

Maritime Museum
All about sealife (not seafood, sadly), vintage ships & historic port models, and platform simulation activity. Very kidsproof museum and we loved it!
this historian graduate loves books. And I must say this library has interesting books!
In my game element at their Platform Simulation.

FOOD time
All the museum trips made us hungry so time for food!
This guy never had dim sum in his life before (what!) until now. I took him to one of the best dim sum places in Rotterdam and made him try the chicken feet! And guess what, he likes it!
Verbeke Foundation
His job sometimes involves work visits at museums (how fun!) and sometimes +ones can come along too! Lucky me.
The Verbeke Foundation museum was... interesting. It`s an indoor and outdoor museum with contemporary art with some artworks with a raw edge to it.
We ended the day with a joint dinner at the Italian restaurant.



  1. Great Photos, each Museum are interesting and awesome. Thank you for sharing it.


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