DIY: Mini Whip Cream


Or you can call them ‘scrubbies’ but I use them to create whip cream for my crochet cakes and cupcakes! They also make great home decorations by putting them into a maison jar! Did I just inspire you to make them as a gift for your friend, mum, girlfriend..? I’ll say: go for it!


Of ze worden ook wel ‘scrubbies’ genoemd en ze zijn bedoeld om je lichaam mee te wassen en te scrubben. Maar mijn versie is klein en dienen ze als toefjes slagroom op mijn gehaakte taartjes en cupcakes! Ook doen ze aardig als huis decoraties bijvoorbeeld in een leuke glazen pot! Ik zou zeggen: maak ze voor je vriendin, mama, GF!  Echt een leuk blij makerij c: 
 You need: Cotton yarn or wool, crochet hook (cotton = 2 - 3 mm, wool = 3 - 4 mm), scissor, needle
I've actually stuffed a bit of stuffing in it. 

 The Steps:

  1. Row 1: chain 11
  2. Row 2: skip first stitch and start with the 2nd stitch (see picture) and single crochet. Last 2 stitches will be single crochet decrease. You'll be using backloops from now on!
  3. Row 3: chain 1. Single crochet decrease (first 2 stitch). Then single crochet all the way. Last stitch will be single crochet increase. (see pictures)
  4. Row 4: chain 1 (always chain 1 as it will avoid shrinking). Single crochet increase in the 2nd stitch. Then single crochet all the way. Last 2 stitches will be single crochet decrease.
  5. REPEAT ROW 3 + 4 until you've made like 8-10 rows. You should see a leaning yet an even pattern in your crochet piece.
  6. Fold they way I did in the gif. image and seam it together. 
  7. Leave a long tail and cut it with a scissor. 
  8. Use a needle and yarn through the edge (see picture), pull and it will close the gap. 
  9. Do it the same thing on the other side. If you want a puffy cream, you can add a little bit of filling. 
Good luck! 


  1. Amazing post and tips!! =D
    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  2. Oh my gosh you're SO talented at making things! They look so adorable in the jar <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. Omg...that's just sooo adorable! I just watching all your diy knits! So lovely and fun!

  4. Holy crap this is insanely beautiful! You have a really beautiful and delicate knitwork there and it looks absolutely amazing, not to mention the pastel colour choice. Ice cream indeed <3

  5. So adorable! This is inspiring me to take up crochet :)


  6. Those are so cute, and I love the scheme you got going on. I have my knitting needle and crochet needles packed up during summer. They look so cute and could be a great replacement for pom poms at the end of my scarves.

  7. Oh, it's adorable. I can't make those cute little things, it's so hard. D:

  8. omg your so talented! great job!!

    Make sure to check out my blog, I do a combination of health, animals, and fashion weekly!

  9. Oh man, I wish I was as good at crocheting as you are!

    Have a great weekend,

    P.S.: Thanks for leaving some nice words on my last post!

  10. This is so cute ! Love the gifs as well !

  11. Supercute!! Het kunnen ook zee-egeltjes zijn ^^ Heel duidelijke tutorial, good job!! xx

  12. Heel schattig!
    Ik moet maar eens wat tijd maken om te leren haken. Lijkt me zo leuk om dit te doen :)

  13. I am in cutest crochet heaven! They look easy to make….but I won't be fooled by knitting for a while after the last attempts. At least you can share yours for us to enjoy and admire :)

  14. waaa! so cute!!
    but i till dont get it how to make another row hehehe

    RUBY and ROSA

  15. I LOVE this post,amazing pictures and style :)
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    Check out my blog and the Keune giveaway here:
    Thank you in advance!
    xoxo Vesi :)

  16. oh wow these pictures are really great, clear, and neat, you made the project look so easy make :)

  17. This are so incredibly cute! I can imagine them filling a whole glass jar like the one you have.

    Knowing me, I'd mess it up somehow though :)

    Hmm maybe...

  18. adorei!!


  19. so adorable. and i love your step-by-step!


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