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Ok. So. What are the credentials of a good Airbnb host? Delivering a clean and livable accommodation to the guest? Of course. Maybe cooking a meal or two and giving travel tips and hotspots around the area? Or is being a charmer something to become a bonus host...? 

I don't know but our Airbnb host Micheal (who is definitely a charmer) took a day off and drove us around to show my cousin Sun and I the 'real' San Fran as a local. Awesome!

When I booked this Airbnb (post: my 1st Airbnb) at Micheal, I was hoping to experience San Fran from a more local view rather than a tourist view. I think with the help of Micheal and his dog Chockamo, I think we achieved this part.

Ok, vertel, wat zijn de kwaliteiten van een goede Airbnb host? Een schoon en leefbaar accomodatie leveren? Natuurlijk. Misschien een lekker homemade maaltje koken en jou de hotspots en dé tips geven van de plekken waar je naar toe moet gaan? Of een charmeur zijn. Dat verdient sowieso bonus punten op als host. 

In ieder geval was onze Airbnb Micheal -wiens echt een charmeur is- absoluut een topper. Hij nam een dag vrij en reed ons rond in zijn truck om de echte San Fran te laten zien. Hoe geweldig!

Toen ik deze Airbnb (post: mijn 1e Airbnb) bij Micheal boekte, hoopte ik erop om San Fran meer door een lokale blik te ervaren in plaats van alleen als toerist. Dankzij Micheal en zijn viervoeter Chockamo is dat goed gelukt!
voor Nederlandse

Little House Café
You know the story…little old house neglected. Little old house embraced by kind folks who decide to turn her into a cafe. This old house was a century-old Colonial Revival house that stood on Oak Street in Alameda, California, right on the spot where the software company, Perforce Software, was expanding. Instead of tearing it down, this little old house was rescued and given back to the community in the form of a neighborhood café, called Little House Cafe.

Micheal, our Airbnb host took us to this place for breakfast and I fell immediately in love with this place.
This is so cute, Wizard of Oz feet!
Luckily there were tables free so me and Sun can sit down for a bite. But here comes the dilemma: what should we pick and eat? Look at the coffee choices!
My cousin S. chose this heavy-looking dish that could be dinner as well. I chose a quite heavier breakfast too than I would normally eat: on-to-go-burrito with spinach, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, salsa, and scallions. And it`s packed up delicious.
The restroom is worth visiting too. It`s clean firstly and bat-themed which is quite perculiar for this Little House Café yet very cool!
Alameda Marketplace
Sweet local diverse shops under one roof.
Here I bought my pink Stojo cup ❤.
Seafood and bread
Micheal, Sun and doggy Chockamo.
My second time having clam chowder. I had my first at Boudin Bakery Café which was really good. But this clam chowder that I got from a food stand at the pier is also very good! Streetfood quality it is.

Vermont Street > Lombard Street
Lombard Street is nice and maybe a little bit overrated, this steep curvy street with eight turns. Why don`t you go check this street out instead! It`s the same concept with curvy turns but less touristy.
The fog is coming.
The Buena Vista
One of the things I`ve learned is the food inventions that are born in SF. Irish coffee is one of them and it happens to be one of my tolerable alcoholic beverages! Micheal took us to Buena Vista café and let this be the place where the Irish Coffee was invented in 1952.
Garlic fries, oh my G, it`s so GOOD! And of course the infamous Irish Coffee, I remember it as a very stout-ish strong creamy taste.
And the fog and mist took over San Fran and it was getting really cold (again) but we have visited the Mosaic Stairway. It`s worth seeing and walking on in my opinion!
We call it a day. Our Airbnb host Micheal cooked us a lovely homey dinner back home.

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