A day in Munich

Behold, the Dutch gang ready exploring Munich: my brother KH and his caretakers from the art gallery facility `De Kaai` and of course myself.
Unripe apricots & no croissants
We had breakfast at our hotel first. It was still pandemic time so that means there were restrictions and because of this the breakfast option in the hotel was rather small. Normally there is a buffet but this time we could only choose between two kinds of sandwiches (where are the croissants?!), yogurts, tea or coffee, and unripe apricots. We also had to wear masks as well. Altogether not a fulfilling breakfast.
The courtyard is really nice and zen.
Half itinerary half aimless
Time to explore Munich!
Since my breakfast that morning was disappointing, we stopped by to grab coffee and a real German pretzel.
Lets be knotty and happy
•Continuing our itinerary through Munich
Hi from us at Marienplatz or Market Square. Also called Schrannenplatz, the square is the oldest part of the city dating back to 700’s.
Flowers at English Garden (Englischer Garten)
Eisbach River
This dude is solo beachin`
Also, it was around 30C degrees (86 F). The water looked really refreshing.
il pranzo
For lunch we had Italian food.
Pizza margherita (my fav) and gazpacho which was very salty.

Museum Villa Stuck
After lunch we visited a museum.
I`m still using my uni pass to get student discount🙊.
Lee Mingwei - Rituals
Live sweeping (e)motion.
This looked interesting too.
⮙“Encirclement,” from the series “Body Configurations,” by Valie Export
Adolf Wölfli ⮛
This gave me Raised by the Wolf vibes but it`s replica of the famous Roman she-wolf.
The Zodiac ceiling in the Music Room is probably one of my favourite. There was an opera singer performing too which made this room extra more beautiful.
My brother and I. sitting outside waiting for the rest of us finishing their museum tour. My brother as an artist himself isn`t very keen on museum trips generally.

Brother K.
The main reason why we are here in Munich is because of my brother K. and his outsider artworks that are displayed and presented in this museum Haus der Kunst. How proud and how exciting we think it is to see his paintings hanging in the museum!
Haus der Kunst
Exploring another museum from the outside.
Jurgen Bey Tree trunk bench
Though Munich has no beach or sea, you can still bring your surfboard and surf in the city!
La Stanza Ristorante
Then it was dinner time. And it`s Italian food again.
Since I don`t need to drive a car and our hotel is like 500m (0,3mile) away, I`ve decided to drink a glass or two. And that - for an Asian woman like me - is quite daring!
Don`t let this pretty picture fool you because the risotto here is super undercooked! The center of the rice grain was still hard and grainy :(
Though my brother K. seems to enjoy his risotto with squid ink.
Not in the picture: the lemon meringue as dessert. That was yum! Also, I`ve spotted this lovely view of a cat catching some air at the window with his/her human!
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  1. What a fun trip - Munich is on the list of places that we'd like to visit!

    1. It was! Sigh, I want to go back someday :) you should also visit Köhl too Rooth! Xx


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