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From the beginning of 2020 to present
A gorgeous galaxy staircase at the Sterrenwacht museum. Would you like to have it in your own home?
Once upon a time
Why do I keep baking, making and creating each year with the annual holiday, stressing myself out each time? Well, I just like to eat good food, to share and am just addicted to a filled up holiday table with food. I mean it is so IG-worthy as well.
When I found out that you can make the tapioca pearls for bubble tea I was stoked! Challenge accepted! I wanted to recreate the delicious Tiger Milk Tea with luscious tapioca pearls in thick brown sugar and the result isn`t too bad either! Though it is still far from the real thing but I`m pretty happy that I was able to make bubbles from scratch!
Experimenting with triangle pearls. The pointiness kind of lost in the cooking process...
The big three 0
Games & Friends
We went crazy-golfing glow in the dark for the very first time and it was pretty fun actually! Though we also felt a bit rushed because the golf route was a one way route and that means you can`t really take your time because there are people behind you waiting for you to move on.
And no I was not good at it.
Energetic recipe
I don`t go to a bar often because I`m not really a drinker but when I do go, I go to a muesli bar. Ha! Here`s a quick and easy recipe for making muesli/cereal bar!
You`ll need
• 130 gr honey or agave/maple syrup
• ⅓ cup peanut butter (80 gr)
• 2 tbsp. coconut oil
• 2 cups rolled oats (200 gr)
• 1 cup almond flour (140 gr)
• handful of any desired nuts, chopped
• pinch of sea salt
• 100 gr of any desired (sugar free) chocolate

1. Line a brownie pan with baking paper and preheat oven to 180°c degrees.
2. In a bowl mix honey, peanut butter and coconut oil together until smooth with no lumps.
3. In another bowl add the rolled oats, almond flour and chopped nuts with salt together.
4. Add the flour nut mixture into the peanut butter mixture and combine well. It should very thick at this point!
5. Once everything is mixed add it to the prepared baking tin and bake for about 30-35 min. Allow to cool in tin before removing.
6. Meanwhile melt the chocolate and pour it over the cooled down muesli bar. Let it set (in fridge) before cutting it. Enjoy!
Oh Rat
1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008
⮙ Writing characters in white chocolate is fun.
My CNY presents in food and red pockets.⮛
Mei`s Bakery
Drip cake practise.
Raspbery Layer Cake
Learn this delicious fruity cake recipe!
The annual speculaas a.k.a Dutch ginger bread making!
Bye-bye fruit flies
Water + apple cider + a cute plastic bottle and done
My victims buhahaha... #horror
Sometimes I`d like to indulge myself in a good `ol McDonalds like this serious delicious spicy vegetarian chicken burger. Guys it`s really good!!

Lunch date with a bae. More of this soon!
Unpleasant start of the year
Fire outbreaks in Australia, floods, ongoing storms and viruses worldwide. At least Mother Nature is taking a break now. Rest well and stay healthy all!
NYE at my besties with food and lottery ticket. I`m no millionaire yet.
I`m no match for you. I`m the worst.
New year new hair.

Phone Photo`s
outside study lunch // at Soep & Sap bar // spicy curry soup with egg
doggo on guard duty. sorta // having a drink with colleagues // and food
ketchup chip fries // freeze dried okra snack // homemade baozi
5 min // 10 min // 30 min
A soft serve (as usual) and pancakes! That`s a new one for me. I went for the fluffy American pancakes.
Again having food and a toast with the co-workers.
Mei`s Bakery II
The Black Pearl (wasabi cake). I will improve this one.
This Vietnamese coffee cake is probably one of my favorite layered cake I have every made!
I`ve got my eyes on you
Vegan lemon pie with chocolate eye balls. Want a slice?
My favorite sugar free chocolate bars.
Apparently goat cheese is the new cream cheese and since that`s the case I`ve baked tourteau fromagé (French cheesecake) with the charismatic burned top in shortcrust pastry. The texture is like an airy almost dried out cheesecake biscuit with goat cheese flavour. Quite nice! I still need to taste the real thing just to make sure for authenticity.
Fried rice, is there something you can`t do? Fried rice is for sure on my top-3 list of comfort food. Like nasi goreng and omurice. Recently I`ve made this Thai fried pineapple rice in pineapple with shrimps. It`s my first time making it that which quite some effort was put into but luckily it was rewarding because it was a delicious dish! Will be making it more often in the future, plus fresh pineapples taste so much better than canned one.
Mhmmm cake roll, cream and fresh strawberries quite taste like Summer.
A penumbral lunar eclipse took place on 10 January. It was quite disappointing one.
Happy ITALY ♥♥♥♥♥ 3/5
Happy Italy is a chain of Italian restaurants in The Netherlands and there`s always a huge line outside every time I pass a Happy Italy place. Me and my friends have decided to try out (my first time) Happy Italy and stood in line for a good 15-20 min. When there`s a line at a foodplace it`s usually a good sign so fingers crossed.
All the waiting in the line got me starving so I got myself a big portion of pasta Del Padrone which is a pasta with mushroom, shrimps and chillies in creamy sauce. When it arrived it looked like everything was just thrown and tossed in the bowl. I understand the busyness and crowdedness so I was hoping the taste would be forgiving but it wasn`t really. It was bowl of overload of salt and flavours that could have married happily together but didn`t. Lets move on to dessert.
I got myself tiramisu because I haven`t had it in years. The tiramisu is homemade and very delicious!
Eat your grünten!
So I`ve won myself a box of healthy veggie oats in the flavour of cakes such as appie pie, red velvet brownie and carrot cake. Once you have a grünten you are pretty much full for the whole morning.
2020 started off badly to worse when a virus striked the whole world. My country was one of the latest that got infected with the covid-19 virus but soon enough we became one of the fastest countries of spreading contamination and increasing victims. Not as quick as Italy but still. I`m not easily scared but I`m afraid I have become extra cautious lately. I`ve been staying at home since two weeks+ now and only come to work for 1-2 days per week. The work meetings through Google Hangouts are quite fun actually and we are starting to get along using it as well.
I also cut off going out more and only leave the house for just necessities like groceries.
My family from Hong Kong and China has been giving me warm and maybe slightly panic making advises. They have send me mouth masks which I am super grateful. I wore it outside a couple of times and some people have been staring at me. One man was staring at me constantly that he lost sight of the road and hit a lamppost. Whoopsie. I felt scared and brave at the same time for wearing masks in my hometown because my country is quite new for people wearing mask. No one wears mask here. But what more frightends and shocked me are the people attacking, violating, hurting and discriminating Asian people. Because we are the blame for the virus and so it is justified to get abused? I read the most hurtful news on social media how people are basically using the virus as an excuse to abuse us. Some physical abuse even which saddens me even more. If you think we have the virus then stay away from us instead of getting phycical with us! 99,9% of us didn`t want this to happen I`m sure and we are fighting against the covid-19 like everybody else in the world.
Luckily I`ve also seen lots of positive and warmhearted events developed during the covid-19 home quarantine. We got creative in many ways possible! This type of positivity is a keeper for me and I hope when this virus is all behind is we still remain this positivity with caring and loving.
DIY disinfectant spray
No, I still haven`t bought my first handgel since the virus outbreak because everything is basically sold out. But there`s hope! You can DIY it yourself! Just mix all the ingredients in a jar and pour it in a spray bottle.
My Ig-stories
But above all: wash your hands!
My auntie here is teaching my dad in taking photo`s by phone. You have incredible patience
Bagels & Beans
I have always loved Bagels and Beans chains because 1. I think still they are the best matcha maker in my country, 2. they have great veggie options and 3. the have seasonal menu which offers limited food. Here I`ve tried their bagels with bugs (yikes?) and the blue `verveine flower tea`. It turns purple when you add lemon juice. #magictea
Bagel with maggots and one crispy grasshopper. It was not bad but I`m not so sure if I`ll re-order it again.
One of my comfort dinner time: stuffed paprika.
My pissed off face when someone took my food. #notsweet
At one of my friends birthday party with sushi, French fries and brownies that I`ve specially made for her!
More phone pics
⮙ One of the indulging apple pie ever made because one of the thing that te crust is made is cream cheese. YUM!!

⮛ And below we have millionaires shortbread, my first time making and OMG I love it so SO much and it`s fairly easy to make as well.
Don`t worry the caramel is salted.
♥⼼ // stay healthy


  1. Oh, happy belated birthday Mei! I hope it was a good one for you :) Everything in this post looks absolutely delicious, I think I'm inspired to start home baking more now!

    I'm glad that your family sent you masks and that you're brave enough to wear them, by the way. I find that in Australia people also aren't used to seeing masks, so quite often I'll feel them staring... but wearing one makes me feel safer, so that's all that matters. Hope you're staying safe through all this!

    1. Thank you dearest Mani!! It is a good time up your baking skills haha, hopefully you still have flours and such left.
      Yeah, that's what I've been thinking in my mind, you like you can stare that's fine. Aslong it's just staring I am here protecting myself but also others.
      Stay safe and healthy!! Xx

  2. Stay safe and healthy! And keep the food pictures coming!

    1. Hey Rooth, thank you for your non-stop coming!! Stay safe and healthy as well Xx

  3. stay safe ! =)


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