Project: raspberry layered cake (non-artificial)

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I'm putting a dehydrator device thingy on my wish list because today's recipe is all natural flavoured raspberry cake made with freeze dried raspberries! Yup no fruit extract from bottles used in this one.
This makes the cake so much more fruity without tasting the artificial taste plus! The cake is also naturally coloured by it.

Go have a try, make and taste the sweetness of this cake! 


Ik zet een droogoven op mijn verlanglijstje, want deze taart recept is helemaal op natuurlijke wijze op smaak gebracht met gevriesdroogd frambozen! Geen extract uit een potje dus en dat maakt deze taart gewoon fruitig zonder de smaak van kunstmatigheid. Als bonus: het geeft ook een mooi natuurlijk kleurtje af. Ee Win-win situatie dus!

Ik zeg probeer en proef deze zoete taart, eetze!

voor Nederlandse
The Ingredients
175 gr/¾ cup butter (room temp.)
175 gr/1½ cup self raising flour
1 tsp. baking powder
130-170 gr sugar or 100 gr Stevia
3 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla extract

225 gr/1 cup butter (room temp.)
12 gr freeze dried raspberries powdered
110 gr./½ cup sugar or 80 gr Stevia
1 tbsp. milk

1 egg yolk
100 ml/ 3,381 oz milk
2 tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
½ tbsp. cake flour
½ tbsp. corn starch

whipped cream, fresh fruit, chocolate etc.
How to add flavours to buttercream? For chocolate you simply add cacao powder and for vanilla flavoured buttercream vanilla extract. But what about fruit? There are of course fruit flavoured extract but I wanted a more natural flavoured buttercream. So I`ve used freeze dried fruit! I`ve learned this trick from my food hero Claire Saffitz (from Bon Appétit Test Kitchen).
Fruity, colourful and all natural! Love it.
I`ve used a rectangle cake pan but you can use a springform of course! Measurement for that is 18cm (7').
The cake base is actually Victorian cake because of the spongey texture yet fine crumbly texture.
It`s an extra effort but putting buttercream in piping bag and to work from there creates a lovely even layer on each cake.
A round spinning platform was still a very suitable and welcome tool for this rectangle cake!

Also this cake was entirely sweetened with stevia. Healthy-ish sorta.

The Steps
making the cake
1. Preheat oven to 180C and line a baking tin.
2. Add the self raising flour together with baking powder in a bowl and combine. In another bowl add the butter and sugar and whip them up for 3 minutes. Add the eggs one bye one in.
3. Add the flour mixture and combine everything.
4. Add the batter to the prepared baking tin and roughly for about 30 min. Let the cake cool down in the tin before removal.
5. Cut and level the cake horizontal for layers. I`ve used a cake knife-saw for it. Set aside.

making the buttercream
1. Grind the freeze dried raspberry in a blender until dust.
2. In a bowl beat butter at least 5 minutes. Then add the sugar and the freeze dried powdered fruit and beat for another 5 minutes. Set aside or store in piping bag.

making custard
1. In a bowl beat egg yolk with sugar until pale and creamy. Set aside.
2. In a small saucepan add milk and vanille extract and boil to medium-heat until bubbles forms.
3. Remove the pan from heat and pour in small stream to the egg mixture while whisking.
4. Add the cake flour and corn starch and mix well.
5.Add the egg mixture back to the pan and heat up on low medium heat until thickens. Keep whisking!
6. Once it thickens set aside and cool down and press the plastic wrap against the custard.

assemble cake
1.Add or pipe a thin layer of buttercream on the first cake layer on the edges (see picture above) and leaving an empty space in the center. This is where you add the custard.
2. Grab another cake layer and place this carefully on top of the filled cake layer and repeat step 1 until every cake layer is done.
3. Use the rest of the buttercream to cover the outside of the cake.
4. Decorate the top with any desired toppings. Let the cake rest in the fridge before cutting it. Enjoy!


  1. wow this looks super good! gotta try your recipe
    style frontier

    1. Thank you hun ^___^ please let me know if you've done the recipe! I would love to know how it came by! Xx

  2. That's such a gorgeous and delicious looking cake! I want to try making this!


    1. Thank you very much :D I was happily surprised with the outcome! You should absolutely try making it yourself. If do please let me know :) Xx

  3. Oh yum, this cake looks so delicious and decadent! The custard in the middle sounds like it would be heavenly too. I don't think freeze-dried fruit is too common in Australia, but I'm definitely going to look out for it now :)

    1. It sure is a decadent cake haha ^__^ Thank you! This cake reminded me of raspberry pie which also has custard init so this cake shouldn't miss out the custard :) and yeah freezedried fruit is not so common here either. I found mine at the breakfast section, maybe you should check it out there as well :) Xx


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