Happy Chinese New Rooster Year!


According to the Chinese calendar the year 4714 has ended and it's 4715 today therefor I want to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year also it's the year of the Rooster! Here's how I celebrated CNY today. (super brand new blog material I know right!)


 Volgens de Chinese kalender is het jaar 4714 voorbij en begint vandaag officieel het jaar 4715 en dat betekent gelukkig Chinees Nieuw Jaar allemaal! Dit jaar is ook het jaar van de Haan. Vandaag heb ik het klein beetje gevierd, kijk maar gauw hieronder!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Wearing my Chinese! I feel like I`m wearing the `ugly granny sweater` but then in qipao version which I totally love!
tang yuan/tong yun/汤圆
Tang yuan/tong yun/汤圆 are generally celebration food in the Chinese culture and are sweet sticky rice dough in syrup, really delicious! I used to make them a lot with my mum in my childhood and it sure brought up some memories while I was making a batch of tang yuan this CNY. I sure miss my mum.
Special days means a filled tang yuan with black sesame filling.
So good!
(recipe soon!)


  1. I've always bought these frozen; I've never made them myself! I liked seeing it on your Instagram :) Happy Chinese New Year! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Happy Chinese New Year! I had tang yuan to, although we didn't make them from scratch haha.

  3. Happy Chinese New Year!! We only have tikoy here and your Tang Yuan looks so good. Will be waiting for the recipe. :)
    Caffeine Rush

  4. Happy Chinese New Year to you! Those tang yuan look great :-)

    Arden | Missing Wanderer

  5. Happy Chinese New Year! :D I think you look absolutely adorable in the Chinese sweater, awh.


  6. Yes! My mother made some peanut ones but they are premade and we make our own sweet soup for it! I love mine with ginger soup!

  7. Happy Chinese New Year to you, Mei :D
    I didn't ate tang yuan on the CNY day but my mom did make some a few days before CNY. it's not really my favorite but i was forced to eat one or two just for formality LOL

  8. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours!!! Tong Yun is one of my favourites as well. I live at home so my mum sometimes still makes them! I love the sesame flavour the best but peanut is pretty good too. Happy CNY gorgeous!
    Have a Stylin' Day!
    Much Love, Karen

  9. Happy Chinese New Year and best wishes! x Oh food food food :D

  10. I hope you had a wonderful Chinese new year!

  11. Happy New Year, Mei!!
    You look so cute!!!
    I am looking forward that's recipe :)



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