My previous life in short hair

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Coco Chanel

I was excited to cut my hair to a length I never had before. It was my shortest hair length ever. I was excited! But also scared that it will turn out not as I thought it would be. Luckily I liked my new hair!
So refreshing!
The chopped off hair I`ve donated the hair to a wig-making organization.
Here`s my short hair year story
I`ve steamed made bao`s in the shape of cats.
Family time with delicious hot pot is always a good idea.
Het Binnenhof
Fancy 5 or 6 (don`t remember...) dinner course with friends.
Delicious main course
Nothing tops the dessert course and it will always be my favourite.
To end the courses: `snackjes` and coffee or tea.
Stop falling asleep S.!
The meal was great. The company too.
I`ve made a cake
A funfetti birthday cake for F.
With creamy cream cheese filling.
Blogger meetup!
With Louise from
I`ve been following this girl for a decade almost and about time to meetup! We met in The Hague Netherlands.
And we both like Asian food so we met up at a cute Asian food place that serves all sorts of street food.
@Asian Streetfood by Momiji
Tokyo Taiyaki Story
Then we left the Asian streetfood place for another Asian place that specializes in Japanese `tai yaki` and matcha beverages. This place is run and owned by a friendly Japanese lady.
This matcha is so good! Thanks for being my tourguide L.!
basic IBIS hotel breakfast | lunch with S. at Katoen | coffee and sweets with colleague S. in Utrecht
Here I took A. for her first ramen bowl. And she loved it!
@Miss Yu
And I got myself unagi don (rice with eel).
•Family dinner•
Me and my male brothers

If I can speak for myself, everybody enjoyed it. I just wished the cat outside could be let in too so I could cuddle it and feed some leftovers.
I also love chickens. Here I stayed at A. vacation home in Kamperland.
This is Kamperland
A. and I explored this little town.
This is Utrecht
S. and I went on thrift hunt.
But first, we need to fill our bellies with good cuppa coffee and pastries.
We didn`t went back home empty handed.
Viet street food as afternoon snack!
Colleagues who are foodies are a bonus!
Utrecht, one of my top-3 favourite Dutch cities.
This is Ghent
Shopping and exploring new food places is what me and A. do.
Our love language
We went canoeing.
We also said goodbye to a dear colleague of ours.
I`ve made these crochet cupcakes for a colleague and her newborn daughter!
The Education Museum
Along with J. at The Education Museum in Dordrecht.
This strawberry bodycon sundress was my favourite summer dress. I got it from Vinted.
A unique elevator experience for J. and me at the Education museum because this elevator has an open ceiling.
The `donkey board`. For naughty kids.
Overall, I`ve enjoyed the Education museum!
Villa Augustus
Lunch at one my favourite restaurants in Holland: Villa Augustus.
Love to nose in their tad overpriced shop.
Our lunch. Part of the ingredients come from their own garden #local
Thank you J. for this day, it was fun!
Y a r n f o o d
I`ve crocheted this colourful caterpillar from the all so famous children book `The Very Hungry Caterpillar`.
Another day in Amsterdam
With A. and L.
I went golfing for the very first time. And it was pretty hard to get into the right position of holding the club and to shoot the ball in the right direction.
And I was not even properly dressed to it... anywho! After an hour of golfing, we went for well deserved lunch.
A date with J.
Sleep over at J.
Fresh lychees for breakfast.
A meal at Noo.Me. Delicious as usual!
Youtiao/油炸粿 on the house!
9 out of 10 of my home-cooked meals are vegetarian/vegan friendly. J. took me to an all-you-can-eat place where they serve vegetarian and vegan dishes! Party!
My favourite Rozey dish is the `steak watermelon`.
J. and I indulged ourselves with matcha goodies.

't Wereldmuseum
Museum visit at Wereldmuseum
World Port Days (Wereldhavendagen) is a multiple-festival day known as the World Harbour Days and is a large, festive maritime event held annually in Rotterdam. I was here once again with J.
The World Port Days was crowdy!
But it was fun and educational.
Eating fresh `kibbeling` (deepfried fish) at the port is a must.
Witnessing how this huge yacht turns around.
I gave my living room a bit of a different look and bought this display cabinet that I put together myself.


I also bought this cutest pink sofa bed! My cousin S. went to test it.
It`s my first big concert ever in my life. I went there with my cousin S. at Ziggo Dome Amsterdam.
My seat number | my cousin S. | enjoyment
Just being a tourist.
Spend a night a budget hotel.
Just amazing
Met other queens as well, my feminist heroes from Damn,  Honey.
I`ve participated in a climate march in Rotterdam with J. This was my first one ever and I felt good about it.
I traveled by train of course
“Hell with Shell”
I felt proud to be part of this event
Festival de Veste, a food truck festival, and to me a start of summer break.


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