My first Tiny House stay



My 2023 started with a new fresh experience: tiny house stay and making food at a campsite. Outdoor in open fire.
And I'm super glad and grateful that I was able to share this experience with my friend Jessy.



Mijn 2023 is gestart met een nieuwe ervaring: tiny house overnachtiging en eten klaarmaken op een kampvuur. 
Ik ben heel blij en dankbaar dat ik dit mocht meemaken met mijn vriendinnetje Jessy

Fata Morgana
J. and I stayed at this shiny tiny house cabin or as I would say fancy potato house called `Fata Morgana`. And this potato sure has something to offer us!
I have a dream...
I`ve dreamed of living in a tiny house since my stay at CHI, a 27-square-meter apartment in Hong Kong. I`ve stayed for a month and I`ve realized that it is pretty doable to live in a 30-ish square meter place! Imagine how much cleaning time you`ll save. Since then the minimalistic lifestyle has grown on me.

And my dream has become more true!
Since 2019 I`ve signed up for a tiny house project near my hometown and currently we are in the soil investigation development. To get used to living in a tiny house, J. had a great idea to stay over in a tiny house first.
M y C h i S t a y
The Fata Morgana tiny house cabin is designed by Flemish designer Tortiga, and the cabin gives you the feeling of a comfortable hotel room and the opportunity to bring people closer to nature. And with the mirror plates on the outside, we think it helps.
Nature is always close"
Marie-Stella-Maris beauty products for the win! And they smell so good...
Look at our neighbour potato cabins! So cute.
Obsessed with this lamp.
Time to eat
J. was craving for oysters and since Zeeland - the place where we are staying - is famous for the seafood I took her to 32 Eten & Drinken for some oysters and dinner.
The oysters could do better...
Time for the real deal: cook food in camping style with an outdoor stove!
We both have zero scout or survival skills and yet we have managed to cut our own wood for the fire, make fire, keep the fire alive, and cook food in this fire of ours. You should have seen our jaw-dropping moment when our sweet potatoes and corn came out edible and gorgeously roasted!
After we filled our belly with sweet potatoes and corn, we went back inside the cabin and watched a few episodes of Guida astrologica per cuori infranti (An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts) and went to bed.
The bed was nice and comfy outside it was quiet and the night was warm and not freezing cold. Breakfast (add-up €15,-) came around 10:00am and I can`t wait to dig in. All the food is locally made and it`s vegetarian friendly.
Z i e r i k z e e
After the breakfast, checking-out and saying goodbye we went to visit an old city called Zierikzee.
Meneer Nilsson
We had lunch at Meneer Nilsson.
Strolling around, bought some postcards, and pet some cats.
"psssst psssst 

And that was our little trip and camping adventures! I wished we`d booked 2 nights instead of one because it was truly a wonderful stay and I felt really rested afterward. I want to return to this place not because of being an accommodation it is also located in a rose garden. Since it was winter and none of the rose bushes grew any flowers, I`d like to come back for that.


  1. It looks like y'all had such a cute time in the tiny home! And nice job cooking over a campfire for the first time!

    1. We sure had! And we should have booked 2 nights instead of just one... but mostly we're so proud with the result of our cookery with the campfire <3 Xx


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