Van Abbemuseum with Jessy


Since August I have owned the Netherlands Museum Pass (Museumkaart) - which allows me to visit 450 different museums in Holland for free - I had been seeing quite some museums last year. The goal of course is to visit all 450 of them. The pass itself cost €64,90 on a yearly basis and I think it's worth it!

One of the museums I've visited last year is the Van Abbemuseum with Jessy, my one and only go-to museumgal!



Sinds augustus heb ik een Museumkaart gekocht. Hiermee kan ik gratis en voor niets naar 450 musea bezoeken in heel Nederland. En ik heb best wat musea bezocht vorig jaar. Het doel is natuurlijk om alle 450 te zien. De kaart zelf kost €64,90 en je kan hier heel het jaar mee doen!

Een van de musea die ik met Jessy -mijn museumfoodievriendin- bezocht heb, is de Van Abbemuseum. Worth your money I tell you.
And no it`s not the ABBA museum, from the Swedish pop group but Van Abbemuseum! One of the leading contemporary art museum in Eindhoven - The Netherlands. Along with my museum-go-to-girl J. we went exploring the museum. I`ve never been here before so I was quite excited.
8,5/10 ★★★★
Piet Mondriaan

What I really like about the van Abbemuseum is the accessibility for people with disability. For instance, all artworks in the museum has a braille description for people with a sight disablity. Or descriptions that are audio-spoken and where you can adjust the volume of the sound. And some artworks are allowed to be touched as well!
Rasheed Araeen



Qiu Zhijie

So the museum invites guests to touch, smell and to think about the artworks inside the museum.
You can find these cards with questions in every room. Great for first dates perhaps don`t you think?
Charlie Toorop

My favourite artwork? Probably the building.
László Moholy-Nagy

John Körmeling

Lily van der Stokker

Tiny House Inspiration
Marjetica Potrc

'Proud Rebels' Patricia Kaersenhout

What we ate that day
- Tea Stories
- Takumi Ramen Kitchen
Before we headed to the museum we filled our bellies with good food first. One of my favourite food places in Eindhoven is Tea Stories. J. has not been here before so I thought it was an extra good opportunity to eat here :)
J. got the kimchi toast and I got the bao burger with portobello. Very yum! We both got the regular boba tea with oatmilk.
At Takumi
Warming our souls with a bowl of hot steaming ramen. That`s what we`ve craved after our amazing museum trip at Van Abbe Museum.
Spicy fried tofu side dish and `korokke` which are pumpkin croquettes.
Always a good day with J.



  1. The museum looks big..and you have got many more to visit..the pass ticket is worth it. Korean food looks good too.

    1. It is quite big! You'll need your time to get through the place :)


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