Everything is closed on Sunday Munich



Our 4-day trip in Germany Munich has come to an end on a Sunday. And everything was closed on Sunday! How! How can this big German city be closed? I was a bit bummed out because I want to shop a bit for souvenirs. But it seems everything was closed on Sunday except for restaurants and St. Peters Church.


Onze 4-daagse trip in Duitsland München eindigde op een zondag. En zondag was alles dicht! Hoe dan! Zo'n grote Duitse stad en alles dicht? Ik baalde een beetje omdat ik wat souvenirs wilde kopen. Maar het lijkt erop dat alles op zondag gesloten was, behalve restaurants en de Sint-Pieterskerk.
German cheesecake goes well with caffeine.

Looking for stuff and buildings that are open on sunday.

Thank goodness this was open: an attraction
We sat down for the Rathaus-Glockenspiel, a famous clock play attraction of 15 minutes that chimes a 16th-century story. With doggies by our side and beverages. another coffee for me, brother a good-looking chocolate milk.
German doughnut holes also known as Quarkbällchen. They are bouncy/chewy and light. Delicious!
I had the NY cheesecake which is one big creamy dense deliciousness. The German cheesecake is a lot lighter version because of its low-fat quark they use, which gives a slight sourness. Quite refreshing!
German cheesecake and German doughnut holes. I love them all.
Glad this was open too
stately buildings
Churches are always open
The Frauenkirche (the Cathedral of Our Lady) was open on Sunday. There were several Sunday services too.
Oh shop displays... not open :(
St. Peter's Church
Remember, all churches are open
€5,- fee
And you can go climb St. Peter`s Church to the top! Here`s the ticket booth and they even sell some souvenirs.
Me and my brother queuing.
And you can go climb St. Peter`s Church to the top! Here`s the ticket booth and they even sell some souvenirs.
And the view is just...



  1. Oooo cheesecake - I think I could only eat cheesecake as a dessert and be perfectly content

    1. You should definitely try out this German cheesecake! Xx


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