My December days (and I'm glad it's over)

A dear colleague but mostly a dear friend gave me this advent calendar with personalized mini presents init! Such as: lots of cute washi tapes, hair scrunchies, boba tea earrings, an avocado pins, and so on! Thank you so so much, I`ve enjoyed opening each box each day! These boxes also makes a great Christmas decoration at home.
More x-mas deco
We never do Christmas trees. We just never have. We do have mini x-mas trees. My decorations are overall minimalistic and small.
Followed by a Chrismas brunch. I`ve bought bread and buns from my favourite local bakery.
Don`t worry I did not store bought everything, I did baked something!
On the same day, my best friend and her sister and mum came over for a drink, good chats and we had a fun little game night too!
Tapas, wine and Cards against Humanity.
Sweet words
Hot pot 26th dec
On the second Christmas day the 26th of December (we Holland has two x-mas days) we went to our cousin S. for hotpot!
The room was filled with spicy food damp.
Homemade strawberry shortcake and tiramisu. With Baileys.
Unboxing time!
C. one of my oldest blogger friend (New Leaf Designs) has send me this amazing parcel, thank you!!
NYE: Chinese take-outs, `oliebollen` en snacks, The Witcher and friends
Pretty yummy bubbles
Future blogposts
- My 2018 USA trip
- 2019 vacays: Maastricht and more
- 2020/2021 city trips...


  1. Happy new year! We also had hot pot at my aunt's house over the holidays - it's such a fun thing to do with family and friends

    1. Happy New Year Rooth ^__^ I love hotpot! It's very bonding thing to do with your family and friends and you can use so many types of food for the hotpot! Xx


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