Bridging the hunger gap in SF



At last, our feet have walked over the Golden Gate Bridge. It was foggy and quite chilly weather 

“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” - (not) Mark Twain 

but I am glad I can cross this off from my bucket list 2 years ago.
If I have the opportunity to come to SF again, I'd love to walk this bridge again.

And of course, you have to have seen the Golden Gate Bridge to say you really have visited San Francisco. And SF is also a wonderful foodie city as well! So Sun and I again had a lovely meal in this city.

Onze voeten hebben over de Golden Gate Bridge gelopen. Eindelijk. Het was best mistig en fris weer

"De koudste winter die ik ooit heb doorgebracht, was een zomer in San Francisco." - (niet) Mark Twain

maar ik ben blij dat ik dit 2 jaar geleden van mijn bucketlist kan afstrepen. Als ik de kans krijg om weer naar SF af te reizen, zou ik opnieuw dolgraag deze brug betreden.

En natuurlijk moet je the Golden Gate Bridge hebben gezien om te kunnen zeggen dat je SF echt hebt bezocht. En SF is ook een heerlijke foodie stad. Dus Sun en ik hebben weer heerlijk rond gegeten in deze stad.
voor Nederlandse

Feeling `healthy` and balanced by grabbing breakfast at Whole Foods Market. I had a vegan blueberry doughnut, a box filled with a variation of greens, and a cuppa matcha latte. I know eating salad as breakfast might be odd but, the fresh meal section of Whole Foods just looks so delicious! And after the many letting-myself-go-foodie-days in America, I was longing for a piece of broccoli.
After our breakfast, we grabbed an Uber and went down to the city center of SF. It was sunny back then!
Yes, I`ve put Target on my bucket list. I think it`s a great shop, love the food and home section!

I think I can easily DIY this pillow with pom poms myself.
Cafe X
Cafe X is a coffee chain where coffee is made by a robot arm! Coffee made by a robot arm? I got to try that cuppa out! I`ve ordered a flat white and I remember it was a pretty good cup of coffee and not overpriced either. Therefore I`m quite sad to read that Cafe X has permanently closed all of their locations in San Fran.
A fun experience with coffee.
Next to the Cafe X there was also this noodle/ramen vending machine here: Yo-Kai Express. I haven`t tried it out but now I`m kind of regretting it for not trying it out.

Their vision: inspired by the urban legend ‘Yo-Kai’ a Japanese and Chinese word for ‘spirit’, a mythical creature of whom can pop up anywhere at any time. Similarly, we intend for our Midnight Dinner to embody the same spirit, show up anywhere and anytime, be catered to your unique schedule, available 24/7, and serve you a bowl of well-prepared gourmet meal. Sounds pretty good?
The Bridge

Thought I could fly. So I stepped off the Golden - B. Eilish O`Connell
Ferry Building
After a good walk on the Golden Gate Bridge, we took an Uber and headed back downtown for supper. We`ve also explored the pretty-looking Ferry Building. I`ve noticed that shops are closing down quite early for the day. Or maybe because it was Sunday?
San Fran twilight
The Melt
Our dinner became something simple yet comfort: grilled cheese which was at The Melt.
Life is complicated enough... so a simple, affordable meal like grilled cheese and soup is an easy way to make people happy, so says the founder of The Melt. S. and I also ordered sweet potato fries and normal fries as well and these were so good! I wish we have The Melt in The Netherlands as well.
Look at the piled up cheese!
We`ve ordered
- Three Cheese Classic
- Sweet Potato Fries
- Cheddar Bacon Ranch Fries
The cheese pull test
Uji Time
And there`s always room for dessert. Even though The Melt also has desserts on the menu, S. and I have decided to grab our dessert elsewhere. And it`s something Asian fusion dessert style: soft serve in a taiyaki cone!
I have been longing to try out this kind of soft serve for some time and I can finally eat one - not in an Asian country - but in SF!
I had trouble picking which flavour ice cream: matcha or their summer special edition the tangerine. I`ve ended up picking the tangerine one because that`s a bit rarer than the matcha one plus I already know the flavour of matcha. Still, I wanted a sample version. And yes, it is super delicious.
Cousin S. ate mochi in matcha flavour.
I mean, look at this gorgeous deliciousness!! Take my money!


  1. Ohhh, San Francisco looks like such a gorgeous city with great food! I've always wanted to visit, especially to see the iconic bridge. No shame in putting Target on your bucket list btw, I remember visiting American Target for the first time in Hawaii and being blown away by how huge it was!! What we have in Australia is tiny in comparison haha

    - Mani

    1. I would love to revisit San Fran again ^__^ and haha yeah, love Target! Well, atleast Aussie has a Target so that's something :) thanks for visiting my blog! Xx

  2. I need to stop looking at all your food pictures when I'm hungry!

  3. Hi, Zhiyi! You probably don't remember me, but you're my friend at Gaia Online since i-dont-know-when! You've made some of the most beautiful pixel arts I've ever seen! You're the one of the people I miss around Gaia! I just found your blog, I think I've the link before, but we've lost contact! Awesome photographs! Stay safe! <3

    1. Hiiii! Haha wow, I haven't seen the name Zhiyi in a very long long time. That brings fond memory of Gaiaonline. Thanks for visiting my blog! Stay safe and healthy too <3


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