The Last NY Day


So what would you do on your last day in New York city? Perhaps revisiting some of your favourite food joints, explore a new alley or just walk and see where the city take you.

My last day in NY was full with food and family again.


Wat zou jij doen op je laatste dag in New York? Wellicht je favouriete eettentjes herbezoeken. Of een nieuw steegje in gaan. Of gewoon doorlopen en zie waar de stad jou brengt.

Mijn laatste dag in NY was vooral gevuld met eten en familie.  
voor Nederlandse

Bulky grocery
One of the must-do`s when I`m on holiday abroad is visiting a grocery/supermarket. Because food from a foreign country will always amuse me and I will always try out new food. I`ve experienced the American supermarket before and they are great. Bulky. Enormous! This time my auntie S. brought us to Costco Wholesale.
Large cart!
Find the odd apple(head).
“I twirl and twirl because I`m a happy girl
Then, lunchtime
After hanging around the Costco Wholesale, it was time for lunch. Malaysian lunch to be precise and it`s at a restaurant called PappaRich.
⮙ Biryani rice with braised beef for uncle
Nasi goreng for moi ⮛
Hainan chicken rice set for auntie.

honestly... ❤❤❤❤❤
Honestly, the food at PappaRich was average. My nasi goreng for example looks good in picture but taste-wise was just okay to mèh. No outstanding flavours but above all, the prawns were overcooked. Shame! My drink was a teh tarik which is milk tea Malaysian style and that was pretty good!
Konoha-manhole is that you?
Being a pedestrian in NY
Walking and burning my Malaysian lunch while exploring the city and their people init.
A cool looking locksmith shop!
Cha Cha Matcha
I love matcha so matcha! Cha Cha Matcha is a hotspot that I really really want to visit and to try out their matcha. I`ve discovered this place through IG and their wonderful green feed full of matcha. Me and my cousin S. had a small tea break here.
I treated my cousin and myself to a refreshing iced matcha latte. As I was about to pay with cash, turns out Cha Cha Matcha doesn`t accept cash! Only credit card. Which I didn`t have that time... The iced matcha latte was already made and it was clear I couldn`t pay, the staff has decided that we could have the matcha lattes for free. So so kind, thank you! There was also a tip-pot at the cashier which I generously filled with cash to the amount of the 2 matcha lattes. So after all we did pay for our drinks, but thanks anyway!

Cheesecake Stop
And look what Breads Bakery has! A great variation of baked goods, but I went for the NY cheesecake. And as I was scrolling through their website they also have a cheesecake babka! Yum!
I got a flat white + soy milk and a slice NY cheesecake. Mhmmm.
The NY cheesecake was silky smooth, rich and surprisingly light as well. I`ve enjoyed every single bite of it. Even it was $8 per piece.

We continue the stroll
@Hometown Hotpot & BBQ
Hotpot in NY
My last meal in NY was hotpot with the family. Some of the families I haven`t seen for almost 10 years so that was pretty nice to see them again amongst food. We sat down at a large table (we were with 14 people) where we all got our own hotpot device and utensils. You can adjust the heat of your pot and such. This was pretty cool! I ate as much seafood and tried as many sauces and dips as possible. Delicious!


  1. I love (and miss) wandering around NYC, especially in the summertime. I'm glad you had such a good trip and ate such good food!

    1. Yeah, I'm like, take me back please! I will re-visit the city again somewhere in the future :)


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