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Here's another (delayed) blog post recap about my most recent life with photos and text! It begins around February 2021 and goes up to somewhere may... You would think I have plenty of time to work on my way behind blogging stuff with the current lockdown and such but not really. I've been quite busy with work and not everything was working from home lately.


Hier is nog een (vertraagde) samengevatte blogpost over mijn meest recente leven met foto's en tekst! Het begint rond februari 2021 en loopt op tot ergens in mei. Je zou denken dat ik alle tijd heb om aan mijn achterstallige blog te werken met al de lockdown. Maar nee hoor, ik ben  druk in de weer met werken de laatste tijd. En dat was zeker niet thuiswerken.

voor Nederlandse

The Winter Came
In February Holland was covered with snow and it`s been really a while that we had snow. And I`ve enjoyed and loved this winter moment! Over the past years, snow becomes very scarce in The Netherlands. I was afraid that I might never get to see snow again but luckily that wasn`t the case at the beginning of this year. My favourite: being the first to walk on a fresh layer of crispy snow.

Period of cakes
practicing, tasting, replacing, changing, decorating, doubting, spinning, cutting, and eating: my recent cake process.
mocha cake
I`ve baked a strawberry shortcake for my pupils at work. They all liked it!
This wonderfully sprinkled birthday cake with cream cheese buttercream is for a wonderful colleague and friend of mine.
One day there was this really bright rainbow in the sky.
healthy breakfast
Finally, a city-trip
When Holland was half in lock-down and most public buildings, museums, theatres were closed, and you need to make an appointment to enter a store. My co-worker and meanwhile a friend and I still managed a fun shopping day together!
Her son tagged along!
We first stopped at Mcdonald`s for breakfast. I had coffee and whole wheat pancakes with syrup. They are so YUM! My absolute favourite breakfast item at Mcdonald`s.
Art at Mcdonald`s
Our first shop stop! And it`s a small local one-man shop that sells cute knick knacks.
Score! I`ve treated myself and bought 2 adorable spoons in the shape of a sunflower.
The next stop is the candy shop, the actual main reason why the son had tagged along. We came here for sweet treats and Easter chocolate eggs for the upcoming Easter
Hi N.!
And I didn`t come out of the shop empty-handed. I`ve scooped a bunch of different flavoured chocolate eggs.
Coffee break
Which was much needed.
At one of my favourite shops Dille en Kamille.
At a garden center I`ve purchased a marimo: a ball of moss in a jar with water which I thought it`s so cute! I`ve also purchased a pair of bamboo socks because socks comes always in hand.
This garden center also has a pet area so we also went to see some animals and pretended we were at a zoo that was still closed during lockdown. We saw chickens, hamsters, guinea pigs, and bunnies.
Then it was time for lunch. We ordered fish & chips and went to another colleague`s place.
We also did a little taste test with the chocolate eggs I bought earlier. We had flavours such as carrot cake, espresso, coconut, cookie & cream, and cinnamon roll.

And the annual Easter brunch table with part homemade stuff and store-bought. Can you guess which?
I always make hot cross buns with Easter and this year I`ve made a steamed bun with custard version. A bit different than the traditional but it was still pretty tasty!
I`ve also made this two-layered carrot cake! And honestly, this was the best carrot cake I`ve made so far. I`ve added spices such as nutmeg, cardamom, and anise. I`ve also added small bits of dates too.
Our CNY: the year of the ox
Just like the Easter table, I also make food for the annual Chinese New Year - 2021 the year of the Ox.
Jiaozi (Dumplings🥟)
Dumplings signify family reunion as most families spend New Year's Eve together preparing them before eating them at midnight. They also represent prosperity because their shape resembles ancient Chinese money.
Homemade dumplings with meat substitute, yum!
Tang yuan
I`ve also made tang yuan: a ball in bite-size made of glutinous rice flour in sweet ginger syrup soup. Just like dumplings tang yuan during CNY also represents family reunion.
My best friend was also part of the CNY!
Floating = cooked
Picnic friendship
The Winter was coming to a near end and there were days where spring was hinting for her arrival: sunny warmer days! It was still chilly though but S. and I had decided to go for a walk anyway near a lake. We`ve also made a takeaway and ordered poke bowls for the walk.
In the summertime, this place is entirely green and bushy.
Feed me tart plz
Lately, I`ve been having fun with making tarts/pies!
Not your regular lemon meringue pie but a mango meringue pie! Check out the recipe at the link below:
Mango Meringue Pie

I`ve bought these `slof` shaped tart molds from Hema.

soft serve winter conserve
I`ve made these fluffy soft serves for my bestie`s daughter because she loves soft serve!
Recently my brother Kar Hang has won 3rd Euward price. It`s a special art price for artists with disabilities and I`m a super proud sister! The aim of the Euward is to make unknown artists known to the general public. The artworks will be also shown at the museum: Haus der Kunst in Munich, Germany. Kar Hangs' work is currently exposed in the Haus der Kunst and I hope we can go there in the Summer to see the artworks in reality.
The award ceremony was held in Germany Munich and normally we would have attended it at the location but since there`s still covid-19 and a travel restriction, we stayed at home and participated in the award ceremony online.
Making an intro clip for the award ceremony.
Since the award ceremony was held in the evening, we`ve decided to order food (pizza!) and celebrate it with champagne!
brother and sister
Cake bakes part II
mocha cake | my first vanilla & chocolate fondant cake | vegan blueberry lemon
The Little Almond
This vegan blueberry lemon cake comes from the recipe by The Little Almond.
Picking up my handmade steamed bao`s again.
my first cornets!
Finally, I can cross off cornets off my baking-bucketlist! The recipes comes from Cooking With Dog, one of my earliest and favourite Youtube channels that I follow. It wasn`t very difficult to make either. I`ve altered a bit from the recipe and made not one but three different fillings: chocolate, vanilla, and matcha!
Cornets, you were very fun to make and very delicious!
Attending a birthday party: happy birthday to Finn (2 years)!
cousin time
Spending some quality time with my cousin. We usually order food and watch movies together. Sometimes we put effort into homemade food (sorta) like hot pot.
Testing and slurping some alcoholic beverages from Bailey`s and their limited flavours.
Korean hotpot!
Phone Photo`s recap
chocolate egg testing | picnic | winter walkies
lunch | Mcdonald`s breakfast with S. | gamenight
warm spring day | waiting room vaccine | cutting cake
playtime ping pong match with S. | almost got my nails done by T. | little ladies night before curfew
my first time car wash experience



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