My Quarantaine


I was a covid-19 patient.
My symptoms were quite mild to no symptoms at all. For most of the time, I did feel fine and went to work even. Until I noticed I keep losing smell and taste, my face turning red and lips are swollen! Yes red and swollen! It wasn't fever but something felt odd and not ok and I went to get a test. It resulted positive.

And that was 2 weeks ago.

 As I am writing this blogpost I am out of quarantine already and continued my life where I left it.
 Some of you may have followed my quarantined story on IG and wished me to get well soon. Thank you for that!

Read my experiences and how I survived this virus below.

Ik was een covid-19-patiënt. Mijn symptomen waren vrij mild tot helemaal geen symptomen. Ik voelde me al die tijd prima en ging zelfs naar mijn werk. Totdat ik merkte dat ik steeds geur en smaak verlies, mijn gezicht rood werd en mijn lippen opgezwollen waren. Ja, rood en gezwollen! Het was geen koorts, maar 't  voelde ook niet oké en ik ging me laten testen. Het resultaat was positief.

En dat was 2 weken geleden.

Terwijl ik deze blogpost aan het schrijven ben, ben ik alweer uit quarantaine en ben weer mijn leven aan het leiden. Sommigen van jullie hebben misschien mijn quarantaine-stories op IG gevolgd en me beterschap gewenst. Bedankt daarvoor!

Lees hieronder mijn ervaringen en hoe ik dit virus heb overleefd.

voor Nederlandse

my symptoms
- a stuffy nose which made me sound like I have a cold
- loss of smell and taste :(
I`ve spoken to GGD (Dutch Regional Public Health Services) on the phone and I was advised to stay at home in quarantine for 7/8-days. If I proceed to stay free from symptoms I was allowed to get out of quarantine on the 8th day which I did. My taste and smell were still not fully back though, but that could take a while. I`ve read that it can take weeks, months, and even years for my smell and taste to come back. Yikes! This feels like a punishment in my quarantine situation. I couldn`t taste my coffee for example. At the same time, I was glad I wasn`t coughing and being feverish.
meal prep
I wake up early when everybody is still asleep in the house so that I can prepare food and drinks in the kitchen and bring it back to my room. I also do a quick round of house cleaning before heading back into my isolation.
Snacks and sweets, check!
On day 3 I`ve treated myself poke bowl with kimchi, veggies and soft boiled egg. Yum! And on day-4 I was craving pancakes.
My father provided dinner for a few days. Here he made stir-fry rice noodles with eggs and chives and dropped them at my bedroom door. Honestly, my dad isn`t a great cook. The food was a bit bland though it doesn`t really matter since my smell was gone anyway. Bless my dad though! It was a bit stressful for my dad to make two separate dinners for me and for the rest of the family (ᴵ ᵈᵒⁿ`ᵗ ᵉᵃᵗ ᵐᵉᵃᵗ).
I`ve decided to do take-out dinners from restaurants and in my last couple of days, I`ve prepared dinner with an electric hob in my room.
Normally I would never eat in bed.
At work
I work at a school and during my quarantine it was also a week before spring break in The Netherlands. And with my 8-days early obligation of staying home in quarantine, I`ve got my early break. Hurray? And since I work in 4 different classes from Monday to Friday, my boss had to put these 4 classes in quarantine as well. I felt so guilty about that! It was back to online teaching again. Nobody got infected after me except for one pupil. I think I got infected at school as well whether it`s by a pupil or colleague or a parent.
Tiny house living? I am ready for it!
Since I don`t have to go to work, I sleep in a bit which is nice. Then I start my day off with a quick food prep. Then I do yoga in my room and then I continue with getting my work done on my laptop. I have the sweetest friends and colleagues who would video call and text me almost every day! And for the rest of my time being, I`d read a book (The Martian Girl), blogged here and there, did some crochet work, listen to podcasts, and watched series on Prime Amazon. I am currently re-watching Heroes again.
• daily yoga
• vitamin supplement intake (yuck)
• 10.000 steps daily
• eat & drink healthy (I always prepared a green snack)
My dressing table turned into an office.
T. delivers groceries and I`m super grateful!! // 10k steps in my 6m² room // sun-basking

food being delivered by papa // electric hob + fresh coffee // cooking noodles in my room

One day my dad delivered a package to my door. Turns out to be a letterbox present full of vegan sweets with a message from N.! Thank you!

bye bye covid-19
Covid-19 is not a joke and I`m very glad my symptoms were very mild. My quarantine days in my 6m² room were quite nice actually. It was well spent with combinations of the things I love to do, a bit of work done, and just to wind down and take it easy. It was pretty doable! What I really missed during my quarantine was taking a simple walk outside.

At the moment my thick lips and stuffy nose are gone and my smell and taste are slowly returning to normal. I think it`s at 70-80% right now which is not bad. My coffee however still tastes sour but for the most part, I can smell quite a lot of things. I`ve been training my smell sense with essential oils (tea tree!) and I think that really helps.

Also, I`ve read on the internet about recovery from a COVID-19 infection. It appears that I`m immune for 3 to 8 months. That`s pretty nice! However, it’s important to keep in mind that previously infected people can still carry and transmit the virus to other people.


  1. Oh gosh Mei, that must've been scary! I'm glad you're feeling better and only had mild symptoms. As someone who also lives with family I can only imagine how hard it must've been to isolate within one room of the house. I hope you get your smell and taste get back to 100% soon :)

    1. Heyyy Mani, thank you for your concern! Yes, I'm glad that my symptoms were mild and my family got tested as well. They were negative all so I'm super glad! I'm sure my smell will get back fully :) again, thanks! Xx

  2. Omg, I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Your pink jumper is lovely.

    Ana C,

    1. Thank you for your concern but I'm okay now :D thanks! I've decided to wear something comfy and something cute during my isolation haha, stay safe and healthy yourself! Xx

  3. I am so glad you're feeling better! Stay healthy!

    1. Hiya Rooth, thank you so much! I'm quite fully recovered now, you stay healthy as well! Xx


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