What else in China?


I have decided to upload the remaining travel photos from my China 2018 vacation and be done with it for good because this blog delay has been taking way too long.

Ik heb besloten om de resterende reisfoto's van mijn vakantie in China-2018 te uploaden en voorgoed klaar mee te zijn. Deze blogvertraging is lang genoeg geweest.
The Nightmarket in Beijing
Basically in search of good street food.
Me and my family sat down at this cute restaurant for a break with traditional Beijing dishes.
Some sweet pastry/cake with red bean filling I think #forgotten? My cousin had this bowl of stinky fermented mung bean milk also named douzhi - 豆汁. According to my auntie F. it`s very healthy and good for digestion. I`ve tried douzhi and it tasted really sour, bleh.
And to balance out the sour taste of the douzhi it`s traditionally eaten with this deep-fried doughnut-like: jiao quan - 焦圈.
Precious jade bracelets.
Experiencing the sight of internet-café in China.
A cute manhole cover.

Hotel Ramada
My cousin and I often went to hotel Ramada for their outdoor pool and so some swimming laps there.
locker room
My aunt. F thought I should also get to know the urban development area of China.
Laundry service anyone?
Dessert time! One of my favourite Asian desserts is this bowl of sweet silken tofu (douhua) with toppings. It tastes extra great in the Summer!
Random doggies
This dish tastes so good! The cherry tomatoes were insanely sweet.
Of course, the `Peking duck` dish in Bejing is a must.
Taxi + Uber
National Library of Beijing/China
One of the things that I want to see was the National Library of China.
I love libraries, back in my uni days libraries were basically my second home.
The English website of the National Library of China and the Chinese version down here. The layout of both websites is different lol...
And afterwards we went to this huge outlet place somewhere in Beijing.
Regretting a bit for not buying a cheap Fjällräven bag back then.
We went back to the 前門故事 restaurant. Among other things, we ordered a portion of steamed mushroom buns because they're so cute and I just can`t get enough of them.
3 airports
During my vacation in China, I have visited three airports within China in total, from Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shenzhen.
It was my first time at Shenzhen Baoan international airport and I kind of liked the
Don`t you dare!
The prettiest disposable chopsticks I have ever encountered.
Xiachong Beach
We planned a little beach day as well.
dim sum at fast food
Turnip cak/lo bak gao/蘿蔔糕. This was at Pizza Hut.
hot pot - 火鍋
One of the things that I`ve noticed in China was hotpot. A lot of hotpot restaurants. Even though hotpot is a winter thing, in the hot summer that I was in China, hotpot restaurants were still packed with guests. According to Statista, there are roughly around 300 thousand hotpot restaurants in China.
My family and I tried Haidilao, a chain hotpot restaurant. I loved their amenity drawer at our table. It has chopsticks, napkins and even hairbands in it!
A must-try side dish/dessert: sticky mango rice pudding!
Very cute bunny pudding in pairs which I didn`t eat. I was afraid that there might be gelatine in it.
And we end my China blogpost adventures of 2018 with these delicious milk tea.



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