4x Eatings in New York with me!


Another summer day in New York. A shopping eating day with my cousins actually. We first had Korean lunch, then we had bubble tea, I had a cinnamon roll and dinner was Italian. Tasting a world cuisine if you ask me! 

When you're going on a vacation in America, to me food is a good motivation to explore USA. Especially when I have a food-loving family living in America. I feel that the big cities in America have all kinds of cuisine and taste available to you. Even Mcdonald's sells ice cream in Dutch stroopwafel/syrup waffle flavour.

Here are my little thoughts and reviews about the 4 foodie hotspots.


Weer een zomerdag in New York. Ook wel een winkel- en eetdag met mijn familie eigenlijk. We hadden eerst Koreaanse lunch, daarna bubbelthee, ik had een kaneelbroodje en het avondeten was Italiaans. Een heerlijke wereldkeuken had ik kun je best noemen!

Als je op vakantie gaat in Amerika, is eten voor mij een goede motivatie om de VS te verkennen. Al helemaal wanneer je familie in VS woont en ook van eten houdt. Ik heb het gevoel dat de grote steden in Amerika allerlei soorten keuken tot je beschikking hebben. Zelfs Mcdonald's verkoopt ijs met Nederlandse stroopwafel/stroopwafelsmaak.

Lees hieronder over mijn 4 foodie-hotspots ervaringen.

voor Nederlandse

BCD Tofu House ❤❤❤❤❤ 4/5
This could be my first real Korean meal at a restaurant. I`ve had bibimbap (scroll down a bit to find out what it is) before at a different Korean eatery but this time at BCD Tofu House with my family, it feels more like the real deal. And I`m very excited about this one! BCD Tofu House is specialized in silken tofu hence the name and I love a good wobbly smooth block of tofu. So what shall we order here?!
BCD Tofu House is a western chain restaurant and has over 13 locations in the USA. A little search in Google tells me that there`s also a location near Sydney-Australia. When will there be a location in my country The Netherlands? Anyways. When we arrived at BCD Tofu House we had to wait 15-20 min or so for a table.
Banchan - 반찬 - appetizer
My family and I ordered lunch combos. And with the lunch combos came the flow of `banchan` also known as side dishes on table. I loved this deep-fried yellow croaker fish.
My all time favourite Korean rice cake treat in spicy sauce: tteok-bokki/topokki!
I was pretty impressed with the vegetarian options at BCD Tofu House. There are lots to pick from like these vegetables mandu (dumplings). I thought they were a bit bland but then I`ve forgotten to dip it in dipsauce... They were delicious!
And last but not least: haemul pajeon also known as seafood scallion pancakes. It`s very crisp and yum!
The lunch
bibimbap - 비빔밥
My main lunch dish was a nice bowl of bibimbap with vegetables and tofu. Bibimbap means `mixed rice` in Korean and it is traditionally served in a sizzling hot granite bowl. When arrived this granite bowl is still cooking your bibimbap! Make sure you mixed all the toppings and gochujang sauce with the rice and eat from top (least hot) to bottom.
beef bulgogi soup~
soon tofu - 순두부 🥘
BCD Tofu House is specialized in tofu and so I couldn`t leave this place without tasting the tofu itself. I`ve tasted it and the tofu taste so `soon` (soft in Korean)! And fresher taste than the supermarket silken tofu I have before. A very tasty tofu!
We end up ordering too much as you can see. Don`t worry me and my family don`t waste food so we had the leftovers packed in containers.
CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice 
We end our satisfying Korean lunch with a refreshing bubble tea from CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, a chain that originated from Taiwan. And bubble tea from Taiwan is always a good sign.
I got myself a regular black tea latte with tapioca pearls. And as expected it was good! And having our drinks ready, my cousins and I were off to an outlet place in Long Island.
Tanger Outlet - Riverhead
After a long ride, we arrived at Tanger Outlet, an outlet place with tons of brands such as Coach, GAP, J.Crew, Puma, Swarovski, and H&M just to name a few. And of course, there`s a food court.
Cinnamon is in my top-3 favourite smells. And when I was in the food court I smelled a strong scent of cinnamon! I literally followed my nose and it directed me to this shop Cinnabon. It was my first time at Cinnabon and I fell instantly in love with their big fluffy cinnamon rolls. I bought one for on my way home and ate it with a happy smile on my face.

Lucky me there are 2 physical shops in The Netherlands and you can even order online!
Hello Chinatown/Koreantown!
Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza🍕 - ❤❤❤❤❤ 4/5
The evening has arrived and it was time for dinner. We`ve decided to grab pizza but not just some ordinary New York pizza or from some fast-food joint. According to my cousin S. who`s local in NY we should go to Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza place. The place has a terrace and light decoration on the outside, making it look very cozy and inviting. And the place was packed so that was another good sign to dine here.

Our food
- a large pizza with cheese, tomatosauce and mushroom toppings
- Coal oven roasted chicken wings
- eggplant Marino
large pizza
When I get Italian food, I usually go for pasta over pizza. At Anthony`s Coal Fired Pizza they don`t serve pasta but mainly pizza, pies, and sandwiches. So I don`t eat pizza that often, but when I do eat a pizza it is usually a nice change and reminds me how nice a pizza really can be. The pizza that we ordered was huge! And it smelled really good as well. But most importantly it was a wonderful pizza. Especially the crust the hero. It is thin and crispy with a nice charred bottom. Delicious!
Good bottom!
Eggplant Marino
A friendly waitress recommended us try out the eggplant marino. The eggplant is thinly sliced, pan-fried and served in tomato sauce and cheese. This was a lovely dish that I would re-order again. Because of the thin slices, the dish reminds me of lasagna.
the kitchen
coal`s oven roasted chicken wings
This cast iron pan filled with chicken goodies looked so tasty!! Since I don`t eat meat, I don`t know how it tastes like but my family says it`s really really good. I almost regret not trying the wings out.
I spoke to my Dutch cousin S. in Dutch about us paying for the food. My cousin S. agrees. My other American cousins of course didn`t understand what we said. He must have thought we talked about the food. So when I said I needed to go to the bathroom I secretly paid the bill. Hehehe.



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