Better Health Event

Better Health Event
Hello Amsterdam!
I got two free tickets (thank you BHE!) for the Better Health Event and brought along my bestie for this. It was all the way in Amsterdam Rai and for us that means 2-3 train traveling, but don`t worry! Me and my friend S. loves to travel by train and we can busy ourselves pretty well in the train. It was our first time joining this event and we were ready to see what kind of healthyness would strike us. We have booked a spot at readings from bloggers/influencers. There was also yoga and other fun exercise activities for visitors to try out as well and last but not least there`s food everywhere!
Massage cushion! These are my ultimate favorite things for my back and shoulders. Back in Hong Kong and China or at the airport I always seek chances to sit on massage cushion or chairs. #grandma
Fun tasting time with vegan cheese, dates, plant based milk and more dates in the form of bars.
Me and my bestie S. loved the cucumber with vegan cheese on top. I know that dates are popular vegetarian/vegan healthy food but there were really lots of dates at the food stands. My friend S. wasn`t too fond of all the dates. Don`t worry, that means more left for me!

Golden milk a.k.a. turmeric latte. Yum!
Bloggers Lounge
Gezonde Receptjes // Charlie's Kitchen // Lotta Elisabeth // Oh My Pie
Meeting bloggers!
This is me and Marike Bol a foodie and speciality baker in gluten free products behind Oh My Pie. I follow her on social media quite some time because her gluten free recipes are inspiring! Glad to be part of her reading and she turns out to be a sweet person in real life too! Marike and I got something in common as well and not just in food: we are schoolteachers! How funny and coincidence is that?
My last reading was all about 'birth patterns' by Hetty van Wijhe. A full hour reading about the influences of birth that shapes into the person that you are today. I can`t really explain shortly how it was because it`s quite complex. All I can say that it was very eye-opening.

Tummy rumbles
No more dates but proper warm food.
Tomato soup + bread (organic).
Trampoline cardio

Tea & shopping
Honestly most of my money goes to food anyways.
Tea tasting? Well yes please!
My haul
Hair Wonder anti-dandruff shampoo // 2 Yogi ice teas // Rude Health chips (chickpea & lentil, black bean) // Plant Ahead bamboo straw // freebies: Chikko grain coffee and Nakd bar
Project: Summer body w/ bbb
Hot cabin workout. I always want to try out hot yoga. This hot cabin workout should similar as hot yoga training.

Sweat in 3, 2, 1...
Wrap 'n' Rolling ♥♥♥♥♥ 4/5
Last round of food
Me and S. got a smoked salmon, mango and beans wrap and it was delicious!
Thanks Better Health Event for having us!


  1. Wow this really looks like the ultimate event for health-minded people! So much interesting food to try! Also now I want a mini trampoline in my house :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Hehe, it was an inspiring health event. Lots of pr stunts though but also lots of tryouts and free readings too c: Xx


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