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It's been awhile since I have made this Italian dessert called panna cotta that literally means 'cooked cream' in Italian. I love eating it because 1. it's a dessert (always the best) and 2. it's creamy and melts in your mouth when made properly. But I've stopped eating it because this desserts has a jelly agency to be shaped and set like a pudding and usually the jelly agency for that is gelatine. I'm a pescotarian which means I don't eat meat except seafood and gelatine comes from animal (pig) bones.

Luckily we have a plant based alternative because Mother Nature rocks and so I've replaced gelatine with... agar-agar! Agar-agar comes from seaweed and popular use in Asian countries. Thanks to that I was able to make my beloved panna cotta again and with todays recipe it's possible to make it vegan too.

Het is alweer een tijd geleden dat ik deze Italiaanse dessert panna cotta maakte wat 'gekookt room' betekent. Ik ben dol op dit gerecht want 1. het is een toetje (altijd goed) en 2. het is zo romig en smelt op je tong wanneer 't goed is gemaakt. Maar toch heb ik panna cotta allang niet meer op want het bevat namelijk een gel vormende substantie zodat panna cotta recht op blijft staan. Deze gel vormende substantie is vaak gelatine en aangezien ik een pescatariër bent en geen vlees eet geldt het dus ook voor gelatine. Deze worden namelijk van dieren botten gemaakt.

Gelukkig bestaan er plantaardige alternatieven en heb ik de gelatine vervangen met agar-agar! Agar-agar komt van zeewier en populair gebruik in vele Aziatische landen. Dankzij agar-agar kon ik weer panna cotta maken en met 't recept van vandaag is hij ook nog eens vegan! 

recipe adapted from cookbook `De Vegetarische Slager - Het Kookboek`
400 ml coconutmilk/almond milk/oatmilk
1 ts. agaragar + 2 tbsp. water
3-5 tbsp. sugar (or agave syrup/stevia/unrefined cane sugar)

optional: fresh fruit
tips & tricks
Grab a sharp and thin knife and run along the edge of the panna cotta. Or you can place the panna cotta in warm water so that the panna cotta melts and loosen up.
garlic panna cotta
Here`s a little joke that you can pull off that might cause some confusing with your dessert-guests. Serve the mangosteen on top of the panna cotta and tell them you`ve made a garlic panna cotta.
the steps
1. In a saucepan bring the vegan milk up to boil on low fire. Meanwhile stir and dissolve the agaragar with the water first. Then add it to the boiled up vegan milk and let it cook until thickens. Stir occasionally!
2.Add the sugar and combine well. It should have a thickness of yogurt.
3. Pour the panna cotta mixture in glasses/silicon moulds and let it set aside first + covered before chilling it for at least an hour in the

serving tips
You can leave the panna cotta in the moulds but you can of course unmould it! Do this by running a knife along the edge carefully or let it sit on a tray with warm water so that the outside of the panna cotta melts a bit and loosens.

Next you can decorate with fresh fruit, cream or chocolate!
You can make this panna cotta a day beforehand for ease.


  1. LOL I love the garlic panna cotta idea! These turned out well!

    P.S. I'm behind on your blog because for some reason it stopped showing up on my Bloglovin feed!

    1. Heyyyy dear Jane!
      These mangosteen fruit make great fake garlic cloves doesn't it haha.
      Yes, I know, I don't know how I pissed Bloglovin' off #lol but it appears that my blog doesn't exist anymore. Anyways it doesn't matter, my blog is still here perhaps not so active as it used to be but I keep on blogging!
      I hope you're doing well :) Xx

  2. I haven't eaten panna cotta lately; it feels like such a fancy dessert so I don't treat myself to it often! I didn't know that you could make it with so few ingredients :o Amazing! You should serve your mangosteen panna cotta but serve one with actual garlic LOL >:) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Hahaha that secret real garlic clove would be the bomb!!
      And yes panna cotta is actually really simple to make ^__^

  3. This looks so good! I used to make panna cota too with a chocolate flavour. But I haven't made it for ages and looking at your post makes me crave for it but this time with fruits like you did. Awesome idea!

    1. Thank you! And panna cotta with chocolate flavour sounds so goooood! You should remake that again :D xx

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you hun ^__^ I'm happy with the outcome too! Xxx

  5. That looks beautiful! I'm definitely going to have to try this, I love panna cotta and have missed it since being vegan!


    1. Thank you! And yessss this is a dessert that is actually suitable for like everyone! For dessert lovers but also vegan lovers :D You should try this dessert recipe out! Xx

  6. Oh wow - this looks amazing and it's so nice to see recipes like this using unique ingredients. I absolutely love this!

    Wishing you a wonderful 2019 and can't wait to see more from you!

    Layla x

    1. Awww thank you!! And I wish you a blissful 2019 as well ^_^ I hope you make this vegan panna cotta too!! Xx


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