DIY: Festive Ornament Earrings


December holidays woo! But also the familiar December stress and one of them is: the rightful party outfit. Am I going to wear the same dress from last year? And do I have the right shoes and accessoires?
Well fear not because for the party outfit, specifically the accessories - the earrings I have you covered!

Because why not make your own!

And because I have a really easy and quick DIY for you: festive ornament earrings. Super cheerful and the chances are big you'll get nice feedback too on your handmade earrings! To be fair I got inspired by H&M Christmas Ornament Earrings which are $14,99 and they are very cute but I have decided to make my own. They are equally nice and hopefully you'll try them out too. Please do!


De december feestdagen zijn hier! En ieder jaar gaat dit gepaard met de welbekende december-stress althans ik dan. Zoals wat moet ik dit jaar aantrekken? Weer diezelfde jurk? En welke schoenen dan? En bijpassende accessoires? Voor het laatste heb ik iets voor je en is er hulp met name de oorbellen!

Maak je eigen feestelijke oorbellen!

Ik heb namelijk echt hele vrolijke DIY waarbij je festive ornamenten oorbellen maak! Ik draag ze al weken en heb ondertussen leuke reacties ontvangen. Grote kans dat jij ze ook krijg!
Deze handgemaakte oorbellen heb ik laten inspireren door H&M 'Christmas Ornaments Earrings' die $14,99 zijn en hoewel ze erg schattig zijn, heb ik toch besloten om ze zelf te maken. Net zo leuk toch? Probeer het uit zou ik zeggen!

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voor Nederlandse
What You`ll Need
DIY crafting bottles with lid and ring // 2 blank hook earrings // paillettes and small beads // glue // pliers
I got these from my favorite knick-knack shop Flying Tiger :D
It was only a buck if I remember correctly.
1. Remove the cork lids from the bottle and start filling the bottle with colorful paillettes and beads.
2. Open up the ring gap of the earrings and hook it together with the ring on the cork lid. Now close the gap by using the pliers again.
3. For extra security add glue on the lid and let it stick on the bottle.
If you are using a gluegun like I did, be careful and cautious with the tip as it can burn your hand.
“But is it heavy miss?”
Are these handmade earrings heavy you may ask? Well it`s ok I think! When you swing your head left to right though, you can definitely feel the weight of it but still it`s wearable and mostly bearable for you earlobes.
And I`ve been receiving loving comments and feedback from my elementary kiddos at work c:


  1. Aw these are cute! Even your glue is glittery! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Thanks ^__^ haha yeah, I was like, well lets make everything all glittery including the glue! Xx

  2. These are SO CUTE! I can imagine how much the kids at your work would love them!

    1. Thank you :D haha yup! The kids (girls though) were like, "awwwww teach me how to make them or can please make them in the next crafting glass?!" :P Xx


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