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I had relatives from USA coming over and so I had the courtesy to be a tour guide/translator in Amsterdam. To be fair I`m not so familiar with Amsterdam at all, whoops but I guess I know the famous touristy spots such as the museum, The Flower Market and eating Dutch fried snacks from the wall.
We are not so famous for our Dutch cuisine as like French or Japanese but I still wanted to have my USA family to try out typical Dutch food. And this deep fried looking sausage is one of our beloved Dutch food: `kroket a.k.a. a croquette. Inside it usually contains ground meat (veal, beef, chicken, turkey, seafood) or the veggie option like mashed potato or cheese which is suuuuper delicious. Here I grabbed a vegetarian kroket and it was yum.
Our USA family got us two (!!) boxes of quality French macarons from Pierre marcolini!
I live in the south part of Holland and one of the perks is that I`m very close to Belgium. A while ago I was in Antwerp with G. for a little lunch date and catch-up girl talk.
In love with retro bikes.
More in love with this street pianist. Here Toby was playing Ed Sheeran`s songs and it was so so good.

WE ORDERED: 1 tapas platter & 1 smoked salmon with toast
For this fancy looking place it wasn`t overly pricy and that was good! The food was not bad as well and the service was ok-nice.
3rd time`s a charm
This is my 3rd time featuring in Homespun magazine where Homespun published my pumpkin pie pouch! Woo, thank you so much! Since this is my 3rd time already I`ve decided to be bold and asked Homespun for a bigger type of collaboration because you know, you guys published my stuff 3 times already! They were interested but I still haven`t got a reply. I guess I will wait and see.

The pumpkin pie pouch DIY:

My other recent yarnfood projects.


‘Van Gijn House’
Don`t cross over any bars or wires because it will set off the alarm. Trust me I know.
The `speelgoedzolder` which
literally means
toy attic and probably my
favorite part of the museum.
#NOTAMSTERDAM but Dordrecht
Jessy`s 21th birthday!!
And the birthday girl threw a party includes snooker with happy laughter and drinking because someone turned officially an (responsible) adult!
It was my second time playing snooker and I was totally kicking butt #not because I made balls bounce on and off the table. Despite of that, I really had a great time!
Jessy getting spoiled.
Jessy`s 21th b-day // mèh date // at Amsterdam W Hotel // Juttu Shop // brunch at Lilith Rotterdam// X-Bank shop Amsterdam // work day at Dutch newspaper `Telegraaf`
Something really exciting happened lately as I was invited by Papercloud - a puzzle and craft book publisher - to come over and craft some of the projects of their upcoming Christmas issue and do a bit of PR stuff! Pretty much one of the highlight in my blogging career and I enjoyed every bit of it. More of this coming soon!


  1. The deep-fried veggie options sound even better to me than the non-veggie options! Deep-fried mashed potatoes and deep-fried cheese omggg <3 // Cafe Imperial looks so fancy! I would have thought that it was super expensive! // Congrats on being featured in Homespun (again!) and the news about Papercloud is super exciting as well! It's so cool that you have a steady, full-time job as a teacher, and you are also doing so much exciting blogging and crafting things! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Oh yeah I totally agree, the deep fried veggies are much betterrr! And thank you ^__^
      and yes! I feel so blessed that Papercloud has reached out to me! I can't wait to tell you guys
      more about it c: xx

  2. wow, we're up to #80 already?! i forget how long you've been blogging sometimes!

    that kroket looks delish :) my mouth is watering just from the description! those macarons too *o* girl, you ate gooood. excited to see that papercloud collab!!

    becky @ star violet

    1. As I was editing and writing this blogpost I was like 'darn, #80 already?! Soon it will be like 100!' :P anyway yeah the food lately, my belly was happy haha and yesss I can't wait for this Papercloud collab blogpost either ^__^ stay tuned and thank you babe! Xx

  3. Omg that vegetarian croquette sounds like heaven haha. Sounds like you had lots of fun! Congrats on the features btw, that is awesome and you deserve it :)

    1. Yeah, I'm actually craving for a veggie kroket right now haha and thank you dearie!! :D Xx

  4. Everything looks so cute !


  5. Thus is my first time to read your posts - love it! My mouth is now wanting to taste a veggie croquette. Recipe?

    1. Hiiii and welcome! Ugh my mouth is always watering when I see food or when I edit my own #foodporn pictures haha. The veggie croquette is store bought so I don't have the recipe :c Xx


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