Homemade: Easter Bunny Egg Tart (cheat)


Happy Easter holiday and hurray 4-day long Easter weekend break! Just like Christmas I like to eat wealthier at the dining table and therefor I like to spoil myself and my family with good food during Easter even I am not religious at all. If you're like me then you should try out this recipe down below! It's a really easy & fun and delicious recipe to make, and great for the last minutes kitchenprincess/princes among us. 

Vrolijk Pasen en godzijdank heb ik daarnaast ook een 4 dagen lang paas weekend. Net als bij Kers eet ik graag wat 'welvarender' dan normaal en onze paasontbijt, brunch en lunch is dan ook een groot eetfestijn. Ook al ben ik niet gelovig. Als je net zoals ik een lekkerbek ben dan raad ik je `t recept hieronder aan, want hij is leuk, makkelijk en lekker. Vooral als je van de last-minute ben in de keuken is dit recept top!  

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voor Nederlandse

250 ml milk (or 200 ml milk and 50 ml cream to make it extra creamy)
40 to 50 gr sugar
1 tbsp. corn flour
½ tbsp. cold butter
The cheat & the fail
This Easter recipe is a cheat because half of it I did not make it myself but it is store bought: the puff pastry shells. If you`re a food nerd like me, then you know that making puff pastry from scratch is hella hard and time consuming.
But if you`re food lover like myself who loves making life in the kitchen easy then it`s ok to buy store bought food and the Easter bunny puff pastry shells are just too cute am I right?
My plan was to make egg tart with these adorable store bought Easter bunny puff pastry shells. The HK-style egg tart filling is what I went for and it is a liquid mixture, and as you can see the filling just spilled out with ease. Even the attempt of adding layer of chocolate inside did not block the egg-force. Sigh. So I just have to thicken the filling up with... corn flour!
Scroll down to read the entire steps of this recipe.
A quick process
A trick to check the milk has thicken up is by dipping the spoon in the milk and when it coats the back of the spoon evenly then it is done.
Warm or cold
You can indulge in two ways!
The Steps
1. Whisk up the eggs in a large bowl. In a sauce pan add the milk and warm it up (not boil!) on medium heat. Once there are bubbles forming along the side of the pan, add the sugar and the cornflour and stir constantly with a spoon until the milk mixture has thicken up. You can check it by the spoon, if the milk mixture coats the back of the spoon entirely then you are good to go. Remove from heat.
2. Gradually add the milk mixture to the eggs while whisking until combined. Pour the egg mixture back to saucepan and and heat it up on medium-low heat. Keep stirring for about 5 minutes as the egg mixture will thicken up. Remove from heat and add the butter.
Preheat oven to 200ºC and place the puff pastry shells on a baking tray. Pour the egg mixture through a sieve into a jug (I used measure jug) and from there pour it into the puff pastry shells. You can fill it up just below the edge.
3. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes in the oven then remove to cool down a bit. You can eat it warm or cold!


  1. The puff pastry is so cute!!! Does the egg tart filling taste different with the extra corn flour? -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. omg they're so cute!!
    happy easter :D


  3. Nothing wrong with cutting a few corners in cooking, hehe! These look absolutely adorable and I bet they tasted amazing x

  4. Oh this is sooo fun! I love that you used those pastries, the bunny ears are so damn cute!

  5. These are so cute! Such a good idea to make egg tarts with them.

  6. These ended up being so cute!

  7. Oh ww, these are so cute! So perfect for Easter! x


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