Last minute Valentines gift: (no-bake) cookies!


So I've been making and baking in the kitchen once again where matcha green tea powder is the key ingredient. Today's recipe is all about this green goodie as well! To make life easy and less stressy for you, no baking or the use of the oven is involved at all! That's right a legit no-bake cookie recipe and I named it: thé vert biscuits. That's French for green tea biscuits. I hope you make yourself or your crush or someone you want to surprise with these cookies!  

De matcha groene thee poeder is alweer en meerdere keren de hoofdingrediënt in mijn recente baksels in de keuken. Net als het recept van vandaag waarbij ik de groene goede weer gretig gebruik van maak. En om het leven gewoonweg wat makkelijkere te maken is het recept ook nog eens zonder het gebruik van de oven klaar te maken. O jawel! Zonder te bakken dus en het heet: 'thé vert biscuits' wat in het Frans voor groene thee biscuits heten. Maak ze eens voor jezelf. Of voor iemand die je heel héél lief vindt! 

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
The ingredients 
Digestive biscuits/ tea biscuits

½ cup icing sugar
1 tsp. milk
1 tsp. corn/rice syrup
½ - 1 tbsp. green tea powder
So many tea biscuits
Verkade is our Dutch cookie brand but you can use other brands and other tea biscuits for today`s recipe of course. You can even use whole wheat digestive biscuits for extra healthyness and fiber!
These tea biscuits are simple but so good and I can eat the whole role if I want to #guiltypleasure. Anyway, for today`s cookie recipe you don`t need to bake or use the oven because the cookie itself is already premade! Don`t worry, you`re not really cheating because the end result will be super delicious.
I promise.
All you need to do is...

And once it is mixed you brush it on top of the biscuit, let it dry, be patience, add another layer, let it dry and be patience again and you`re done and ready to serve!
Great addition for tea time
Along with my other all time favorite biscuits since childhood: café noir which are basically delicious coffee flavored Dutch biscuits.
My inspiration for today`s cookie recipe came from the café noir coffee biscuits. Why not make it a tea version right? So Verkade cookie company, if you read this and feeling inspired as well, please make a thé vert biscuit production for the many many green tea lovers on the globe!
The corn syrup or rice syrup in the glaze gives a matt gloss look result.
Great addition for your Valentine gesture
Because giving is caring too. Here are some sweet easy fun packing ideas
for you!
The Steps
1. In a large bowl add everything for the glaze until a smooth paste.
2. With a kitchen brush, brush the first layer on top of a biscuit. Let it set for 30 minutes until the layer hardens.
Then brush the second layer on top and let it set, air dry and uncovered for at least 1 hour+ (or even overnight) for a solid dry layer.
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  1. I've never thought about jazzing my crackers up like that before! Leave it to you to figure out how to matcha-ify anything :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Dit is een super leuk idee! Ik ga het een keer proberen :)

  3. This is sooo nice, Mei! I think this is perfect for all occasions! I would love to try this!

    Xeph |

  4. They look delicious! It's a great idea for a V-day gift. :)

  5. These look so fancy! And a super genius shortcut, haha.

    Jane / deluminators


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