DIY: crochet bunny basket


Easter is still pretty far away though, the stores here in Holland are already filled with Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and other props. I guess I'll join this earlybird too because todayI have a DIY inspired by Easter itself: bunny basket crochet!

This bunny basket is also inspired by the mess I have in the bathroom and these bunny basket helps, well organize the mess in the bathroom by storing some things away. Plus it gives some color and vibe too don't you think? Anyway have fun crocheting! 

Pasen is nog vrij ver weg nog, maar de winkels in ons kikkerlandje is alweer gevuld met paasdingen zoals chocolade eitjes en konijnen en ander rekwisieten. Laat ik maar ook meedoen met deze vroege trend nietwaar, want vandaag heb ik een paas-DIY voor jullie in petto, namelijk: gehaakte konijnenmandje!

Het konijnenmandje is niet alleen geïnspireerd door Pasen zelf maar ook deels door de rommel in mijn badkamer. Kuch. De konijnmandjes zorgen ervoor dat de badkamer beetje opgeruimd is en fleurt ook nog eens op. Heel veel haakplezier dus!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
You`ll need:
8-9 hook size yarn // hook size 8-9 // pair of scissors // piece of thread (optional)
Lets begin!
From left to right.
So basically you work from an oval shape.

Finished! Easy right?
Time to fill the bunny basket with goodies, either on surface or hanging.
I have used a simple suction cup for this hanging job.
A bigger bunny? No problem! Feel free to explore with sizes because the steps and process will remain the same thing anyways!

I have made the second bunny basket with a starting row of 9 chains.

TIP: use a piece of thread to mark the beginning and the end of each row for easy working!
R1. Chain 6.
R2. Start in the 2nd chain (5th of R1) and create 1 doublecrochet in each stitch. In the last stitch (the start stitch of R1) you add 2 doublecrochet in here.
R3. Continue with 2x doublecrochet in each stitch, except the last stitch which you`ll make a slipstitch + add 2 chain. I use a piece of thread to mark the beginning and end of each row.
R4. In the same stitch where you create the slipstitch and the 2 extra chain, you`ll make a 1 doublecrochet in the same stitch but in the front loops. Continue making 1 doublecrochet in the front loops of each stitch, except the last stitch where you`ll create a slipstitch + add 2 chain.
R5. Repeat the steps of R4 but without the frontloops.
R6. Instead of chain 2 extra, chain 5-7 because we are making the bunny ears! In the 2nd stitch of this chain add 2 singlecrochet and then 1x singlecrochet in each chain your way down back to the edge of the basket. Hurray first bunny ear is complete! Singlecrochet the next 4 stitch. For our second bunny ear: chain 5-7 and you basically repeat the same process as the first bunny ear. Once your 2nd bunny ear is down 1x single crochet this row to the end, slipstitch and fasten off while leaving a tail.


  1. omg these are so cute! They'd make great cosies for mugs or small potted plants! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Omg that's so cute! :)

  3. Aah that's such a cute idea! It turned out so well.

  4. omg that so cute !!!

    would like to try it sometime !

  5. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I never crochet in my life before but these helpful chunked up photos and step by step form looks so helpful and easy to do. This is so cute and you make the tutorial so easy to follow and creative. Omg, this could also be used as a warm cup holder!!!!

    Following you now ~
    S T Y L E B L O G

  6. I learn to make something by knitting few months ago, but I already forget how to knit right now. Thank you for the tutorial, so helpful for me ^^

    xoxo, Kartikaryani


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