DIY: Earbud-Coaster (Recycle)


Say hello to my first DIY of 2017! O boy it's been awhile since my last DIY project and blogpost if recipes not included. My lack of DIYs lately is to thank of my own lack of inspirations and time - Sigh! It's kind of sad because I love to DIY and share it with you guys.

In 2016 I tend to place one DIY project each month and I'd like to do that in 2017 as well. Wish me luck ha but for now, please enjoy this new DIY of mine: a coaster made out of earbuds that I have collected and recycled. I like to give things that we usually throw away or find it useless a second life. This project is inspired by that.

Please try out this fairly eaaasy DIY project and if you do, please let me know! I would love to see your result!

Zeg hallo tegen mijn allereerste DIY van 2017! Het is namelijk alweer een tijdje geleden dat ik een doe-het-zelven blogpost heb geplaatst als ik de recepten niet meereken. Dit komt mede dankzij gebrek aan inspiratie en tijd en dat is jammer want ik ben dol op DIYs.

In 2016 had ik voorgenomen om minstens één DIY blogpost te plaatsen. Dat lukte niet altijd maar dat wil ik weer proberen in 2017 maar voor nu bekijk mijn nieuwste DIY hieronder: een onderzetter gemaakt van oordop kussentjes die ik verzameld en gerecycled heb. Dingen die we vanzelfsprekend weggooien of het nut niet van zien probeer ik een 2e leven te geven en de DIY van vandaag is hierop gebaseerd.

Probeer deze makkelijke DIY uit en veel plezier!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
You`ll need
Special glue for rubber/plastic (I used Rubber Repair by Bison) || at least 30 earbud tips || a wooden skewer/toothpick || a mat
Each time I buy new earbuds there`s usually an extra set of earbud tips that comes with it for the right fitting and comfort. But this also mean I always have earbud tips left that I don`t use. Such a waste! So I have decided to collect them (such a hoarder) because I had a wonderful DIY in mind which I am happily to show it to you today!

Once you have stick them together let it rest for a couple of minute before attaching the rest.
Don`t forget to flip your work upside down to avoid sticking on the surface!
Better bend than break
I wasn`t sure that it will bend or hold but it holds wonderfully!
❝But I see your true colors shining through.❞ - Cyndi Lauper
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1. Glue the earbuds together. I find it easier to glue when you dip the wooden skewer in the glue first and use it as a brush. Then apply and smear from there on the lower part of the earbud tips.
I start by gluing 2 earbud tips first and form a duo.
2. Puzzle and work your way on the shape and then flip gently with caution your work. This way it will prevent from sticking on your mat or work surface. Continue with the glue and puzzling.
Fill the gaps with glue for extra support if needed.
3. Once every earbud tips is put together let it dry for 10 min. + and you`re done! Great job!


  1. Oh I love coasters! But I'm afraid I don't have any earbud covers to spare :( I tend to lose mine, so I often use the extra ones that come in the package! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Interesting idea! I always have a few random earbud covers shoved in a drawer somewhere that I didn't want to throw away. Haha

  3. I usually throw those ear buds out but I love how you have found use for them in this incredibly creative DIY!

  4. This is such a cute idea! I always throw them away too but this is such a creative way to use them up.


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