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After the (Swiss)cake rolls I had at my favorite Japanese themed café Round & Round (blogpost here!) I was again motivated to make my own batch at home. It's been a while since my last cake roll (recipe here and here!) and now my latest one is added officially to my cake roll list: melon honeydew flavored cake roll!

When I was in HK I tried my very first melon flavored spongecake and I was sold ever since. Hence I bought melon flavored powder so I can make cake and dessert when I get home. So! My first homemade cake is a cake roll and it's a great one, please try it out!

I promise you will roll out of your chair because of a happy belly ha.

Na de vele cakerol die ik opgegeten heb bij mijn favoriete Japanese café Round & Round (blogpost hier!) was ik gemotiveerd om weer vers huisgemaakte cakerol te maken. Het was namelijk al een tijdje geleden (oude recepten hier en hier!) maar de aller nieuwste in de smaak meloen is alweer een feit.

In HK at ik voor het eerst een spongecake in de smaak van meloen en ik was gelijk verkocht. Lekker was hij! Niet zo gek dat ik daarna een zakje meloenpoeder heb gekocht zodat ik thuis ook lekkernijen mee kan maken. Ik ben apetrots op mijn eerste meloen-baksel want hij is goed gelukt!

Probeer het uit! 

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

¾ cup plain flour
½ tsp. baking powder
2 tbsp. honeydew flavored powder
4 eggs seperated
¾ cup sugar
2 tbsp. milk


1 egg white (room temp.)
85 gr unsalted butter
40 gr icing sugar
Melon powder! Purchased from Hong Kong.
Not baked yet but already smelling delicious like melon and summer.
I roll like this
And it is a daunting step and still it is for me but you`ll get the hang in it I promise.

On a fish plate.
Firstly I am so happy how beautiful it rolled up! It is the first time to see my homemade cake roll with this many swirl inside. Other than being good looking it tasted melon-tastic as well and the cake is super fluffy and airy, yum! My family who are not a big cake person were enjoying the cake rolls too and even took a second slice!

The Steps
1. Preheat oven to 180°C and line a baking tray (30 cm x 30 cm ±) with baking paper. Sift together the flour, baking powder and the honeydew powder in a bowl and set aside.
2. Time to stiff up the egg white: in a large clean bowl beat the egg whites. When foam starts to form and thicken, add gradually half the sugar and continue beating until the egg white stiffs up with high peaks.
3. In another large bowl beat the egg yolk with the remaining sugar until pale, creamy and thick. Add and fold the flour mixture gently into the egg mixture.
4. Now it`s time to combine the stiff egg white along with the egg yolk by adding ⅓ of the egg white to the egg yolk batter and fold gently until the egg white has dissolved. Continue by repeating this step until everything is combined and well. Time to pour the batter into the prepared baking tray and bake for 10-12 minute in the oven. Meanwhile prepare a damp kitchen towel or baking paper that has the same measurement as the cake.
5. Once the cake is baked it should feel soft and springy. When the baking tray has cooled down for handle and the cake is still warm (important!) it is time to transfer the cake to the prepared kitchen towel or baking paper. Invert the baking tray and drop the cake on top of the kitchen towel/baking paper. Carefully remove the top baking paper of the cake and then roll carefully the cake along with the kitchen towel/baking paper up. The cake is now rolled up together with the kitchen towel/baking paper. Let it cool down completely.

Prepare filling
1. Prepare boiled up water in a pan on low fire and on top goes a heatproof bowl (caution: do not let the water touch the bowl!). Add the egg white with the icing sugar into the bowl and beat until high peak, when it reaches around 50°C (or when it feels to hot for your skin to touch) and all sugar has dissolved.
2. Remove the bowl from the pan and transfer on a cool work surface. Add the butter gradually. You might notice that the mixture is about to curdle up but don`t panic! Just keep continue beating and you`ll see that everything will be mixed and combined together into a smooth, airy and velvety texture. Let it cool down and set aside. Congratulations you`ve made the simple version of Swiss buttercream!

Cake roll assemble
1. Unroll the cake and top it with the Swiss buttercream. Spread it evenly with a pastry spatula. Re-roll (without the towel/baking paper!) the cake back tightly back and let it set and rest in the fridge before serving.
2. Slice the cake in evenly pieces and enjoy!
Try these too


  1. Oh these rolled up so beautifully! You could sell them at a bakery! Yours look so fluffy and delicious <3 I've never had melon flavoured bread/cake before -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Wow! They look delicious. :)

  3. A year ago, we tried red velvet flavored cake rolls for Christmas. It'd be nice to pair it with honeydew!

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