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Usually in the ending months of the year there's no escape of having foodbaby-bellies. And it's alright! Because these ending months are after all holiday months which is to me a legit reason of approval to pig out on meals. Lots of meals. And snacking of course!

In our household there's no shortage on snacks. The snacks that I have bought from last summer Hong Kong is slowly vanishing into our belly but there are still some unopened in our snack pantry. But recently I have opened this box of chocolate called Meltykiss. In the flavor 'milk tea' and o boy, so good! Also recently I've bought new foods to try it out because you know me, I'm a foodie-adventurist! Check it all down below: 

Het is elke jaar hetzelfde liedje maar de maanden van een jaar zijn meestal echt vreet-maanden. En dat geeft absoluut niet! Het zijn tenslotte heerlijke feestmaanden en dat is voor mij genoeg reden om lekker en goed te gaan eten. En te snacken natuurlijk.

Bij ons thuis geen gebrek aan snacks hoor. De snacks die ik trouwens gekocht heb van vorig zomer in Hong Kong heb ik nog steeds in onze snack voorraadkast maar onlangs heb ik een doos chocolade geopend van Meltykiss. In de smaak `melkthee` en hij is onwijs lekker! Daarnaast heb ik weer eens nieuw voedsel ontdekt in winkels die ik natuurlijk niet kon laten liggen. Lees en bekijk het allemaal hieronder: 

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voor Nederlandse

Royal milk tea
Meltykiss is a chocolate serie made by the Japanese brand Meiji and definitely one of my favorite chocolates out there. As the name suggest, this chocolate literally melts heavenly in your mouth with good amount of chocolate taste and not being too sweet. Meltykiss has lots of flavors and I myself have already tried the strawberry and green tea version but never have I had this `royal milk tea` one.

I am a big milktea-lover and so I just had to buy this Meltykiss box.
As expected the chocolate melts lovely inside my mouth and in the center you will find the milk tea flavored part. And this part is good because it does taste like milk tea, hurray!

 Van Delft pepernotenfabriek

Tomorrow is 5 December which marks our Dutch holiday `Sinterklaas`. It`s a day where children gets presents from Sinterklaas (st. Nicolas) and `Zwarte Piet` (Black Pete) and eat traditional snacks such as these kruidnoten/pepernoten. In English translated: gingerbread nut cookies. And as a Dutchy myself I buy and eat pepernoten each year.

At the Van Delft pepernotenfabriek (literally means gingerbread nut factory) I`ve bought my first pepernoten stash of the year in the flavor `tiramisu`. Basically the pepernoot is coated in tiramisu flavored chocolate and it is tasty, addicting and crunchy though it didn`t really taste fully tiramisu because it lacked a bit of alcohol and coffee but overall it was nice. Very nice.
If you happen to be in Holland around December, you should try out these Dutch gingerbread nut cookies `pepernoten`!
Hello Kitty Bakauke Green Tea
This was a little gift from Elisa and she gave me the heads up about this snack being pretty delish and that I`d like it. There`s one thing I`m very sure about is everything that (matcha) green tea flavor is good and so I was pretty excited about this little snack. Basically it`s a rice cracker with green tea powder coating and needless do I have to say: it`s a good fun snack!

Pots & Co.
Salty caramel & chocolate pot // lemon & lime posset desserts

Ok, I am a big BIG fan of making desserts and even more of eating one and these desserts by Pots & Co. has to be my favorite store bought desserts of all time. They are around 2 euro-bucks and sold in beautiful ceramic ramekins. An indulgent dessert and a little ceramic freebie, I think that`s a good buy! Each flavor comes in matching colored ceramics and therefor I`d love to try out their `sticky toffee pudding` which comes in lightpink colored ramekins!

But for now I had the pleasure of indulging into the salty caramel and chocolate and the lemon and lime flavored ones and they are so so good. They are quite high in calorie (I shared it with my papa and brother) but o boy if you like salty caramel/chocolate, you are gonna love their salty caramel & chocolate pots. Same for the lemon & lime posset if you are a more sour tangy dessert person.

Dille & Kamille
Christmas tea edition
A special edition tea with lots of chai ingredients in it such as: cinnamon, anise, cardamom and rooibos. I love chai because of the spiciness and this tea has a good spicy and warm taste to it. And if I have to believe the ingredient list it is also a caffeine free tea as well.
Last but not least
Not really food related but...
My other recent favorite is Blogger`s newest blogpost feature which is this special character/symbol button and allows me to add and type all kinds of symbols! No more searching through Google or memorizomg the alt-code button steps! All I have to do is click on this special character button to get that specific character.


  1. Thanks for sharing that little tip! Didn't even realise that was there. I have committed to memory a lot of the alt combinations. That tea looks delicious! I love chai

    nat // dignifiable

  2. Everything looks so tasty. I'm a huge chocolate lover too! :)

  3. Oh my family LOVES MeltyKiss! We always get the strawberry flavour :) Usually I feel guilty for buying snacks, but MeltyKiss is almost a necessity on our grocery list! // Those puddings look delicious :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Those melty kiss chocolates look so good, I'll have to keep an eye out for them!

  5. Yummm! Your posts sure do know how to make people hungry again. I just ate dinner but could go for a snack. :D

  6. Yumm milk tea flavored meltykiss! I am craving a big box like yours just right now :) Also big fan of everything matcha either sweet or salty, so the crackers look just my alley (and the cute packaging!). I definitely need to find a good tea, I just bought one called Nordic Punch, and it was soo disappointing, I was expecting something more christmasy because it was in the Christmas tea section, hope to find one similar to your Noel one.


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