DIY: with wooden beads (3/4)


My 3rd DIY with the beautiful wooden beads that Pandahall send me is a easy one. Really!

At home I have these round plastic capsules that I've bought on purpose for Christmas. But since Christmas is still far away I came up with something else and function for the capsules: storage or home decor - prettied up with the wooden beads!


Mijn 3e DIY alweer met deze mooie houten kralen die Pandahall mij toegestuurd heeft.
En het is een makkelijk DIY, beloofd!

Thuis heb ik deze ronde plastic capsules gekocht speciaal voor Kerst maar Kerst is nog ver weg dus daarom heb ik iets anders bedacht voor deze capsules: opslag of huis decoratie - mooi gemaakt met de houten kralen!

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voor Nederlandse
You need:
Wooden beads // transparant plastic capsules // steel or iron wire (0,7 - 1 mm) // pliers
Thanks Pandahall for the beads. They are wonderful!
1. Pull wire through both holes of the capsule and make a few wrapping around to secure it.
2. Insert the wooden beads by beading it. You can decide yourself of how long the beading can be!
3. Secure the end by making a knot.
4. You may now start filling the capsules!
Fill your capsules!
Like small bundle of yarn or yarn leftovers.
To be continued!


  1. You could also partially fill those capsules with the wood beads :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Oooh, dit ziet er zo vrolijk uit! Leuk idee!

  3. that's sooo awesome!! cute DIY!

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  4. Oooh cute! I wonder if it would work to fill the capsules with fairy lights of some sort?


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