DIY: Heart Headband


This DIY post is dedicated to the upcoming Valentines day on 14th February. I’m not really a huge fan of this day but since it’s worldwide phenomena I’ll just join with it since there’s also chocolate and cute heart shaped mugs/bowls involved.

Like previous years DIY, it’s all about hearts again and I know it’s cliché but I can’t help it. It’s a safe, simple and quite easy option too. And perhaps a stylish one too because for today’s DIY is a: heart headband!
All you’ll need is your basic crochet style. Almost foolproof!

For the yarn, I’ve chosen for the color yellow on purpose instead of the typical red or pink Valentine colors. See? Not making it all to cliché right and yellow is a happy color! At least to me. You can choose whatever color yarn you want of course.   


Deze doe-het-zelf post is toegewijd Valentijnsdag op 14 februari. Ik ben niet echt een grote fan van deze dag, maar omdat het wereldwijd fenomeen is, doe ik maar mee. Tenslotte zijn de zoete chocolaatjes en hartvormige mokken en andere prullaria in de schappen en die zijn leuk!

Net als vorig jaar, ging de DIY ook over harten en ja heel erg cliché natuurlijk. Het is dan ook een veilige, eenvoudige en gemakkelijk optie. Een modieuze optie ook want vandaag leer ik jullie namelijk een hoofdband van hart maken/haken! Alles wat je nodig hebt, is je basic haak techniek. Een eitje dus.

Voor de garen koos ik voor de kleur geel in plaats van de typische rode of roze Valentine kleuren. Toch niet te cliché en is daarnaast een vrolijke kleur! Althans voor mij dan. Je kunt kiezen welke kleur garen je wilt natuurlijk.
 I have used: acrylic yarn (presencia - mel color 542) and a 3.0 mm hook pen. And a pair of scissors of course.
This heart pattern is from Tootooamy, thank you! They were fun and easy to make c: 
I end up making 16 of these hearts.

How to connect the hearts: one direction!

Single crochet > double crochet (the point) > single crochet > connect with the next heart when half way through > REPEAT

Once every heart is connected keep continue single crochet around and continue on the upper part of the hearts connecting and while still doing single crochet. When you reach at each of the center of the heart, make a slip stitch through the magic loop and then continue your way with single crochet.
Connect the end with the beginning of the heart headband by making a slip stitch. I have tuck all the end tail at the back of the hearts.

Finished! And I quite like it!

My other Valentine's and Chinese Lunar New Year (8 February year of the monkey!) DIY's:


  1. It's so delicate and pretty! I am not a huge valentines day fan either, but I really like all the cute heart things that go along with it :)

  2. So so cute!!! I think it will look super cute in the spring, too. You crochet so neatly!

  3. Knitting is one of those things that I really, really need to learn. I hear it's pretty easy to pick up. I really love how darling this is--and so well made! You have such a talent. :)

  4. I'm absolutely head over heels in love with this tutorial! Just in time for Valentine's Day; you should add this on Pinterest! :)


  5. I am doing some crochet project as make a bag for my girl..a bit of a struggle for a beginner like me..having heart attach to the bag is a good you do any tutorial on youtube?

  6. adorable! I might try it~
    Hopefully it'll turn put well ^^

  7. Very cute, Mei! I can imagine flower girls wearing a headband like this for a spring wedding.

  8. Another nicely done tutorial. Thanks for sharing your projects with us.
    You've really been inspiring me to keep up with my own crochet work.
    It's always nice to come back to your stuff for something new to do.

  9. This is adorable! It's cool how it's not the traditional red/white/pink. The yellow color makes it seem like a crown; how fabulous! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  10. love this tutorial! and i love your new blog layout!


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