DIY: Party Egg Ghosts


Two weeks left!
Get your Halloween decorations and ornaments ready or! Make a refreshing new one with eggs! How wonderful are eggs really, these versatile friends.
Instead of making something edible I’ve used the egg shells and turn them into ghosts. Happy party ghosts!

This is actually really fun DIY with kids and also a good training in motor skills because having gentle hands is a must while working with fragile egg shells. I’ll admit: I broke one during the process, oops.

Anyway. I’ve managed to keep most ghosts alive ironically and made them all hover colourfully in my room.  


Nog twee weken en dan is het zover!
Haal je Halloween decoraties en ornamenten alvast tevoorschijn of! Maak een nieuwe met eieren want eieren zijn top dingen in ’t leven echt waar. Maar in plaats van het maken van iets eetbaars heb ik de eierschalen gebruikt voor knutsel activiteiten: blij feest spoken!

Dit is eigenlijk een leuke DIY project met kinderen en is daarnaast een goede motoriek training. De kwetsbare eierschalen vragen nou eenmaal om teder en behendige handen. Ik zal eerlijk zijn: ik heb er helaas eentje gebroken, oeps.  

Toch, ik ben erin geslaagd om de meeste spoken in leven te houden ironisch genoeg en ze zweven kleurrijk door mijn kamer!

You need:
Eggs, paint, stickers, tapes, washi tapes and other thinkable decorations (glitter, colorings, you name it!), thread

  1. Break the eggs into half and catch the egg content in a bowl for baking purpose.
  2. Clean and the rinse the egg shells carefully and thoroughly and let it dry. 

    Decorating time!
  3. Pain the inside of the egg shells with your favorite color. 
  4. Draw happy/scary/spooky/funky/weird ghost faces.
  5. Glam up the party ghost by decorating it with tapes, stickers and anything else you desire!
  6. Cut a piece of thread between 15-25 cm and attach it on top of the egg with tape.

Glamorize time!



  1. Wat een leuk idee! X Laura

  2. Looks cute and lovely! I want to try making one though.

    - Tricia Willa | Eccentric Earthling

  3. Those are too cute! What a fun idea.

  4. this is so creative!

  5. Awww these are super cute! Love it and good use of "waste" ^^

  6. By making such perfect egg ghosts you really did a great job and I am glad that you shared it here for others as well. Anyway, for next year I am thinking to celebrate Halloween at NYC venues and hope it is a great party.


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