DIY: Firstaid Back-To-School-Kit


It’s almost a year since I’m graduated from uni and said goodbye to my school life and changed my occupation from student to employee. Which is a good thing right!
But there’s one thing that I miss and that’s buying new stationery to kick off my school year well.

Since I grow up in an Asian household where being introduced to Sanrio characters at a very young age is unavoidable, I was already a fan of cute, sweet and hip stationery. And frankly this fandom’ing has never stopped because I still secretly purchase cute Japanese stationeries but with a bit more class, design and I guess less glittery plastic.

After my uni I got a job at a school where I teach kids from 4-7 years old. And they have got me inspired for todays DIY: a first aid back-to-school-kit!

Stored in a re-usable jelly cup!

Imagine you have all the desk essentials right within your reach while everything is stored inside this handy jelly cup? And you’ll be surprised of how many stuff this jelly can hold! And this kit is not only great for school but a great gift at birthday parties as well!    

Het is alweer bijna een jaar geleden dat ik ben afgestudeerd aan de hogeschool en afscheid nam van mijn schoolleven en mijn status veranderde van student naar werknemer. Geen slechte start toch? Er is wel één ding dat ik mis aan het schoolleven en dat is nieuwe schoolspullen kopen.

Sinds ik in een Aziatisch huishouden opgegroeid bent en waar Sanrio figuren al een belangrijke rol speelde al op zeer jonge leeftijd, is het ook niet gek dat ik veel schattige Japanse schoolspulletjes bezit. En eerlijk gezegd is die liefde voor schattige schoolspulletjes nooit echt gestopt, want stiekem koop ik ze nog steeds maar dan wel met iets meer klasse, design en minder glitter plastic.

Na mijn uni kreeg ik een baan bij een school waar ik kinderen van 4-7 jaar oud onder mijn hoede neem. En ze hebben me geïnspireerd voor de DIY van vandaag: EHBO terug-naar-school-pakket!

Opgeslagen in een hergebruikt gelei cup!

Al je essentiële kantoor dingen binnen handbereik vanuit je cupje! En dit handgemaakte pakket is niet alleen leuk voor school maar ook voor feestjes!

Recycle waste!
Grow up in Asian household where cute stationery is everywhere around the house since I was a kiddo.

A washi tape, a shaped peach eraser, sharpener, a mini coloring pencil, another eraser, a paperclip, 2 rubber bands, staples and a mini sheet of stickers!

  1. Make sure you clean and pat dry the jelly cup thoroughly after eating. 
  2. Fill your cup with goodies!
  3. Grab your tape and start taping from edge to edge until the cup is covered. Make sure you leave a longer tail in the center because we're going to make a handy opener! How to make the opener: just fold and flip the tape inside, now you have non-sticky parts on both sides!
  4. Snip off the unwanting tape around the cup with a scissor. Leave space around the opener!
  5. Glue a nice label or attach a tag and you're done with your back-to-school-kit!


  1. This is so cute and creative, i love it!

  2. Haha omg! This is just the cutest DIY! I almost wish I was back at school so that I could use it!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination
    Btw check out my sweet Lightbox Giveaway if you haven’t already!

  3. This is cute! It'd be a good goodie-bag favor too :P I'm Taiwanese, so I go back to Taiwan every winter break, and I always make sure to stock up on cute stationary! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. these are so so cute!! so creative and clever )

  5. cute diy :)

  6. What a cute idea! Very neat to see the jelly cups being recycled/reused!

  7. Oh, you are the best teacher! I swear you'd definitely be someone who sticks in their memory for being the teacher with the best gifts/home made items! I was wondering how you made the new covers for the tubs but then saw the tape and was all like, "OH RIGHT...", you really make some of the best diys!

  8. Ah, dit is zo supercute! Heel leuk gedaan. :)

  9. Toen ik je titel las dacht ik eerst dat je weer een nieuwe studie was begonnen! Maar wel echt leuke bakjes voor je kindjes!

  10. Adorable!! I would have never thought to use washi tape for something like this. I want it all. Also, that Melody eraser! It's too cute.


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