DIY: baby socks


One of my colleagues recently got a healthy baby boy (congratulations E.!) and it’s obvious to pamper our colleague with gifts who turned to be a mum for the second time!
One of the gifts was my handmade crochet baby socks.

I’ve used Gina’s Michele pattern here, so all credits goes to her!

The only difference between my socks and Gina’s is that hers is knitted whilst mine is crochet. Since my preference is crochet I decided to make these socks by crocheting it. And they turn out just as fine!
They were so fun and easy to make and it’s a nice personal gift as well for any new mums and baby borns.

Een van mijn collega's heeft onlangs een gezonde baby boy (gefeliciteerd E.!) op de wereld gebracht, en natuurlijk hebben we ze flink verwend met cadeautjes!
Eén van de cadeaus was mijn hand gehaakt babysokjes.

Daarvoor heb ik Gina’s Michele patroon gebruikt dus alle lof gaat naar haar!

Het enige verschil tussen de mijne en Gina's is dat de hare gebreid is, terwijl de mijne gehaakt is. Aangezien mijn voorkeur is voor haken heb ik besloten om de sokjes te maken doormiddels te haken. En ze blijken net goed zo te resulteren!
De sokjes waren leuk en makkelijk te maken en daarnaast een heel leuk persoonlijk cadeautje voor zowel ieder nieuwe moeder en pasgeboren hummeltjes!

Instructions (suitable for 3 months little feet)
  1. Make two bottom parts: chain 10 and single crochet for around 15 rows.  
  2. The side parts: also chain 10 and single crochet your up to 10 rows. With the 10th row, connect the side part with the bottom part by sticking your hookpen in the first stitch and secure it by a single crochet. Repeat this securing part until you've reached the end of the bottom part. Then keep continue making another 10 rows by single crocheting it. It should form a 'T' shape.

    Make two. 
  3. Forming the socks: grab the both ends of the side part and place it on top of each other on the bottom end (foot bed). Then secure the edge with a blanket stitch.
Hook pen: 3.0 mm
Yarn: acrylic wool 

And finally: bind by blanket stitch!


  1. That is really nice. You did a great job with it!!

  2. Aww, these are waaay to cute! I bet your collague was well thrilled!


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  4. Congrats to your friend! These are suuuper cute!

  5. I love it! So cute! I always see these types of baby booties in the knitting patterns, but it's rare to come across them in the crochet pattern. I may make my own for my nephew :) Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  6. Such an awesome DIY! I'm sure your colleague must have been really happy to see these gorgeous little things! I would love to make something like this but for my dog! One of our dogs turns 18 this year and I'd love to knit or crochet her a sweater to sleep in!

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