DIY: Gardening polka dot bottles


In my latest peek into my (gardening) life post I’ve posted a picture of my sprouting basils at my window, potted in a used herb/pepper glass shakers. It’s officially Spring and every time with Spring I want to grow crops and flowers, even though I don’t really have talented green hands.

Anyway, let’s focus on the glass shakers because they are the DIY for today. Since these shakers are labelled and the longer I look at them the more eyesores these labels are, me and my brilliant brain (cough) come up with a nice make over with just stickers!

Once you’ve pretty up your glass shakers, you want to have it filled with greens right? Why not basil? I love basil and I add them to a lot of food and they are really easy to re-grow and sprout! Talking about saving money and the planet huh? Want to save more money on greens by just re-growing, check this out – it is pretty amazing. I already did it with spring onions here.


In mijn een van mijn laatste posts heb ik een foto geplaatst van mijn basilicum in gebruikte glazen kruidenpotjes en strooiers. Het is officieel lente en ook al heb ik niet echt groene handen, ik wil met iedere lente weer gewasjes en bloemen en andere groene dingen verbouwen binnenshuis. De AH moestuintjes zijn daarom oh zo leuk!

Hoe dan ook, laten we focussen op de glazen kruiden strooiers, omdat dit de DIY voor vandaag zijn. Omdat deze potjes gelabeld zijn en hoe langer ik naar ze kijk hoe meer een door in het oog zijn. Dit moet eraf en moet mooier dachten ik en mijn briljante brein (kuch) en daarom zijn we op een simpele en leuke make-over gekomen met slechts stickers!

Wanneer je de potjes opgeleukt hebt wil je ze natuurlijk vullen met iets groens, toch?
Waarom niet basilicum? Ik hou van basilicum en voeg ze dan ook graag aan een heleboel gerechten toe én ze zijn daarnaast ook makkelijk om opnieuw te groeien en te ontkiemen! Over geld besparen gesproken! Wil je nog meer geld besparen op andere hergroeibare groentes, dan moet je dit checken! Zo deed ik het eerder met lente-uitjes.

1. Wash and rinse the glass bottles well and remove the labels by soaking them in a water bath. 
2. Dry and whip off the bottles and now you may start sticking the stickers on the bottles!


How to re-grow basil
  1. Cut a long healthy bushy stem off with a knife/scissor.
  2. Remove the side and top mini leaves.
  3. Place them in a jar with water, room temperature and wait for about a week to see the first signs of roots!


  1. I love this diy; the fact that you're using spice jars! Plus this set of photos is love love love!

  2. So cute and simple! Thanks for sharing that link too -- I tend to have a brown thumb and my plants usually end up looking pretty sad :( But that article gives me hope to try again!

  3. Leuk idee!!! Nu ga ik potjes sparen :) xx

  4. you're such a creative genius ! this is adorable !

  5. Oooooh, super cute idea! I love that the plants can stay up due to the small holes in the shakers, though I haven't found any similar to the ones you have yet ;-; And who knew polka dots were so easy to do - I thought they came on the shakers at first!

    becky ♡ star violet

  6. such a fun DIY and you get to plant too.

    Ms. Kei

  7. Haha this is ingenious and way too cute, I love it!

  8. I think this idea is so cute and easy to do! thanks thanks thanks!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  9. I've been slowly growing some Queen Siam basil in my kitchen! I've already put 3 of them outside. So excited to see how they fare this spring! :)

  10. Amazing! You write so interesting posts and make very beautiful photos! Like your blog! Keep doing it!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  11. so easy yet so cute!! polka dots never disappoint anyone.. :)

    xo joselovincolors

  12. Aww, omg, this is such a cute idea! I've always wanted to grow my own herbs~ Btw, I don't know if you've heard this somewhere as well, but I read somewhere that if you slather peanut butter on sticky stuff, it helps the sticky thing come off!


  13. how adorable :) those polka dots make such a difference!

  14. Oh! What a cute and easy to apply idea! A cute way to have fresh herbs on the kitchen :) polka dots (and stripes) always a favourite <3


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