Project: Green tea latte


Green tea is yum and has lots of healthy benefits for the body as well and I sure love to eat them in my favourite desserts, bakings and also in drinks! It’s no secret I’m a lover of instant green tea lattes that you can buy in most Asian groceries!
But after reading Stephanie’s recipe here, I’m inspired to make my own version of a green tea latte!

I love latte's in general like: chai latte's, café latte's, latte macchiato's... I will drink them all! Preferable with a piece of cake or a crunchy cookie c: 

Groene thee is lekker en heeft veel ook nog eens gezonde voordelen voor het lichaam! En ik eet ze graag bij mijn favoriete desserts, baksels en ook in drankjes! Een win-win-win situatie nietwaar? Het is geen geheim dat ik een liefhebber ben van de instant groene thee latte's die je kunt kopen in de meeste Aziatische toko’s.
Maar na het lezen van Stephanie's recept hier, ben ik geïnspireerd om mijn eigen groene thee latte te maken!

Ik hou ontzettend van latte's: chai latte, café latte, late macchiato's - ik drink ze graag en met veel plezier! Het liefst met een plakje cake of een lekkere koek c: 
"The recipe
1 tbs. matcha green tea powder, 1 tbs. sugar, 1 tbs. water, 250 ml milk

The foam forming takes about 5 minutes with a spoon c: 

The Steps:

  1. Add the 1 tbp. matcha green tea powder, sugar + water in a (tall) cup and beat them together until a layer foam is formed on top. 
  2. Boil the milk in a sauce pan and once it's boiled pour it into your beaten green tea mixture.
  3. You may add extra sugar to your liking (I did since matcha green tea tend to taste bitter). Optional: sprinkle some green tea powder on top and enjoy!
Good luck!


  1. This is looking so delicious !


  2. This looks so good! I love anything that has matcha green tea in it! :)

  3. Yum! I make matcha lattes at home on the weekends sometimes too :)

  4. ik heb m ook een keer geprobeerd.. helaas was me poeder niet zo goed volgens mij xD te weinig smaak en had super veel gezet..

  5. Aww, thanks for linking to my recipe! I really want to try your version too ^_^ And woah! So cool that the matcha mixture foams up!


  6. Looks yummy and simple!! You always post such amazing recipes!! <3

  7. Looks delicious! I love green tea!

  8. Omg! This sounds sooo damn good! I've got matcha powder at home somwhere, I totally want to make this!

  9. Dude, I had no idea it was this easy to make a latte. I've gotta try this! :)

  10. I love matcha lattes! I usually get mine from starbucks but it's kind of a bummer to me since I think I may be a little lactose intolerant cause my tummy feels bad afterward :(

    becky ♡ star violet

  11. Looks yummy! I've never had the "latte" version (I always just drink normal tea, and I rarely drink coffee or starbucks or something) but it looks easy enough to give it a try. c: Is it just the same taste but more milky?

  12. So warm and cozy! I do remember you using green tea in your baking. I think it's a wonderful addition!

  13. Yummy! Dani is in charge of making the matcha lattes at home :) He doesn't add the sugar until its already mixed with the milk, but I will tell him to add it with the tea mixture as you do here in the recipe.

  14. Green tea lattes are some of my favourite!

  15. I love the green tea and this Green tea latte is looking so yummy! I really want to try it at home. You know I have numerous recipes for making Green drink. If you want those recipes, you can check out that on my blog!


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