DIY: Ornaments with home find patterns


I end my weekend with a DIY post because
Christmas crafts are inevitable with this upcoming holiday and so I came up with: Christmas ornaments with home find patterns with FIMO clay!

Take a closer look at the stuff inside and around your house and you might find interesting patterns that uplift your crafts. Think: food packing material, a zipper or even a peel of a fruit! And it might even save money in buying special patterns imprints from craft shops as well! Quite helpful around the holiday season, no?

These ornaments are fun activities around the holidays and it will also personalize your tree or perhaps a nice gift for a love one as well.
I’m happy to work with FIMO again and with todays DIY it’s always an easy and fun one. I hope you try it out!


Ik eindig mijn weekend met een DIY post, want met Kerstmis moet er geknutseld worden en zo heb ik voor vandaag het volgende makkelijk en leuk werkje voor jullie bedacht: Kerst hangers met huis-en-tuin patronen van FIMO klei!

Nou, wat bedoel ik nou precies met huis-en-tuin patronen? Koek verpakkingen, een rits of zelfs een fruit schil kunnen leuke huis-en-tuin patronen betekenen, zoals voor dit knutselproject van vandaag! Daarnaast kun je je zelf geld besparen in het kopen van die speciale patronen van hobbyzaken! Eigenlijk wel fijn in deze dure december maand nietwaar?

Ik ben blij om weer met FIMO klei aan de slag te gaan vandaag en zoals altijd probeer ik met al mijn DIY’s zo simpel en leuk mogelijk te houden en het is toch weer iets anders dan een kerststukje maken toch? Ik heb er in ieder geval plezier van gehad en ik hoop dat je het uitprobeer!

Fimo Effect - Marble 003!

Other home find patterns:

The Steps:

  1. First, warm up the Fimo clay by kneading and rolling in your palms of your hand to make the clay work-able. 
  2. With a roller pin roll the Fimo clay out into a flat clay. Make sure you don't roll it out to thinly! 
  3. Then with any desired patterns you can find in your house, press it on the clay to make a nice imprints. Use a cutter to cut out a shape and peel away the excess clay which is re-usable again for your next ornament imprinting! Don't forget to punch a hole out as well for stringing a rope/ribbon!
  4. Place the ornaments on a baking tin that is lined up with baking paper and bake in the oven for 30 minutes in a 110°C oven. 


  1. Wow, so creative!! I've always wanted to play around with FIMO/sculpey clay but they come in so many different colors, I'm afraid it might be a one-time thing and then I'll be left with a bunch of clay I won't use haha... I really like how the biscuit box one turned out, reminds me of ice cream waffle cones!

    becky ♡ star violet

  2. Adorable! So so sooooo cute and creative! I might give it a try c: Where do you buy your FIMO clay?

  3. So wonderful and holiday feel good! It's all about stepping outside the creative box. People would be surprised what they can use around the house. :)

  4. I'm truly amazed at how you're able to find inspiration everywhere! Also, I really like the Marble 003!!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. Such a cute ornaments!!
    These are good idea. Great!


  6. I've said this probably over a hundred times but you are always ever so creative! I absolutely love this idea :)

  7. So sweet! you're so talented when it comes to making things, they always look perfect! <3 xx

  8. Nice DIY, I think I am inspired ^_^
    Thank you,

  9. Wow, these ornaments are adorable! Love how resourceful your imprints are too, I never would have thought of that myself :)

  10. Leuk!! Ik zie een nieuw doel voor bubbeltjesplastic @.@

  11. i love the textures you created! so clever!

  12. ooooh. such a wonderful idea! :)

    xoxo, rae

  13. This is such an amazing idea! Love what you always come up with!


  14. Zo creatief, superleuk gedaan met al die texturen!

  15. That´s awesome!

  16. you have such magical skills with your hand and magical level of patience. how do people even do DIYs like i can't even cook rice how do you guys achieve these things wow. amazing.

  17. Oh! How inspiring Mei! I love how you thought about all these house items to create the textures! and how cute they look hanging on the branch :)


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