Project: a rosey birthday cake


Whilst editing pictures for this recipe post, I realized that the main topic – the birthday cake of my dads birthday looks more like a suitable wedding cake than a birthday cake! Too oops or not to oops?
What do you think?

Anywho, me including my papa enjoyed this rosewater cake with banana cream luckily so that’s a good thing. I so love the flavour of roses really! I also want to thank you guys for wishing my dad a happy birthday, that warmed up my heart even more c:

I decided to team up rose with banana this time! I already know that rose and chocolate taste delicious, but replacing it with a banana is not a bad idea at all! Even better in my opinion in terms of flavour.   

Terwijl ik leuk de foto’s voor dit recepten post bewerk, realiseer ik me dat de belangrijkste onderwerp - de verjaardagstaart van mijn papa’s verjaardag meer op een geschikte bruidstaart dan een verjaardagstaart lijk! ‘Too oops or not to oops’? Wat denk jjij?

Maar goed. ik en ook mijn papa hebben heerlijk van deze rozentaart met banaan creme vulling op gesmikkeld en dat is het belangrijkste, niet? Ik hou zo van de smaak van rozen! Daarnaast wil ik jullie bedanken voor jullie lieve verjaardags wensen aan mijn papa! Dat gaf een heel warm gevoel van binnen c:

Dus. Ik heb besloten om de rozenwater en banaan samen te smelten tot een heuse smaak sensatie. Eerder heb ik rozenwater met chocolade gecombineerd en dat smaakte heerlijk, maar deze te vervangen met een banaan is absoluut geen slecht idee! Hij smaakt nog beter al zeg ik het zelf!
Da Recipe: 

 spongecake:  40 gr flour, 4 eggs split, 90 gr sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla ess.
 Swiss meringue:  3 egg whites, 300 gram sugar, 150 gr butter, 2 tbsp. rose water, 1 drop red food coloring (optional)
 banana cream:  125 ml cream, 1 ripe banana 

Trim the top and edge until desired look with a knife. 

 I've actually soaked these rose buds overnight to soften. 

 the Swiss meringue butter cream 
This is my first timer making a Swiss meringue! So if I can do it, you so totally can!

 The texture is like: heavy greasy marshmallow. Kind of very bad actually... but good. 

For Christmas I want a special spinning table... 

Da Steps:
  1. Pre-heat oven 190°C and grease + line a 2 10cm ø round cake tin with baking paper.
  2. Beat up eggyolks with half of the sugar in a bowl until creamy and add the vanilla essence.
  3. Fold in flower with a spatula until well combined
  4. In a new clean bowl add the egg whites and beat up until high peaks with the rest of the sugar. 
  5. Add the beaten eggwhite in the flour batter in steps and fold in until well combined. 
  6. Scoop the batter into the cake tins and pop them in the oven for 15 minutes. Then let the cake cool completely in the cake tins.

    meanwhile we make the Swiss Meringue! 

 Swiss meringue 
  1. The egg whites goes in a heatproof bowl. Bowl goes on top of a pan of boiling water (au bain marie) on a medium fire and you start handwhisk the egg whites with the sugar. This is a method to cook the egg whites, save enough to eat it without getting food poisoning... So keep whisking (gently) until sugar is dissolved with temperatures around 65°C degrees. 
  2. Once egg whites has reached the right cooking point remove from heat. 
  3. Get your handmixer and we continue beating the egg whites until a glossy high peak state!
  4. Then add in our cold butter one by one. Why cold? The cold butter gives the meringue more structure and body. Attention: at this state the batter turns very liquid and gives the looks of curdle - but do not panic! Just keep adding the butter and you'll see it all holds together until a fluffy buttercream! Like marshmellow c: 
  5. Set aside until ready for use in the fridge. 
 banana cream 
  1. Handmix cream with the mashed banana. Careful not overwhip it! 
  2. Set aside until ready for use in the fridge. 


  1. Wow! Looks amazing. I bet it tasted and smelled wonderful too!

  2. This is such a gorgeous home made cake! I freaking love the pale pink color! You made another rose cake sometime back on you blog for your dad, I really want to make that one actually!

  3. This is looking so so so delicious !!!


  4. WOW this is incredible! I will give it a shot but I doubt that I'm as skilled as you are!

    - Deniz

  5. such a yummy cake! And I love your gifs!

  6. Ahhh what a beutiful gesture for your fathers birthday! It looks so pretty and what an exciting flavour combo! Yummy, never baked with rosewater, but have to try now:-) Congrats with your dad!

  7. The cake looks delicious! I wish I was a good baker! :)

  8. This is beautiful! With such a great layer of frosting! I bet it takes delicious :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  9. That looks like such a delicious cake! I'd be super happy to receive that for my birthday, haha :)

  10. Rose and banana sounds like an interesting combo! The cake turned out amazingly :)

  11. the cake looked so cute in pale pink..and i'm surprise that rose and banana can be "great mixture"..well,your dad is a lucky dad in this world..i don't have those "baker hands" so i guess my dad won't be able to taste my homemade cake.haha..

    xo josephine c.

  12. Wow this cake looks not only delicious but beautiful as well! Great recipe, I definitely am craving a slice right now.

  13. Ziet er zo mooi en lekker uit <3 Banaan en rozen lijkt me ook een hele lekkere combinatie!

  14. It looks nice! :]
    Stupid question, can you actually eat the roses? O_o

  15. Yumm like I said before, this looks wonderful! I love how you decorated this cake. Looks so pretty! :3 (Almost too pretty to eat though...)

  16. despite already experiencing rose flavored stuff, i still feel odd about how some food is flavored "rose." i'm like "what exactly is rose flavored even? i don't get it" haha it's like... hi i just ate something with a flower as flavor :P even so, rose flavored food DOES taste good; rose milk tea or rose macaron for example. i used to think that the rose flavor in food is artificial flavoring know, premade vanilla syrup or something but i never thought about rose water. it never occur to me. i wasn't aware of rose water before i read your post LOL

    the cake looks so pretty~ i'd love to have rose water cake for my birthday too *o* never seen one in here though, sadly. the fact that it has pastel color makes it even more adorable! i love cakes with soft colors *o* they're so beautiful and photogenic~ i think it's smart of you to combine banana and rose instead of following the traditional chocolate rose. plus, banana and rose make wonderful color coordination for the eyes~ personally i'd rather photograph a banana-rose cake than chocolate-rose cake due to the color combination; the layers are a lot prettier and subtle in banana-rose.

    i can't stress enough on how pretty this cake is ugh! i really wanna have it in my mouth ;w;

  17. Omg wow this is amazing! You are so talented!
    I really like how you featured a few gifs too, it looks really effective alongside the still photographs :D

  18. omg, I forgot to mention on the last past: happy belated birthday to your dad!!!!!!! :) The cake is gorgeous, and banana cream with roses never tried but sounds good!

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