DIY: chalkboard glass jars


Stationery shopping at Dutch shop HEMA is what I did lately. If you like whimsy, simplistic and mostly budget price you’ll love HEMA! I’ll be happy to take you there c:


Whilst strolling around at the DIY section, I spotted this canned paint saying ‘chalkboard paint’. OMG. My inner DIY sensor just went off like crazy and ideas were flooding my brain! So this canned badboy went home with me obviously.

At home I have hoard collected these glassed coffee jar for any furture DIY purposes. Personally I don’t think they look tacky and they are free from any brand engraving in the glass itself so they will be perfect for any personalizing!

The hoarding have paid off because these glass jars has got a nice label outside as with my new paint: Chalkboard glass jars!

And they already look so cute on my desk c: I hope you’ll try this tutorial out!     


Laatst was ik weer bij de HEMA om leuke kantoor artikelen te kopen. Nou ja, eigenlijk kwam ik voor de schoolspullen maar klinkt zo raar sinds ik afgestudeerd bent. Hoe dan ook, ik ben en blijf een trouwe HEMA fan en dus ook voor de schoolspullen, yeah!


Na zoveelste gangpad in en uit vielen mijn ogen toch nog op deze blik verf. Oogt saai maar de benaming zegt het tegendeel want er stond: ‘Schoolbordverf’ op. Hoe cool is dat! Mijn innerlijke DIY sensor liep op toeren en even werden de overspoelde ideeën in mijn hersenen teveel. Je snapt, deze ingeblikte badboy (€7,75) ging mee naar huis.

Thuis heb ik deze glazen koffie potjes van DA gehamsterd verzameld voor DIY doeleinden. Persoonlijk vind ik ze best ok uitzien en ze zijn vrij van enige gravering in het glas zelf zodat ze perfect zijn voor eigen personalisatie! En ook voor deze DIY, want deze glazen potjes hebben een mooi 2e leven gekregen met een etiket van schoolbordverf!

En ze staan zo super schattig op mijn werktafel! Ik hoop dat jullie deze tutorial uit proberen. Ik wens je alvast veel plezier c:
You'll need: clean glass jars of desire, 1 canned chalk paint (shop, shop), tape, a brush, water in a bowl
Handy: old papers, kitchen towels, turpentine
 Preventing is better than scrubbing.. 

Make sure you let a layer dry up first before applying the next layer! Mine has 6 layers! 

You can make them as a present or a gesture to someone c: 

What would you like to store in these jars?


  1. I love this idea! How do you even come up with these things, haha. I haven't seen chalkboard paint around but it opens up so many possibilities.

  2. I would probably store all my gummies or even bobby pins since I am forever losing them.

    I also really like the location of your desk and the window :)

  3. I really love these! When I get my own place I plan to put all my kitchen stuff in mason jars :)

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  5. That's freaking awesome!!! I would totally love to do that for some herbs or jars for baking goods like sprinkles, chocochips and other small food bits!

  6. Dit is zo tof! Echt heel leuk gedaan! Ik ga ook maar zo'n potje verf aanschaffen c:
    Liefs, Tessa

  7. sooooo cute! :D Ik had ooit gwprobeerd met chalkboard stickers maar die bleeft niet zitten hahah

  8. this idea is AMAZING and easy to do! I love it! i pin it in my pinterest diy board!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  9. Great post!
    Great blog, so I'm a new follower :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  10. OMG these look so cool! I would keep different kinds of candy in them :p

  11. Ik zie die schoolbordverf (en glow in the dark verf!) ook altijd staan bij hema, maar weet nooit wat ik ermee zou moete doen.. Nou dit dus, leuk idee!

  12. Well, if I had a little more time on my hands (and craftier hands :-P) I'd so do this! It looks so cool.

  13. Ik vind het echt een heel leuk idee om zo dingen op potjes te schrijven! :D Ik ga het onthouden, dankjewel voor deze leuke DIY :D

  14. What a cool idea! They turned out great!!

  15. so fun! i love anything chalkboard :)

  16. I love this DIY <3 good idea!

  17. Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!
    Oh, what a sweet idea! Gotta love some jars!

    Have a great day,

  18. That's so cute! Love this storage DIY

  19. I am thinking about storing little things in the bathroom that tend to just scatter around. You are so creative!

  20. Those are so cute! You're always coming up with the best DIY ideas.

  21. These are so cute and such a great idea! I have some chalkboard paint lying around somewhere, I might give this a shot! Thanks for the idea!

  22. Haha I also hoard/collect glass jars! So far I've only managed to glue some lace trimmings and buttons on them. I've never seen this type of paint before. Must check out straight away... Thanks for sharing!

  23. wow! chalkboard pain! it sounds bloody fun! XD

  24. I've been on the hunt for a small container of chalkboard paint, I have a spray bottle of it. But I have yet to encounter a bottle of it.


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