DIY: Dutch Millefeuille


The Netherlands will be facing Mexico tomorrow at World Cup’14 and thinking about it, makes me a bit nervous. Boy, for someone who isn’t a football fan, I sure care and post a lot about the WC lately. I guess I can’t help it c:

But today’s post is a crochet DIY with a pastry that might be not so familiar among you guys: a 'tompouce', also know Dutch millefeuille. A true national delicatessen with puff pastry, pastry cream and pink (now orange) glazing on top.

Since I’m hooked with WC and tompouce is a Dutch food, I was inspired to create a simple DIY! With orange yarn of course c:    

Nederland zal worden geconfronteerd met Mexico morgen bij World Cup'14 en dat baart me zorgen. Voor iemand die nauwelijks iets voor voetbal voelt, is het ondewerp WK toch al paar keer voorbij gekomen in mijn blog. Tja, de WK-koorts.

Maar de post van vandaag is een haak DIY, namelijk: de tompouce! Wie kent het nou niet, deze lekkernij van eigen bodem. Misschien een klein beetje overgenomen van de Franse patisserie, maar toch.

Die WK-koorts blijft hangen (voorlopig) en daarom leer ik jullie in een makkelijke handomdraai de tompouce in haakstijl. Uiteraard met oranje draad c:
You need: beige-, cream and orange/pink yarn, 1,75 - 2.00 mm hook pen, scissor, hot glue gun 
Usually the Dutch Millefeuille is pink, but during World Cup or with any other national holidays, they are usually orange glazed. 

Same kind of yarn, different size hook pen. Size does matter. 

Build it up like a lasagna c: 

 I am actually making these for a girlfriend of mine! 

I only have this really pastel pink yarn so I gave this piece a dye because the real millefeuille is super pink. Dye'd with redberries c: 

Before and after!

Da Steps:

  1. Make: 2x beige (pastry), 2x cream (filling), 1x pink/orange (glaze): applies to all yarns: chain 11 first. 
  2. R2: start single crochet in the 2nd chain and single crochet your way to the end of this row. 
  3. R3: chain 1. Single crochet in the 2nd chain and single crochet your way to the end of this row.
  4. R4: REPEAT, leave a tail and cut off.
  5. Once you have crochet all 5 pieces, use a hot glue gun to securely attache to each other, like shown in the pictures above! 
Good luck!


  1. Leuk! :3

    Jaaaaaa... ik kijk normaal ook geen voetbal, maar het is natuurlijk nu wel leuk! Wel spannend, als we het morgen niet goed doen, is het meteen over! D:

  2. This is super cute, always love your DIYs. I know what you mean about the world cup. I am really not into football but I love watching the odd game when the world cup is on - today's Brazil vs Chile penalty shoot out was ace!

  3. That's really cool how you dyed the yarn with berries. Just wondering, what makes a Dutch millefeuille different from a normal one?

  4. Die zijn echt zo lieeeef! Ik krijg nu helemaal trek in tompoezen haha c:
    Liefs, Tessa

  5. Aw so cute! The Ned vs Mex match is 2am my time but I'm going to try and stay up to watch it!

  6. I'm usually not into soccer either but for the world cup I make an exception. What a super cute creation, awesome DIY, I always think it's amazing what you can do.

  7. This DIY looks super cute ! I'd like to try that dish !

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  8. Hhahaa, I was like finally a good recipe on how to make tompouche, LOL well this is one is not edible. Nice tutorial

  9. Ahh you're so creative!!
    I absolutely love Millefeuille but it's so hard to find delicious ones in Australia *-* !!!

  10. so cute!! you're so crafty! and I'm also so into the WC right now - wow, what a match Holland vs Mexico!! I'm so happy for Holland but my heart broke for Mexico too, it must be so tough xx

  11. these are super adorable :)

  12. Korea did not have the best luck this time, maybe next time! And again you amaze us with your craftiness. The dish looks delicious :)

  13. Sooooo cute! Love your idea for dying to a stronger pink the yarn, very clever!


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