Project: Vanilla Panna Cotta with Berry Jelly


*bows* I’m sorry for not blogging so daily now, even though I have placed some blogtips on my last post, but my finals has kicked in along this heat (25°C) that is laying on Holland these days!

I need something to cool myself down really, something like this dessert that I’ve made a while ago: vanilla panna cotta with jelly! I love making panna cotta’s because they are so delicious and easy to make and I decided to team up with a nice refreshing jelly c:

Enjoy the pictures below because every foodie knows that desserts are photogenetic. Hopefully you try my dessert out!


Wellicht heb je het gemerkt dat ik niet meer dagelijks een nieuwe verse artikel meer plaats, en dat terwijl ik onlangs nog blogtips hebt weggeven! Nee, nee, geen writersblock hoor! Maar ik zit momenteel met mijn laatste loodjes school en dat gaat nou eenmaal voor.
En het weer helpt ook niet echt, wat is het warm :c

Ik heb iets koels nodig. Zoiets als de vanille panna cotta met jelly, mijn meest recente toetje! Panna cotta’s wat ‘gekookte room’ in Italiaans betekend, is super lekker en super makkelijk!

Natuurlijk heb ik een gezonde dosis foto’s gemaakt, want iedere ‘foodie’ weet dat toetjes foto’s fotogeniek zijn. Ik zeg: probeer het uit dit receptje! c: 

Da Recipe: 250ml cream, 2 sheets of gelatin + 2 tbsp. water, 3 tbsp. sugar, vanilla essence, 1 tbsp. jelly powder + ½ cup of hot water
 A part of me didn't want to eat this at all, because it looked so pweeetty!

 And I've also made a chocolate version, and now I can't decide which one tasted better :c

Da Steps:
  1. Add the 1 tbsp. jelly powder and the ½ cup hot water in a bowl and stir until the powder is dissolved. 
  2. Once the jelly 'soup' is cooled down, pour in plastic cup and let it set in the fridge for at least 45 min - 1 hour.
  3. Soak gelatin sheets with 2 tbsp. of water. 
  4. Cook the cream with sugar and drops of vanilla essences in a pan on low - medium heat for about 5 minutes. Remove from heat!
  5. Squeeze dry the gelatin sheets, add in the pan of cooked cream and stir! 
  6. Once the cream is cooled down a bit, add in the same cup with the prepared, set jelly. 
  7. Let the panna cotta set for at least 4 hours in the fridge. 
  8. How to unmold: warm the cup with warm water at a sink or in a warm water bath. Be patience!
Good luck!


  1. Omg looks amazing!! Love this! ;)

    xo Jenny

  2. Oh I can see why you didn't want to eat it, it looks so gorgeous! (And delicious!)

  3. Wow, looks so good! I wouldn't want to eat it either! I'd love to introduce food posts on my blog, but I don't seem to be able to find the time/lighting to cook and take good pictures in... hopefully someday!

    xx becky /

  4. Looks pretty good! Succes met de examens!

  5. They look amazing! I love how you decorated the dessert, it's at the level of how a top restaurant usually serve. :D
    Good luck with your exams! <3

  6. So nifty how you added jelly on top. Love how you presented it, I wouldn't have been able to eat it. Looks so pro!

  7. I also love pana cotta. So quick and easy to make, plus it's super light to eat. It's also a great dessert recipe to have on hand for people with allergies (except lactose/milk of course)... Lol.

    Love, x
    Blog | Twitter

  8. oh my god this looks amazing!

  9. Looks very delicious! <3

  10. This recipe looks super simple but the results look amazing. Such beautiful presentation.

  11. OMG, SOOO CUTE! I love how it curves up when you plate it and it looks so chubby and lovely! I like the first one you made, I really really want to eat that right now!

  12. Wow, both look very delicious!! :)

  13. It looks delicious!!! Thanks for sharing with us the recipe ><

  14. Vienna is in a heatwave at the moment, as well. But I'm loving it (soaking up the sun), but I'd prefer some rain for studying for exams, honestly ;)
    This dessert looks mouthwateringly amazing! Def will save it to my recipe book & try it out soon!

  15. Wow it looks so amazing !
    Giveaway on my blog, get the bronze queen look

  16. Dit MOET ik een keer maken!! Het lijkt me zo lekker en wat grappig dat je die vorm maakt met een plastic bekertje haha :D Ooit ga ik het ook maken :D Heel veel succes met school! xxx

  17. That looks so delicious :) Yummy

  18. OMG! This panna cotta looks amazing! Drooling over my screen :)

  19. *DROOL* Yum, yum, yum! It's definitely perfect for the weather here in Edmonton, Canada right now!! It's sweaty hot here and there's no wind either! I love how perfect you are, too, for the arrangement and design of the dessert, hehe.:) xx

    Chic Nikkie

  20. This looks awesome! I love creamy panna cotta. Your red jelly top make is extra special. Brilliant idea!

  21. wooooooooow, dit ziet er zooo lekker uit *O* woow!!

  22. this looks completely professional, like something i'd get in a high end restaurant! amazing! x


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