My 10 blogtips!


Thanks for liking my handmade stuff at my previous post! I’m a motivated!

So today I want to share you some of my 10 golden tips of blogging! I’ve been blogging since 2009 – 2010 and time has flown! And I’m still very happy with my blog, it’s really my digital getaway.

I’ve noticed some of the blogs that I follow, struggle with posting materials, also known as the ‘writers block’.  
Therefore I’d love to share you my tips based on my experiences of blogging!

Bedankt voor jullie lieve reacties op mijn laatste post! Ik ga er voor!

Dus vandaag wil ik u mijn 10 gouden tips van het bloggen delen! Ik blog sinds 2009 - 2010 en de tijd is echt voorbij gevlogen! En ik ben nog steeds erg blij met mijn blog, het is echt mijn digitale uitlaatklep.

Ik heb gemerkt dat sommige van de blogs die ik volg, worstelen met het plaatsen van blogartikelen, ook wel bekend als de 'writers block'.
Daarom wil ik graag mijn tips met u delen, gebaseerd op mijn eigen blogervaringen!

 My top 10 blogtips!

  1. Be yourself: because that ‘You’ stands out from the rest!
  2. Quality is better than quantity: give credit when taking stuff. Create blogseries!
  3. Have an ‘About’ page and search bar: introduce yourself! And a search bar is not only friendly for your readers but also handy for yourself as well!
  4. Visualize: invest in a good (SLR) camera. Don’t spam your pictures, only post your best pictures!  
  5. Say hi! Leave comments: engage with the blogworld and build relationships with your fellow bloggers and even possible friendships c: Be 'real' in commenting as well.
  6. Social media: we all know Facebook and Pinterest, but create other accounts on social platforms like: lookbook, raverly and weheartit.
  7. Have fun and take breaks: take a break from the internet every now and then and go out! Be inspired and write them down on your notebook!
  8. Practise makes perfect: don’t worry to much about the html and coding your layout.
  9. Simplicity: don’t go mad with your bloglayout!
  10. Enjoy: Don’t stress out when visitors are low, blogging is for fun! Be unique and in your posts and people will acknowledge you c:   

Because pictures says more than words c: having a good photo editing program is a plus as well! 
A nice free photo editing program: GIMP!

Define your blog and specialize c: 

Respond to comments, host a guestpost, interview people, tag people! ('hello' brooch from About a Brooch)

I always have a notebook and pen in my bag, because writing is sometimes better than typing. (notebook made by Jessy )

I've actually made friends through blogging c:  


  1. Aa zeer nuttige tips en heeeel leuk dat je mijn notitieboekje gebruikt haha!
    Trouwens, jouw knot zit hier per-fect. Envious haha

  2. Dat notitieboekje is zooo leuk!! Vooral die pompom voorop ^^ Goede tips! xx

  3. I agree! :) Thanks for the tips Mei!

    xxDenysia Yu

  4. Very true about being 'real' when commenting! It always makes me roll my eyes to read a comment that just says "Nice! Check out my blog!" What are these little hamster toys? Are they characters from something or just random because they're so CUTE I'm gonna die!!!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  5. Awesome tips, Mei! c: The hamtaro photo is too cute! *A* I remember loving the show when I was a kid, and seeing it brings back some fond memories. c: Thank you for that!

  6. Handige tips! Die hamstertjes <3

  7. You are so cute! And I totally agree on the blog tips, be yourself is so important! xx Kat

    Love and Ace

  8. Thanks for sharing those, and I really like the accompanying photos!


  9. Handige tips staan ertussen! Je foto's zien er weer prachtig uit ^^

  10. Good tips!!! We are quite new to blogging but I have been reading a lot of people getting very blocked to create new content. Blogging involves so many things (as you mention, keeping it up in social networks and your blogger friends) that finally the space to creation can be reduced a lot during your day. I like that you mentioned taking your notebook and going for adventures and also to be real building relationships, I think it is one of the most rewarding things, when you read a fellow blogger comment and know that she cares about what you are explaining or showing. I will keep your tips in mind whenever I have that low "my blog is a mess" moments ;) Btw, what a cute room! Do I spy a One Piece t-shirt?

  11. The little Amtaro mouse is so freaking cute ! Love the pictures !
    Giveaway on the blog, get the golden makeup look essentials !

  12. great tips! :) i love your last picture. sums up making friends on blogs so well~ :)

  13. Nice tips. Thanks for sharing all of them. Your tips are very helpful.

  14. Love your blog! You are so nice!
    May be you'd like following each other? Let me know:)

    Maggie from

  15. i agree with every point - being genuine in and writing about what makes you happy is so important! x

  16. Really great tips, my dear! Everything is definitely right on, especially about the simplicity part and not posting spam photos! :) and it's great to hear that from someone who's been blogging since 2009!

  17. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog! I really like the points you made in this post, I think 1 and 10 are my favorite though. I sometimes worry too much about what posts would attract more visitors to my blog. I think this year I really want to focus on taking photographs for myself and not others.

  18. Awhhh de hamtaro hamsters zijn zo schattig! En je hebt helemaal gelijk, jezelf zijn en plezier hebben in het bloggen is het belangrijkste. Ik heb zelf absoluut geen populaire blog maar ik geniet nog steeds van het schrijven van artikelen. En als ik even geen inspiratie heb dan schrijf ik even niks, want onzinnige artikelen vind ik ook zonde. :)

  19. Those little Hamtaro figurines are so cute! I want some~~ ^~^

  20. Your blog is so cute - I really need an about page and I've really been putting it off. Time to get to it!

  21. This helps so much! I love these little tips.

  22. Thankyou voor de tips! Je blog is ook zo tof! c:

  23. I think having a SLR is a bit too much for some folks, if you don't know how to use it you are better of with a simple point and shoot. Think about what you are shooting, and what type of lenses you need for that and what it will costs if you buy one.

  24. Thank you so much for these tips! My blog is nearing its first birthday in September and I need all the tips I can get :P Your notebook is so adorable! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  25. Leuke tips! Blogseries doen kan ik in ieder geval ook aanraden. Ik ben zelf met een zelfportretreeks begonnen om mijn blog terug wat leven in te blazen en ik moet zeggen dat ik stilletjesaan terug nieuwe ideeën krijg.

  26. Really great tips! Thanks so much for sharing! I always went by quality over quantity also. Sometimes blogging is just so time consuming and I don't have the time, but every now and again I get a chance to make a really good post and I get excited about it! haha Inspiration is definitely something I try to jump on as well. I should start carrying around my notebooks too! <3 ^___^b


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