DIY: Resizing your rings


Thank you for your many sweet comments and condolences in my previous post, I appreciate it a lot, so thank you again!

Recently I went shopping (because it’s warm in Holland, 18°C and I was in a mood for new dresses) and one of the things I’ve bought were these awesome knuckle rings at good ol` H&M. Too bad all the S sizes were out of stock. But I still wanted them so I bought the size M which was way too big for my fingers.

What to do about it? 
In this post I’m going to show you how tape will be the answer of fixing oversized rings!

Allereerst wil ik jullie bedanken voor de lieve berichtjes en condoleances! Ik waardeer het enorm c:

Het was vandaag 18 graden! Echt freaky gewoon. En heeft me weer in de stemming gebracht voor winkelen dus heb ik onder andere een set ringen gekocht bij de H&M. Alleen jammer dat alle maatjes S niet meer hingen. Maar ik wilde deze ringen dus ik kocht maat M.

Veelste groot natuurlijk dus hoe los je het op? Met tape kom je heel ver en dat laat ik zien in deze post!
You need:  tape and scissor 


All the way around the ring! Wrap until the ring fits perfectly around your finger c: 

It kind of feel like mini cushions haha... 

Try to avoid water contact as well!


  1. Hahahahahha wow this was funny but very useful!

  2. oee dat is heel slim!
    ik heb altijd problemen met het passen van ringen; ze hebben vaak zo'n plastic buisje erdoorheen waardoor de ringen wat strakker zitten dan zonder... heel irritant.

  3. Lol that's a cute idea !
    Giveaway on my blog, win a Vichy skincare product

  4. Haha creatief!! Ik heb eens een randje gehaakt om de ring, dan zit hij ook veel beter :) xx

  5. This is so easy and I have a few rings that don't fit my whatsoever. Is it possible to substitute tape with another material? I'm worried that the little strip of tape will pick up dirt throughout the day.

    (Total DIY newbie here!)

  6. Never would have thought of that. It's ingenious. Although my problem is usually more the opposite. Rings tend to be too small for me. ;)

  7. I was really wondering how it will result, and ta-dahhh!
    But I do love your presentation though!

  8. Those rings are so cute I would be tempted to buy them even if they are too big too! I have thin fingers so it's always a problem D:

    xo freshfizzle

  9. Dankje voor de tip! Echt super handig, ik pas ringen bijna nooit haha

  10. Nice Job, love the Rings


  11. That's a very creative idea! Unfortunately, I don't know this problem: I have fat fingers :')

  12. this is definitely a solution :) my husband bought me engraved rings for my birthday and i went to get them resized but the person told me not to since it'll mess up the engravings... so they've been just sitting around.. i've thought about maybe just using a chain and turning them into a necklace but i would really love to wear them on my finger! :)

  13. haha what a fantastic idea! i would have never ever thought of this; keeping this solution down in the notes for future use! :)

  14. Great idea! Generic (non-custom) rings in stores are always too big for me.
    I guess at jewelry stores you can buy filler things to make rings fit... Might last longer than tape :)

  15. lovely

  16. Its a great idea about how to resize the ring.

  17. Thanks for Sharing!

    I have bought two Christian rings, one for me and one for my girlfriend. I was never know her finger size but luckily it was fitted in her finger.


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