DIY: A cherry


The humble cherry! Which is an easy DIY for stormy and rainy day like today. Get yourself a nice pot of tea and knit yourself these delicious looking cherries c:

Deze dikke kersen zijn leuke en makkelijke doe-jezelf projectjes voor regen- en stormachtige dag zoals vandaag. Met een pot thee natuurlijk c:

You need: burgundy and (dark) brown colored yarn, hooks (I've used 2.0mm), scissors and a needle
I'm actually using leftovers yarn as filling....

After you've yarn the tail through the the chain of the stem, yarn through the cherry again (step 1) again. Basically you repeat it until you think it's secured enough. Yarn the leftover tail into the stuffing of the cherry. 

Da Steps: 

  1. Make a magic loop. Make 5 chains in the magic loop. 
  2. R1. chain 1, double single crochet all the way. 
  3. R2. chain 1, single crochet, double crochet repeatedly all the way round. 
  4. R3 - R5. chain 1, single crochet all the way.
  5. R6. chain 1, single crochet, decrease single crochet repeatedly all the way round. 
  6. R7. chain 1, decrease single crochet all the way. 
  7. last stitch = slip stitch. 


  1. so cute!! you make so many beautiful things. where do you keep all of your creations?


  2. Too cute! I love this, I have a good friend who absolutely loves cherries! This would be such a cute gift! Great tutorial super easy to follow!

  3. Wow! Those look really neat. I don't think I have the patience or time to make them, but they'd make for a great homemade gift for sure!

  4. these are so cute! I feel like I could actually make these!

  5. wow i love ur whole presentation and ur blog is so pretty

    btw do check out my new post
    stay in touch'

  6. That is so cute! I'd wear it as a brooch.

  7. i love the hair piece idea. these cherries are so cute :)

  8. It looks very good, I love the colours :3 Fijn weekend!

  9. Lovely DIY!

  10. This is really cute! <3 You are so talented girllll ;)

  11. ooh wat onzettend leuk! maar hier zou ik dus echt niets van bakken :D

  12. Damit, you make me want to start crotcheting again. I think I left my needle somewhere in my room! HAHA!

  13. Looks easy but I bet mine will turn out to be squares! These look perfect for some cute phone chains, too.

  14. This looks so easy! It would make a nice purse charm or look cute on a knitted hat.

  15. ahhhh!! so cute! this is adorable i love it! you are so talented!!


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