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If you asked what kind of tooth I am, I’d 100% say a sweettooth. When I get hungry I instantly think and crave for  donuts lol…
What kind of tooth are you?

Recently my package from order came in and I’m happy to share a video with you guys as well! I think I start to like editing video’s, even though I still need to learn and improve a lot. And maybe to start saving for a studio kit with professional reflectors and all the jazz as well?


Een zoetekauw! Ja dat ben ik! Ik hou ontzettend van zoet en grappig genoeg niet zo zeer van snoep maar meer van chocola. En mijn 2e bewijs als zoetekauw is wanneer mijn maag weer voor de zoveelste keer knor, dan denk ik onmiddellijk aan donuts met een suikerlaag. Zo lekker!

Maar goed. Ik heb weer lopen kopen bij en heb onder andere een video shoplogje van gemaakt! Ik begin dit video editing leuk te vinden alhoewel er wel wat verbeterpuntjes zijn (vind het nog steeds knullig uitzien tegenover die andere pro’s..). En misschien moet ik ook beginnen met geld opzij leggen voor een studioset?

a free gift, greentea Kitkat, Appolo kit

Thanks for the freebie c: 

 Really happy with these greentea powder. I can't read Japanese unfortunate but I think it says you can make 60 cups out of this jar? I somewhat doubt that lol, plus I'll be using these in my baking as well. 

 These were really YUM c: 

Feel free to watch! But make sure to turn on your sound a bit more because it's sounds really soft.........


  1. The milk eraser's adorable! Hmm, I think I'm a salty/spicy tooth, if that makes any sense!

  2. I love Melty's those are so delicious! ^_^

  3. I also prefer chocolate over candy and cookies, so I'd definitely munch on the chocolatey treats from your order :-) That green tea powder looks kinda interesting too though. So is it basically green tea leaves in powder form? Or does it contain non-natural ingredients?

  4. Ooooh, looking really good! I really like melty kiss. I've been shopping in the Amazing Oriental (not the same as candy san but ok) in the Hague and they have the best chips and other unhealthy stuff haha. I absolutely adore asian snacks though... omnomnom!! (and the packaging!)

  5. Lijkt mij heerlijk snoepjes allemaal. Hoeveel kost allemaal in euro en verzendkosten? Duur?!

  6. I've never had any of those. I am such a sweet tooth. I wonder if I can find any of them here in Montreal. Love seeing you in videos. :)

  7. Die melty kiss heb ik ook ooit een doosje van gekocht.
    Die is zooooooo lekkahhh *_*

  8. another great video! i think i got my sugar fix for the week! :)

  9. Amazing video Mei. I ♥ every singly item you've chosen :)
    Big kisses!!

  10. You have my sweetooth on over drive right now! I absolutely LOVE Greentea Kitkat, it's one of the only candies I will buy online and wait patiently for to ship. So happy to see others appreciate the taste :)

  11. Oh, you know that this is my bliss!! Anytime I'm in an Asian/Japanese store, I gravitate to the candy/treats aisle and could live there forever. I always end up with a basket full of all these exact things!! :)

  12. Oh myyy, dit had ik nooit moeten zien. Dit is niet goed voor mij..... Ik ga zo wat bestellen hoor haha. XX

  13. so many fantastic candys :o

    greetings from germany :)

  14. ahh all of these take me back to japan and some right back to my childhood! it's dangerous that i've discovered this shop i think… x

  15. Oh wow, I absolutely love Meltykiss but never knew they had so many flavours! I definitely need to look out for these the next time I'm in a Japanese supermarket :)


  16. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    Ooh, that's so cool, the eraser is really cute by the way!

    Have the best day ever,

  17. ooh I love Japanese candy! will try to watch the video when I get back home today! :)

    Metallic Paws

  18. drools at everything, especially the matcha snacks (yum kit kat~)
    adorable eraser ;w; i wouldn't use it for forever if i were you :P

  19. Ooooh. YUM! That's my instant reaction, heh. With a huge *SLURP* sound.
    I'm definitely a sweet tooth kinda girl, but most of my cravings are chocolates and really salty liquorice (I guess I'm weird in that way, most people even in Finland don't like those). Then there's chips and pop corn, I just couldn't live without a little salty treat every once in a while. And cold coca-cola. :>

    That shop seems interesting, wondering whether they ship here .. ^^ Will check it out now!

    x Satu
    Indie by heart


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