Doodle DIY: Valentine Theme


Yeah I’m a real  romanticist. No not really.
I don’t like being all cheesiness and if someone else, I'd probably run really hard and scream “oh, please killmemoment”. But funny enough I love romantic movies and novels (Pride and Prejudice!!) and of course tearjerkers K-drama’s. Yes I’m weird.

that being said I have brought you another doodle DIY that’s Valentines themed. Not feeling drawing at all? Don’t worry! I’ve also made (free!) printable for you. I hope you like it c:


Ik hou niet van dat zoetsappige gedoe met al dat roze spul en tierlantijntjes want ik ben daarvoor niet ‘Disneyprincess aproval’ genoeg. Tja.
Maar gek genoeg hou ik van romkoms, hartverwarmende bestsellers en natuurlijk de traantrekkende K-drama’s. Schuldig, ik ben raar.

Maar goed.
Ik heb een alweer een teken DIY voor jullie in petto en goed geraden hij is in een thema van Valentijn! Heb je totaal geen zin om je potloden te pakken? Geen nood, want ik heb ook gratis prints voor jullie gemaakt. Hopelijk vind je ze leuk en/of ben je geïnspireerd c:

Some tip for you. 

 Free printables (click to enlarge)

♦ The wallpapers are created and copyrighted by Mei - Ice Pandora.
♦ For personal and non-commercial use only. 
♦ Please do not resale or redistribution. 
♦ Credit & linking back to original post is appreciated, thank you!


  1. this is adorable! i don't really celebrate valentine's, but these are so cute i will have to try them out to improve my terrible artistic skills x

  2. So cute! I am not really romantic either, but I love your printables.

  3. Zo schattig!
    Ik ben ook niet zo van de lovey dovey valentijnsdag dingen, maar dit ziet er wel heel leuk uit moet ik zeggen!

  4. omgosh this is sooooooooooooooooooo so cute!! i especially love the love potion bottle! you are so talented :)

  5. aw these valentines are cute!

  6. These are all SO sweet!! I love them all!! You are so talented, girl!! <3

  7. ahhhh these are absolutely adorable! i wish i had your talent!

    ok seriously i can't get over how cute these are omg.

    come stop by sometime!
    x Shirley

  8. So cute! I think I have an inclination to cheesiness... but, that isn't verified, so....

  9. These are so cute! I love that yours comes from the heart.

  10. As always, your creations are gorge!

  11. This is so cute ! I love them all !

  12. Oh dit is so schattig! Ik doe eigenlijk niet aan valentijn, maar dit is best wel geniaal.

  13. Wat een leuke tutorial! Ik vind vooral die caffe latte cool (:

    Liefs, Janna

  14. Thank you, dear! Have you ever been there? :-) Oh and I'm stunned by your new design. Beautiful!

  15. Love it!! Ik ga de tekeningen ook eens proberen na te maken, ik vind ze heel leuk! :D

  16. Super cute printables! You're always giving out lots of freebies. I'm still unsure what to do for my anniversary and valentines day. I think your illustrations have inspired me to make a picture book!

  17. These are lovely and fun pieces! Yikes, your post reminded me I need to catch up on some of my KDramas. Which ones have you watched?

  18. Mei these are so adorable. I was just drawing some cupcakes myself. I might turn them into cards, such a cool idea. :)

  19. those drawings are so cute.if I gave it to my husband he'd be shocked haha.I also love Kdramas.They are the most amazing things haha
    Style Of OzOz
    Style Of OzOz Facebook Page

  20. these are really great. and i love how you show these step by steps. really engages your readers to try it out instead of feeling intimidated! thanks!

  21. What cute!

    xo' M

  22. These are all really cute and pretty! You're really talented! I like that you broke it down for us to see how you created these Valentine's day art pieces. Thank you for the printables!

  23. aaaw♥ this post is so cute!:) love all your drawings!♥

  24. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    Oh, this is so cute!!

    Have a great day,

  25. I love these. *w* Awesome as usual. Particularly like that you did them step by step.

  26. Love potion! such a cutie! and really good the idea of steps, it helps a lot to understand the process and succeed with it :) Does having read all Jane Austen novels (& adore them) count to be considered a cheesy romantic? Hope it does! :P

  27. i was never a romanticist. heck, i don't think i even like the idea of romance... weird too because i'm okay with writing drama-romance fics. it's hard for me, though, to write something of the romance genre but sometimes, it feels like love story just have to be inserted into the plot especially when one is writing a YA novel. really, almost every YA series (especially those with fantasy genre? fighting demons and stuff) nowadays have like...80% love triangle shizz and 20% fantasy dragon slaying moments. it;s kind of rare to find fantasy series that focus majorly on the makes me miss reads like chronicles of narnia or harry potter :P

    simply said, romance is at the bottom of my list of genre haha it's so hard for me to jump into the romance genre bandwagon that if i was told to write a love story, i have to kill my brain cells by gathering inspirations from romance movies....something that i can't really stand.

    pride and prejudice, though, is a well written romance read so i don't really have tremendous complaints. (while i have lots for YA series nowadays,haha)

    i think the genre i can bff myself with is psychological thriller 8D and then i wanna try sci-fi's sub-genre :)

    anyway, i love your doodles :) did you draw these on graphic tablets? :o you have really good hands ;w; i wanna doodle nicely like this too for caffeine beverages xD but...idk...i don't have really awesome hands to begin with :P


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