DIY: heart wire garland


Even though it’s still January, Valentines Day is getting closer and therefore I have to come up with a DIY project. Too be honest, I find this day a little bit too cheesey. I remember in highschool you can buy roses to your admire and I remember that in my group of female friends we have bought each other roses, haha… The good ol’ days.

Anyway. For this DIY I was inspired by this pair of earring of ASOS and while I’m making these heart wire shapes, it inspired me to create a garland as well. How great is that, you can choose folks!

I hope you’ll make them because they are super easy and cute!  


Hoewel het nog steeds januari is, is Valentijn dag toch heel dichtbij. Wil je je ‘crush’ verrassen dan kun je beter vroeg voorbereiden, want goed voorbereid zijn is het halve werk toch? Om eerlijk te zijn vind ik deze dag nogal een grote reclame dag, overbodig en te zoet.

Maar goed. Ondanks dat heb ik een geïnspireerde DIY voor jullie in petto. Na het zien van deze set oorbellen van ASOS heb ik zowel oorbellen en een fijne garland van ijzerdraad gemaakt!

Ik hoop dat je deze maakt want hij is vrij simpel en leuk!

Its all about bending! 

From this point, thread a earring hook. If your plan is to create a garland then you can skip this step. 


  1. Cool DIY!

  2. nice post,thanks for sharing

  3. Valentines Day is approaching! This month is sure going by fast. I guess I will enjoy the day being single and eating ice-cream, haha.

  4. Wow! This is really cute and I love how easy it is!! I could hang it up in my room hehe!

  5. - By the way, I love your new blog layout!!

  6. These are truly wonderful! I agree Valentines is a massive chunk of cheese but I must say I enjoy the heaps of chocolate in the shops they have on offer haha. I love your previous post too, your shading is so delicate, please post more of your drawings if you have the time!

  7. Oh these earrings are super cute! Lovely DIY idea.

  8. so cute :))

  9. Ooooooh, dit is zoo schattig! Dit moet ik echt proberen na de examens :D Echt te schattig :D

  10. This is so cute, loving it!

  11. Love garlands, we use them quite often to decorate our house for special days; great idea to use wire to shape hearts :)

  12. So sweet, thanks for sharing how you made them :) We've featured these in our heart crafts round up - with a link back to you! x


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